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An intact former U.S Coast Guard Lifeboat Station sits at the end of a pier across the bay from the RV park. It became fully operational in 1937 and could accommodate two 36-foot motor lifeboats and one 26-foot oar-powered surfboat. It was decommissioned in the early 1960s when the Coast Guard relocated to a new facility. “SpaceX’s 1st upgraded Dragon cargo ship docks itself at space station with science, goodies and new airlock” by Alberto Lao at https , Bonuscasino88 – riiwiwekms Gemix: $1, Btcgosu Casino Guide: $1, $1, The Coconut Bowl Shop: $1, Mr Data Cabler: $1, Frisco Car Detail: $1, High Point Deck and Fence: $1, Le Meilleurs Choix: Destructeur Diabete: $1, Los Angeles Car As the mass evacuation from Compagnie du Ponant-owned Le Boréal showed shortly before the end of last year, a cruise ship is not always the safest environment when things go wrong. An engineroom fire that left the five year old ship adrift off the Falkland Islands forced the captain to issue a The inshore lifeboat was launched 6pm on Saturday 20 May following a report of an empty canoe offshore from the Westcliff Casino. This craft had been sighted earlier heading west about 500yds out from the shore at the pier. After a thorough search, the canoeist was located coming ashore at the Two Tree Island slipway. However, on speaking to Like the Station at Arbroath, its 1st Lifeboat was built by Henry Francis Greathead a South Shields Boat Builder. A prolonged Hurricane in 2nd-9th January 1800 cased 30 Shipwrecks on the Coast in just one week and this was was the impetus to establish Lifeboats at St Andrews & Aberdeen. Over 80 Seamen lost their lives in what was the worst Southend inshore lifeboat returned to station for a refuel and wash down. RNLI media contacts: Denis Freeman - Southend Lifeboat Station Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer. Tel - 07710406661, [email protected]; Paul Dunt, Press Officer(London/ South East) Tel- 0207 6207426 / 07785296252 [email protected] You are right - we've often said what good are the drills meeting in the Casino or a restaurant if that isn't where we are getting on the lifeboats. Which is why we've always joked - until now- that we were heading straight for the lifeboats. And you are right - even if there had been a clean operation, there was no way there were enough lifeboats for everyone - what would have happened if

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