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gaming A rare look at No Man's Sky E3 press room Sky
AskReddit Let's settle it once and for all, why do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
news Canadians with cystic fibrosis live, on average, 10 years longer than their counterparts in the United States United
worldnews Woman Confronts Sean Spicer at Washington, D.C., Apple Store, Tweets Video Apple
funny This is what popped up when I Google searched for Ewan McGregor today Google
videos Best Browser Microsoft EDGE Optimize For Windows 10 ! Microsoft
worldnews Facebook and Twitter Could Face Fines in Germany Over Hate Speech Posts Twitter
mildlyinteresting Discarded in Walgreens parking lot. Someone is having a bad morning. Walgreens
funny Ads on Facebook have taken an interesting turn. Facebook
videos TRUTH or DARE!! Target Edition!! Target
videos Irish Jockey Ruby Walsh confronts Twitter Troll Twitter
todayilearned TIL Winston Churchill was made an honorary citizen of the US Winston
Jokes How is Google Drive like Snapchat? Google
videos Prof Robert Kelly is back & this time his wife & children are meant to be in shot! BBC News BBC
Jokes My lesbian neighbors gave me a Rolex for my birthday... Rolex
food Homemade Apple pi my friends and I made for pie day. ; Apple
pics a NSFW ABC news and c#&t report ABC
mildlyinteresting The wall of this Nike store is made up of waffle irons Nike
todayilearned TIL today six corporations control 90% of the media in The United States United
WritingPrompts WP The Dinosaurs have initiated the nuclear holocaust, and most of all life is to be eradicated. The United Counsel of Mammals prepares the ID-inator, a device that will wipe the ability of consciousness for all organisms present. However, a large sect is in uproar and refuses to enter the device. United
Futurology San Francisco talks robot tax - "Following the recent advice of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Supervisor Jane Kim called for a hearing Tuesday on imposing a tax on robots and automation." Microsoft
funny Someone's gotta tell Facebook the truth Facebook
Showerthoughts FaceTime messages: having deaf parents and not being able to leave them voicemails I could leave a FaceTime message instead of a text. Apple workers hop on this! Apple
news Brazil prosecutor targets politicians in Petrobras scandal Petrobras
AskReddit If you just got killed in Halo 3 by some French guy over Xbox Live, and got so mad you broke your controller, how could you make it look like manufacturer error? Xbox
Music Hillbilly Casino - Violets In May - Rockabilly Casino
OldSchoolCool Francis Ford Coppola, Irvin Kershner, Akira Kurosawa, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Carroll Ballard at Coppola's place - 1980 Ford
food Homemade Tea Infused Cranberry Orange Scones Orange
news DOJ to announce charges in Yahoo hacks Yahoo
funny For a split second I thought ESPN had actually started covering card games. ESPN
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell hot sauce didn't have a phrase. Bell
todayilearned TIL That the phaseout of leaded gasoline along with the large scale removal of many other leaded products has been correlated with a 34% drop in violent crime in the United States. United
AskReddit If Time Travelers coming from the future were ever proven to exist, What events or parts of history should have tipped us off? Travelers
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do the United States' only have two major political parties? United
news [Greenfield man who spent life helping others now receiving much needed help with ALS CBS 4 - Indianapolis News, Weather, Traffic and Sports](
funny Wanted the cake to say Congratulations Zehra + Prince... Typical Walmart fashion has misspellings and looks like a 2 year old decorated. "Congratulations" is a plastic thing. Walmart
movies 'The Matrix' Reboot in the Works at Warner Bros. Exclusive Warner Bros.
mildlyinteresting A lone gallon of mislabeled? Costco milk in a sea of Winco grocery store brand milk in Lewisville, TX Costco
news Strep throat leads to quadruple amputation for Kent Co. man Kent
AskReddit You've been elected President of the United States with all of its power and access: what is the first self-indulgent perk that you take advantage of? United
OldSchoolCool My grandfather used to race in the 1960's. His car was nicknamed "The Orange Crate" Orange
OldSchoolCool George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and R2-D2 on the set of Star Wars, 1977 Ford
personalfinance I need car insurance for a 2003 Ford Taurus. Don't have much, but I need it as soon as I can and don't know what to look for. Please help! Ford
AskReddit Just like Youtube personalities, Who is your favorite Reddit personality and why? Youtube
OldSchoolCool George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and R2-D2 on the set of Star Wars, 1977 Ford
mildlyinteresting This brand new Jeep ready for WW2! Jeep
AskReddit ITT: What kind of Youtube clickbait you Hate the most? Youtube
videos Prof Robert Kelly and family - the full interview - BBC News - the interrupted interview BBC
movies Morning Glory is 2010 comedy film where Harrison Ford plays the host of a morning TV show. What are other examples when the casting of an actor seem a little bit out of place or just "random"? Ford
funny Hilarious BBC interview parody video about why everyone assumed she was the Nanny! BBC
movies 'The Matrix' Reboot in the Works at Warner Bros. Exclusive. Warner Bros.
funny Live BBC interview crashed by children: Family speaks out for the first time. BBC
listentothis Static-P -- Sky Lanterns indie rock 2015 Sky
mildlyinteresting Nothing to see here, just a Costco employee silently hunting a pigeon Costco
sports 538 and ESPN Films make a cool video about the chances of a 16 beating a 1 ESPN
todayilearned TIL that L-1B visas are bigger than H-1B and worse for American workers. U.S.-based multinational corporations such as IBM can use its own overseas employees to do the work in the USA for a fraction of costs of American workers. IBM
worldnews What made these grannies go nude in public? - BBC News BBC
AskReddit You're the new First Gentleman/Lady of the United States. What's your special project for the term? United
news Blind woman and service dog kicked off American Airlines flight American Airlines
funny Prof Robert Kelly and the interrupted interview - take two - BBC News BBC
gifs 1 This was an on duty Uber driver. 2 The driver lived. Uber
funny Had a fun chat with the Facebook ai today Facebook
TwoXChromosomes Dallas Uber Driver Uber
worldnews Headphones catch fire on flight from Beijing to Melbourne, burning sleeping passenger's face and hands - ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC
funny Playing Google Feud and happened upon this answer, wtf? Google
todayilearned TIL the United States and Canada's land border is the longest land border in the world United
worldnews Popular Xbox One controller charging station recalled over burn hazard Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does blood clot or Apple juice turn into schnaps when touched by a menstruating women? Apple
AskReddit Why has patriotism become the counter-culture in the United States and wider western world? United
videos Typical day in Newport Beach, California. Newport
gaming Why isn't the Playstation 4 Backwards Compatible? Playstation
television Neil deGrasse Tyson Isn't Afraid Of A Little Crystallized Water Tyson
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does blood clot or Apple juice turn into schnaps when touched by a menstruating women? Apple
gaming Best Microphones for Gaming and Youtube Commentary in 2017 Youtube
funny Cats And Dogs Chase Laser Pointer Chase
gaming I dont know anything about the Jeep Patriot, but i bet Tony Hawk got one for free. Jeep
worldnews The Department of Justice will announce charges against hackers with ties to Russia who were behind the Yahoo account hack Yahoo
Jokes Breaking News : Apple soon to launch their cars. Apple
videos Dad saves the day in a BBC news live interview BBC
worldnews Mid-flight slumber cut short by exploding headphones - BBC News BBC
Music Sam Kent - My World Alternative Rock Kent
worldnews Forbes and other Twitter accounts hacked by attackers calling Germany, Netherlands Nazis over dealings with Turkey Twitter
worldnews German police raids Audi headquarters over emissions fraud Audi
videos Prof Robert E Kelly has returned to BBC News to talk about his unexpected viral fame last week, when his children crashed his live TV interview to the amusement of millions of people who later watched the clip BBC
worldnews Ikea drivers living in trucks for months - BBC News BBC
TwoXChromosomes X-post relationships, received Facebook message from woman boyfriend slept with before me Facebook
AskReddit What's a creative way to use the Lego tape? Lego
worldnews The diplomatic spat between Turkey and the Netherlands spread online on Wednesday when a large number of Twitter accounts, many with no apparent connection to the dispute, were hijacked and replaced with anti-Nazi messages in Turkish Twitter
worldnews Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will warn China’s leaders that the United States is prepared to step up missile defenses and pressure on Chinese financial institutions if they fail to use their influence to restrain North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs United
pics When he's not trying to destroy our American democracy, he's serving me complimentary Starbucks beverages on my Delta flight. Starbucks
pics When he's not trying to destroy our American democracy, he's serving me complimentary Starbucks beverages on my Delta flight. Delta
todayilearned TIL Universal Studios, Inc sued Sony and its distributors in 1976, alleging that because Sony was manufacturing a device Betamax that could be used for copyright infringement, they were thus liable for any infringement committed by its purchasers. Essentially trying to kill videotape recording. Sony
gaming Crazy No Man's Sky dinosaur thing Sky
pics An example of what private-public partnerships do to public roads in the United States because a certain party won't raise bloody taxes to have public infrastructure United
worldnews Donald Trump's 2005 tax return leak reveals $38m bill - BBC News BBC
videos Police Chase 2017 Compilation - Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Houston. Best Police Chases car March 2017 Chase
gaming Brooklyn Public Library Gets $3 Million Grant To Bring An Xbox To Every Branch Xbox
worldnews High profile Twitter accounts hijacked in Turkish-Dutch protest Twitter
worldnews 'Turkish backers' target Amnesty and Unicef Twitter accounts Twitter
pics This was the last photo my Canon took before the shutter got stuck. It's of the Monticello Dam's Infamous Glory Hole In California which just recently began overflow for the first time in 10 years. Canon
gaming Stream Xbox One to Windows 10 - No Lag Xbox
nottheonion Man claimed on Facebook he ran a circumcision service — from his 'cabin in the woods' Facebook
AskReddit What's the most essential programs to run along side Microsoft Word and Excel? Microsoft
worldnews Hacked Twitter Accounts Post Swastikas, Pro-Erdogan Content Twitter
worldnews Marine Alexander Blackman conviction reduced to manslaughter on appeal - BBC News BBC
personalfinance Does anyone with a TD Auto Finance loan know how to set it up to have extra payments applied directly to the principal rather than to future payments? TD
worldnews Mid-flight slumber cut short by exploding headphones - BBC News BBC
videos Prof Robert Kelly is back & this time his wife & children are meant to be in shot! BBC News BBC
worldnews Le Pen Win Would Wipe Out 25% From French Bank Shares, Citi Says Citi
funny [Box 24 Casino Best Casino Bonuses](
television Trump Twitter League Twitter
pics Chinese Lottery Winner Dressed as Baymax So Thieves and Poor Relatives Won't Discover Who He Is.? Discover
IAmA AMA Request The Apple engineer who left the iPhone 4 prototype at a bar in 2010. Apple
videos Looking Back at the Original Version of Google Chrome! Google
videos Children interrupt BBC News interview REVERSED BBC
news Airbnb CEO weighs in on Uber crises: 'We are all learning' Uber
AskReddit What would a trade war with the United States and China look like? Who would likely be hurt the most and how? United
funny Best Casino Bonuses! NO DEPOSIT BONUS! Casino
Showerthoughts BREAKING NEWS: It's just occurred to me that aliens could be watching Sky TV without paying for it. Sky
movies Great job, Total Film. Total
pics In 24 hours my Ford Ranger grew to the size of a dump truck. Ford
Showerthoughts If everything should be left up to the states and not the country as a whole, then why are we even a United country? United
pics What is this off the coast of Hilton Head? Hilton
news Justice Department to Announce Indictments in Massive Yahoo Hack Yahoo
worldnews Ship crashes into 'pristine' coral reef, captain may be charged - "The 297-foot 90.6 meter MS Caledonian Sky crashed into the reefs at Raja Ampat on March 4." Sky
mildlyinteresting This is what a UPS truck loading chart looks like UPS
funny Damn, CVS can count! CVS
news Man claimed on Facebook he ran a circumcision service — from his 'cabin in the woods' Facebook
Music Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart Soul Live jam session video. It's like Pink Floyd, Otis Redding, and Bill Withers got together and had a musical baby. Put it on in the background and enjoy 10 minutes of goosebumps. Otis
gaming When you poop and it sounds like the Xbox 360 notification sound Xbox
WritingPrompts WP The Earth is beginning to drastically heat up and species are beginning to die. Large scale infrastructure is beginning to fall into disrepair. You are a Canadian, the ports are closed and the wall blocks you from any contact with the United States. United
worldnews Hackers Post Pro-Erdogan Messages in Attack on Twitter Accounts Twitter
LifeProTips LPT: On iOS devices running iOS 9+ there's a secret flight tracker that can be viewed by typing the airline name and flight number into a note or a text to someone JetBlue #111 or Delta #6 ... Delta
videos In light of that Pigeon in Costco here's a trap specially made for Sparrows and birds in buildings. Costco
worldnews Justice Department charging Russian spies and criminal hackers in Yahoo intrusion Yahoo
Futurology 4 out of 5 US homes have solar power potential according to Google study Google
LifeProTips LPT: Do not use document shredding service at places like Staples or FedEx Office FedEx
news Ikea drivers living in trucks for months - BBC News BBC
worldnews US charges Russian spies over Yahoo breach Yahoo
worldnews Pro-Erdogan hackers in Twitter attack as EU blasts Turkey Twitter
news Two Russian spies indicted by US Department of Justice over hacking of 500m Yahoo user accounts Yahoo
worldnews Two Russian spies are being indicted by the US Department of Justice over a huge breach of Yahoo user accounts. Yahoo
worldnews Russian spies among those facing U.S. charges over Yahoo hack: source Yahoo
worldnews Hackers hijack Twitter accounts over feud between Turkey, Netherlands Twitter
news US charges Russian spies over Yahoo breach Yahoo
worldnews Irish woman Danielle McLaughlin murdered in India - BBC news BBC
worldnews US charges Russian spies over Yahoo breach Yahoo
news Russian spies among those facing U.S. charges over Yahoo hack: source Yahoo
news Two Russian spies charged over Yahoo hack, the biggest cyber attack in the world Yahoo
AskReddit What do you think sending the Error Report to Microsoft actually fucking does? Microsoft
nottheonion Man claimed on Facebook he ran a circumcision service — from his 'cabin in the woods' Facebook
Showerthoughts Whenever I see a targeted advertisement from Google that actually applies to me, I wish that I had an option to tell them that their algorithm is working, it's just that I don't want to click on their ads. Google
movies Looks like Warner Bros. is gearing up for a new Matrix movie. Warner Bros.
news Yahoo breach - US to charge Russian spies - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that Royal Mail is still legally obliged to issue stamps with the Queen's face and She has to approve the image. Royal Mail
WritingPrompts WP The United States and Russia start a nuclear winter from their recent war. Years later as the countries strike a truce and begin to rebuild, the White House recieves a message,"The penguins have taken South America and are marching for our border." United
AskReddit I remember one time when both Dominos and Pizza Hut lowered their prices at the same time. How is it possible unless they had planned it together? Pizza Hut
news Russian hackers charged in massive Yahoo breach, 'largest data breach in US history' Yahoo
news U.S. Indicts Four in Theft of 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Yahoo
worldnews U.S. Indicts Four in Theft of 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Yahoo
OldSchoolCool Howard Cosell and John Lennon in October of 1974 at the New York headquarters of ABC Radio. ABC
personalfinance Keep 2015 Jeep or sell to lower debt? Jeep
worldnews Russian hackers charged in massive Yahoo breach, one in custody in Canada Yahoo
news U.S. Indicts Four, Including Russian Spies, in Theft of 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Yahoo
Showerthoughts When I replace the Uber driver's radio station with the music on my phone, I feel like I'm abusing one of the hosts in Westworld and there is nothing they can do about it. Uber
worldnews Justice Department charging Russian spies and criminal hackers in Yahoo intrusion Yahoo
worldnews US charges two Russian spies and two hackers in Yahoo data breach Yahoo
worldnews U.S. indicts Russian spies, hackers over massive Yahoo hack Yahoo
WritingPrompts WP The Dinosaurs have initiated a nuclear holocaust, and all life on Earth is to be eradicated. The United Counsel of Mammals prepares the ID-inator, a device that will wipe the ability of consciousness for all organisms present. However, a large sect is in uproar and refuses to enter the machine United
Music Astrale - Above the Sky Electronic Sky
news Russia backed Yahoo email hack, two Russian spies charged Yahoo
worldnews Facebook—in hate-crime clash with MPs—claims it’s “fixed” abuse review tool Lawmaker accuses Twitter, Google, and Facebook of "commercial prostitution." Facebook
worldnews Beijing aims to add good Samaritan laws to new civil code:The Asahi Shimbun Asahi
worldnews Hundreds of Twitter accounts including Bieber and Forbes hacked, calling Germany, Netherlands 'nazi' Twitter
Showerthoughts "App" in the Apple App Store is short for Apple. Apple
worldnews Canadian-Kazakh national charged in Yahoo hack Yahoo
AskReddit Anyone else think Facebook listens to your conversations when you are talking then serves you ads? Facebook
mildlyinteresting There was a Maybach at McDonald's today McDonald's
videos I see your Alexa-CIA video, how about a Google Assistant one? Google
worldnews DOJ: 2 Russian spies indicted in Yahoo hack Yahoo
aww Zeus doesn't like when I play Xbox because he isn't getting the attention he needs. Xbox
pics When did Kraft get so evil? Kraft
worldnews Canadian-Kazakh national charged in Yahoo hack Yahoo
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why the pictures of people from Russia show them wearing adidas tracksuits with signature stripes most of the time? adidas
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Subreddit Title Brand
Futurology After 60 wins and 0 losses over 7 days, Google unmasks misterious player of Go "Master" as being an improved version of the AlphaGo AI Google
AskReddit What would happen to the world if everyone deactivated their Facebook tomorrow ? Facebook
dataisbeautiful I've enjoyed seeing other people's maps. Here's where I've been in the United States OC United
worldnews Guy Philippe, Haiti's former rebel leader, arrested after radio show - BBC News BBC
worldnews Talk is growing in the United States of the possibility of using military strikes to take out North Korea's nuclear and missile capabilities after the North's leader, Kim Jong-un, threatened he's close to testing a long-range missile apparently capable of hitting the U.S. United
news Family of Victim in Facebook Live Torture Video Speaks Out: 'Everyone Has Seen the Video' Facebook
videos Devildriver - Cry For Me Sky Metal Sky
pics The Greatest Lego Hero ever! Toy banana for scale. Lego
gaming What's a game I can play on Xbox one with my non-gamer girl? Xbox
aww I found him on the Twitter Cute Emergency account! Twitter
news Give peanut to babies early - advice - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that there is a National Forest in Nebraska. A large portion of the National Forest was conceived by Charles E. Bessey, who believed the Great Plains once hosted a huge forest. This resulted in a 20000 acre hand-planted forest experiment, the largest man-made forest in the United States. United
worldnews Give peanut to babies early - advice - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What famous Youtube star do you hate the most? Youtube
space Mark your calendars for a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. This will be its path across the U.S. Total
funny Presidents of the United States Updated Version United
gaming After previously having sunk hundreds on hundreds of hours into the original release of vanilla skyrim, returning to SSE with mods has honestly been the most incredible experience. SSE
Showerthoughts Google's Self-Driving cars should also be used to update Google Street view. Google
AskReddit Peole who have Playstation VR, how real is it and do you recommend it? Playstation
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Fat Orange Cat Orange
Music Logan - Sky High Video Sky
videos Drone Demolition of Charlotte's Pepsi Building Pepsi
WritingPrompts WP You see another stupid Facebook "What will happen to you in 2017" post and decide to click the link, little did you know how accurate it would be... Facebook
Futurology Imagine Ebay meets Youtube . . . The Next Big Thing is here. Youtube
videos Scientists Discover a New Organ in the Human Body Discover
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does the United States Treasury Department know how much money to produce, printing notes and stamping coins, each year? United
AskReddit If future historians only had Twitter to provide a record of events, what would they think about events from the last 7 years? Twitter
mildlyinteresting My odometer hit 177,777 on my 1996 Jeep Wrangled today but looks like all 7's Jeep
worldnews A Haitian politician and former coup leader wanted for alleged drug trafficking and money laundering in the United States was arrested on Thursday, authorities said, days before he was to take up a Senate seat United
AskReddit At what point did the gaming scene turn from Nintendo to Xbox and PlayStation? Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is Apple pouring millions of dollars of revenue into HIV/AIDS research, and not the cancer that killed Steve Jobs? Apple
Showerthoughts It must be pretty disappointing to be the first to ask Google your question. Google
AskReddit If you can buy only 3 items at Walmart to try and freak out the cashier, what would your items be? Walmart
IAmA AMA Request Amy Brown runs Wendy's Twitter account Twitter
mildlyinteresting I found this unopened '64 - '72 style Budweiser can at a yard sale. Budweiser
gaming Project Scorpio vs Xbox One S Xbox
todayilearned TIL that being 6'0 as a man being almost one standard deviation up is taller than ~82% of men in the United States, despite a lot of women thinking it's only average and to be expected in a boyfriend. United
worldnews Avisering från Google – bygg Google
AskReddit So Domino's rewards top employees with Rolex watches with an initiative called the "Rolex Challenge", what cool bonuses/rewards does your company give? Rolex
AskReddit If Red Bull gives you wings what do other drinks give you? Red Bull
television Can a Satire of ISIS Possibly Be Funny? BBC Viewers Are Split BBC
AskReddit Serious What should be done to help resolve racial tension in the United States? United
Music Moby - The Sky Is Broken Ambient Sky
funny Make a gay friend on Facebook and immediately start getting ads for this kind of stuff. No thanks wish! It's not that kind of friendship! Facebook
AskReddit What's the funniest/most unorthodox thing you've seen on Yahoo Answers? Yahoo
videos Adam Saleh Delta Follow Up & Why I Hate Prank Videos Delta
Showerthoughts Google drive offers me 15 GB of store for every free e-mail address I make, but Verizon can't store more than 5 minutes of potato quality voicemails Verizon
Showerthoughts Google drive offers me 15 GB of free storage, but Verizon can't store more than 5 minutes of potato quality voicemails Verizon
AskReddit What is the theme of your favorite Spotify or Apple Music playlist? Apple
Music Pim Philips - Science Fiction Electronic, Minimal Techno Philips
news The Best Grocery Store That Isn't Walmart in Every State Walmart
funny Domino's appears first when you Google "Pizza Hut." Google
AskReddit Would you give up sex if you could be President of the United States? Why or why not? United
food Homemade Apple Pie. Apple
AskReddit How can Burger King afford to sell 10 chicken nuggets for only $1.49? Burger King
personalfinance If I have no job history but want a credit card would opening an online Capital One 360 Checking account help me get approved for a CC in future? Capital One
AskReddit How can Burger King afford to sell 10 chicken nuggets for only $1.49? Burger King
gaming Review of Farpoint on Playstation VR at CES 2017 Playstation
worldnews Donald Trump threatens Toyota over 'plan to build new plant' in Mexico - Toyota has had a manufacturing plant in Tijuana since 2002, and announced the new plant in April 2015 Toyota
AskReddit If you could add a new reaction button on Facebook posts, what would it be? Facebook
AskReddit Serious What are some things that you feel the United States are too uptight/close-minded about? United
worldnews Russian hacking claims: Biden tells Trump to 'grow up' - BBC News BBC
personalfinance Fidelity IRA Target Date Fund Target
AskReddit For those who bought the Google Pixel phone, what do you like about the phone, and what do you hate about it? Google
news Video recorder found in UPS women's restroom, employee fired UPS
Jokes So I was walking up to the Walmart check out with $200 in groceries and the cashier asks me if I need any bags... Walmart
funny Let's Say Yahoo Finance Made a Uh...Really Bad Typo. Yahoo
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are counties on the western side of the United States so massive compared to the east? United
funny Someone at Yahoo is getting fired. Yahoo
AskReddit Pretend you sit on a board of professionals attempting to accomplish a goal and this question is relevant to it. How would you respond to a peer that asserts the following view: education in the United States is run by the liberal/progressive elite? United
funny Never knew Yahoo is racist. Yahoo
worldnews The United States said on Thursday North Korea had demonstrated a "qualitative" improvement in its nuclear and missile capabilities after an unprecedented level of tests last year, showing the needed to sustain pressure on Pyongyang to bring it back to disarmament negotiations. United
videos 2 Google Homes Chatting With Each Other Google
funny At what point does Apple say, "Okay, it's's going to be a while"? Apple
funny Randy Marsh is apparently the Yahoo social media manager. Yahoo
funny The Yahoo Finance Twitter account had a small typo. Yahoo
funny The Yahoo Finance Twitter account had a small typo. Twitter
gaming Discussion My New Xbox gaming community. Xbox
funny Anyone agree Telstra is the worst? Telstra
explainlikeimfive ELI5- Why is Facebook pushing Facebook Live so much? Constant advertising on the site and now TV commercials What is to gain? Facebook
news Indian actor Om Puri dies aged 66 - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts At some point, Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably going to say that his Tweets were satire and we were all too dumb to get the humor Tyson
videos Neil deGrasse Tyson on the afterlife. Very moving and insightful. Tyson
news Bangladesh cafe attack suspect killed in gunfight, say police - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts TT In 1991, after the final peak of the Cold War, the United States of America collapses and the USSR becomes the biggest super power. United
worldnews Japan economy minister declines comment on Trump's Toyota tweet Toyota
funny The official Yahoo Finance account mixed up the B and N key. Bigger, Yahoo, Bigger. Yahoo
pics Ever wonder what the Monster Trucks look like without their skin? This is 2 of 8 trucks that be competing in Monster Jam this Saturday and Sunday at the Bridgestone Arena. Bridgestone
food homemade Apple Tart Apple
Showerthoughts When I'm old Ill get to tell my grandkids about how when I was their age, Google was only a search engine, soda was dispensed with levers, we had home phones, and we used wires to connect to the internet. Google
videos Play Playstation Games On The Dreamcast?! - The Story Of Bleem! Playstation
science Huge Antarctic iceberg poised to break away - BBC News BBC
gaming Microsoft Teases "Exciting Enhancements" for Xbox Live and "Terrific" Games in 2017 Xbox
Jokes What do you call Mike Tyson with no arms and no legs? Tyson
food Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Homemade Orange
personalfinance Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Trust Select is always off Target
AskReddit With the rise of domestic terrorist groups in the United States, like homegrown Isis members, Black Lives Matter and tense and often violent politics protest result in more of a military presence in cities, why? United
AskReddit sir Winston Churchill failed in enter test at Harrow later became British president how? Winston
space Saw an Orange light move across in the sky. Could anybody help me? Orange
mildlyinteresting Every box of Domino's Pizza has instructions for photographing your pizza and posting it to Instagram Domino's Pizza
funny Found this amazing article on BBC on how to fight procrastination, am now planning to read it tomorrow. BBC
worldnews Russia 'starts to withdraw Syria forces' - BBC News BBC
television Watch Controversial BBC Sketch 'Real Housewives of ISIS' BBC
news Russia 'starts to withdraw Syria forces' - BBC News BBC
worldnews Toyota the Latest Target of Trump Twitter Tirade Target
worldnews Toyota the Latest Target of Trump Twitter Tirade Twitter
news Accused Walmart stalker 'squirted women with syringe full of semen' Walmart
pics Its 1:30am , and I just woke up to light shining through my window. Google says its because of Uranus. I feel like 2017 is playing games with me already. Google
dataisbeautiful I've also enjoyed seeing other people's maps. Here's where I've been in the United States OC United
sports Manchester United star Paul Pogba has a go at darts - and immediately learns why he should just stick to football United
news US Labor Department sues Google for compensation data Google
worldnews Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to 'grow up and be an adult' over Twitter attacks Twitter
Futurology Car companies are 'not even close' to full autonomy, says Toyota research chief Toyota
worldnews Former minister hits out at 'emotionally needy' departure of EU ambassador - A former Cabinet minister and leading Brexiteer has taken aim at Sir Ivan Rogers by calling the former EU ambassador's resignation email "emotionally needy." Rogers
worldnews Joe Biden tells Trump to 'grow up' - BBC News BBC
food I always want to eat KFC I don't know why every hour of every day I want to stuff my face with KFC I think I have a problem KFC
Showerthoughts Mike Tyson and Van Gogh probably would have gotten along really well Tyson
nottheonion Police: Man at Ohio Walmart used syringe to squirt semen on women Walmart
pics In honor of the currently trending, Yahoo inspired hastag, here's Samuel Lee Gravely Jr., the first African American Naval Officer. Yahoo
gifs Maggie Rogers Squad Rogers
Showerthoughts Good thing that Google is free. Can you imagine if it wasn't? Google
worldnews US 'identifies agents behind Russian DNC attack' - BBC News BBC
funny Someone at Yahoo is getting the brick. Yahoo
worldnews Texas Republicans fuels new row with transgender toilet bill - BBC News BBC
gaming CES 2017: Razer gaming laptop has not one but three screens - BBC News BBC
funny Unfortunate Yahoo Finance twitter typo potential NSFW Yahoo
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's in Switzerland McDonald's
pics With the currently trending, Yahoo inspired hastag, we should take a moment to honor Samuel Lee Gravely Jr., the first African American Naval Officer. Yahoo
videos How to Get Free Facebook Likes - Working 100% Free & Safe Facebook
videos Last night I literally almost died of laughter at this Heavy Rain Chase scene. Chase
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is Uber losing so much money and how can they still afford to be up and running? Uber
AskReddit What You search on Google when you feel sad? Google
AskReddit What was Facebook like? Facebook
videos How to Get Free Facebook Likes - Working 100% Free & Safe Facebook
worldnews Donald Trump threatens Toyota over 'plan to build new plant' in Mexico Toyota
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Happy Gucci Mane on a Bicycle Gucci
mildlyinteresting My spicy chicken sandwich from Burger King had two top buns. Burger King
OldSchoolCool The future 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, with his cousin, 1910. United
mildlyinteresting Crystal Pepsi is in stock at my grocery store Pepsi
funny Nice try Microsoft Bing Microsoft
mildlyinteresting Crystal Pepsi is in stock in my grocery store Pepsi
food this whole "pulled" trend is getting out of hand. Seen at IKEA Misc IKEA
news How the Victim Allegedly Tortured in Facebook Video Escaped Facebook
videos Perfect time-lapse portrait drawing of Rick Astley in Microsoft Paint Microsoft
mildlyinteresting The About the Author page in my book has the authors Twitter handle in it. Twitter
nottheonion Make that a large? Moose stop in at Tim Hortons drive-thru Tim Hortons
videos I laughed so hard at this Heavy Rain Chase scene. Chase
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Futurology At the 2017 CES today in Las Vegas, Toyota unveiled the Concept-i, a sleek, futuristic-looking vehicle the company hopes “demonstrates Toyota’s view that vehicles of the future should start with the people who use them” The car features an AI agent that learns about the driver. Toyota
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Showerthoughts For Southwest flights, have passengers board from the rear and exit out the front of the aircraft to speed up the boarding process Southwest
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AskReddit Redditors who are not originally from the United States, what is your country's opinion of the U.S.? What stereotypes do you guys usually associate with Americans? United
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news WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal. European ePrivacy directive revision looks to protect communication confidentiality, block tracking for advertising without consent and lessen cookie warnings. Facebook
worldnews WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal. European ePrivacy directive revision looks to protect communication confidentiality, block tracking for advertising without consent and lessen cookie warnings. Google
worldnews WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal. European ePrivacy directive revision looks to protect communication confidentiality, block tracking for advertising without consent and lessen cookie warnings. Facebook
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explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is going on behind the scenes when a post claims that "you can make this the image that comes up when searching Google Images for _____"? Google
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[Table] IamA marketing executive at a casino AMA!

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Date: 2014-05-07
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So if he was making more than 500k it would be okay in your book? That's pretty messed up. Seems like I'd be even more of a piece of shit if I was that successful.
Are you involved much with the general goings on of the casino? If so, what goes through your head when you see huge amounts of money being gambled away by someone who doesnt know when to walk away? Yes, I'm an executive so I'm in touch with most everything that goes on. Most of the time when I see something like that, I just say "good for us" and try not to think about whether or not the person can afford it or not.
How much do you make a year? Unless you are making like $500,000+, then you are a piece of shit. you are destroying thousands of people's lives so that you can make a living and afford your bmw and other status symbols. I don't make $500K a year so I guess that makes me a piece of shit.
What is the worst most tasteless thing you or the casino in general did to make money? I, obviously, like to think I'm uber classy. But in general I think paycheck cashing promotions are pretty tasteless. E.g., Cash your paycheck and get 5% of the total value in free slot play.
Can you ELi5? Sorry, to me that just sounds like you hand over your $1000 you earned, and get back $50? Which seems wrong...? Or do you get an extra $50? Hmmm... Thoroughly confused myself. Let's say your check is $1,000. The casino will cash your check and then also give you $50 in promotional credits to be used on the slot machines. The idea is that since we've given you some "free" money to begin playing the machines you will also dip into the $1,000 cash that we also handed you.
Are there any clauses that prevent you from just spending the $50 in free bets and cashing out the $1k without actually playing with it? No, you get the $1K in cash and the $50 can only be used in the slot machine. I've done this once when I started my new job and my direct deposit wasn't set up yet so they issued me a live check.
How many people just walk directly out of the casino after cashing the check with their 5% bonus? I don't know, I've never run this promotion but generally speaking when we give away promotional credits, the "walk rate" is in the 25% range.
How often do you go to the strip clubs in vegas? If you go how much do you spend? Do you get treated better if they know what your job is? I really don't like them so not often unless someone is in town that wants to go. I don't have a moral objection, just think it's a waste. "Hey do you like to eat steak? Give me $20 to smell this delicious steak! No, you can't try it!!!".
So that having been said, I might spend $20 to give to the girls on the stage and maybe a lap dance.
No, I don't get treated better because of my title really. They usually just care about how much money you spend and that's it.
What are some sneaky strategies that you use to get people to spend more money? I don't mean obvious things like having ATMs...but things related specifically to gambling.. Ummm... Off the top of my head I think the sneakiest thing is probably side bets on table games (e.g., play an extra $5 and if your two cards are a pair then you win $25) because the odds are terrible or things like advertising low table game limits but modifying the rules (e.g., blackjack pays 6:5 vs 3:2) to increase the house advantage.
Some casino customers are super cheap and only play $1 Blackjack. Others are whales and the casino spends a lot of money to attract them, but they are rare. Somewhere in between, I imagine, there are customers who spend a significant amount and exist in numbers to make most of the casino's profits. First, we quantify most everything by "theoretical worth". That is, how much we can expect to win from you based on the house advantage of the game you play and how long you play. The general formula is decisions per hour X house advantage X hours played X average bet. So, $25/hand at blackjack X 1.5% house advantage X 2 hours played X 60 decisions per hour = $45 in theoretical worth.
Is that true? How much does a "bread and butter" customer gamble in a day? Second, It really depends on the particular property. The number is a lot higher for Wynn then it would be at Joker's Wild (a really, really dumpy casino on the outskirts of Vegas). That having been said, most places will be very happy to have you if you are in the $150-300 a day in theoretical worth range.
That sounds pretty affordable. Assuming a 30% comp return I guess that comes out to $50-90 in comps a day. 30% includes the stuff we send you in the mail generally too so at the $300 range you could expect a room and a meal a day.
What kind of awful rules are you using to have a 1.5% house advantage, or is that number based on the average player being really terrible? How much in comps would I actually generate for two hours of $25 a hand Blackjack? I just threw the 1.5 number out there. We also factor in skill into house advantage so as to be more favorable to the player, comp wise. comp wise we'd probably give you 15% of the $45, or $6.75. That's just in what we call discretionary comps that the pit supervisor or host can give you. Then you could expect another 30% in the mail via free bets, hotel, food, etc.
I guess you need to register with the casino loyalty club so you know what we are spending. Correct.
I currently reside in Arizona, where you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an Indian reservation and - as a result - a casino. Well I've worked all over the country and, yes, of course we always keep an eye out on new competition that would impact our existing customer base, especially as the business has seen much more legalization in new jurisdictions in the past 20 years.
The casino/resorts are getting increasingly sophisticated. Better facilities, better entertainment, and better marketing. For Vegas, I think most strip properties have dealt with this by investing in properties in regional markets so as to send their customers to their Vegas properties so it is pretty accretive. Someone from Harrah's Ak-Chin in the Phoenix area gets offers from Harrah's Las Vegas quite often.
Is this something the Vegas casinos consider a rising threat, welcome competition, or something else? How do you - as a marketing guy - react to the fact that a trip to a casino no longer necessarily means a trip to Nevada or New Jersey? The bigger problem really is for the markets where they were a monopoly for some time and really rested on their laurels. Reno and Atlantic City come to mind. Those markets are dying fast and there really isn't much upside. In Atlantic City, for example, you have casinos buying competitors just to close them so as to reduce the inventory.
What really happens when somebody wins on a slot machine? Like, what is the behind the scenes stuff that we don't see? Are they checking out the cameras to make sure it was that specific person before they payout? What if you switch seats? What if an underage gambler wins?... What if they switch seats with an of-age gambler?? Honestly, I've never done that, but I've always wondered the underage stuff because I've never ever got carded on slots! I've won hand-pays before (nothing really exciting) and they always hit me with the tax form. What do you guys do with the tax form? Does it get sent out from you guys or does it remain my responsibility from thereon? I worked as a slot analyst (analyzing machine performance) years ago and never on the floor so I don't know/remember the exact steps. Essentially, though, it's verifying that the machine is functioning properly and recording the details of the jackpot for audit/regulators. If it is a taxable jackpot ( >= $1,200) then we are required to fill out the IRS W2G form to report it to them for tax purposes so at that point we have to get your ID, etc. to facilitate that. Then of course, there is the matter of actually paying you the money, verifying that it is the correct amount, etc. The tax form does get sent to the IRS. You can request the taxes not be taken out of your jackpot as you are only taxed on the net win at the end of the year.
How did you get involved in the casino bussiness? 1/2.) Just needed a job and applied to a very entry level job and worked my way up.
Did you set out to work at one or did it come about another way? 3.) It can be fun and exciting.
What do you enjoy most about your job? Least? 4.) There's a lot of pressure to make money/meet your budget so all of the bullshit that goes along with that. Dealing with politics, having to adjust staffing, etc. And I don't like that at my level the usual tenure is 2-3 years so you move around a lot. I'd like to be more settled, especially in a place I'd really want to live for a long time and I don't feel like I have much control of that in this business.
1) When you talk about being moved around a lot, is that relating to being moved around in what you do at a particular casino? or more like which casino your working at? 2) Do you feel that your skills at this current job gives you fallback options should your tenure run out? ( Such as in other service based industries?) 1.) I mean there is only one of me at every casino so if something happens whether I don't like where I work or what something different (e.g., more money) or they don't like me (shocking, it happens!) then the likelihood that I have to move is high, especially if I'm in a city that only has a handful of casinos. 2.) I obviously feel like my skills could take me anywhere! But in reality, it has been tough to change industries when I've tried. Usually places like hotels don't pay as much as casinos and look for more sales-related skills and restaurants don't really have marketing people except at the corporate office whereas my skills are more analytics-oriented. And both usually pay less than casinos.
time I went to Vegas (around 30 years ago) it still had that "mob" vibe. When I got married there in the 90s (I joke now that I gambled on marriage in Vegas and lost half my stuff) it was much more "corporate" and "family friendly." The "What Happens in Vegas" campaign seemed to try and change that perception. Do you think there's value in returning Vegas to a more "wise guy" kind of feel...playing up the classic vibe, or is it just a big collection of theme parks with gambling? The problem with returning to that type of vibe is that it's difficult/impossible given how big the casinos are. Sure it was easy for Benny Binion to control everything and not be "corporate" when the old Horseshoe was literally 1/10th the size of MGM Grand.
What was UNLV like? Did you live in the dorms? It seems like a strange school where everyone commutes and there's no college life around the campus. What are the pros and cons of going there? I went there for grad school so was older and had a wife and a house. It is definitely a commuter school so there's not a lot of school spirit. I went to undergrad a school with a huge, huge, huge, football program so it was a bit of a change for me. I also didn't find the students to be terribly bright (with exceptions, of course). On the upside, a lot of people like living in Vegas and the Hotel Administration College (where I went) has very, very good brand recognition.
Do you find people have lots of misconceptions about the casino industry? That the games are rigged and that we love giving away a lot for nothing/little in return are probably the two biggest.
So what's up with prostitutes and the casinos? I understand that prostitution is illegal in Vegas, but that they're still there. Is it like the movies, where they're just hanging out in the casino bars waiting to be picked up? Yes, they hang out at the bars and then there are services you can call and have them sent to your room. If it's overt, casino security will clear them out of the bar area but the vice cops generally focus on human trafficking kind of stuff.
As an insider, what do you think the job prospects are in the industry for someone with a similar education background, but no casino experience? 1.) The industry relies heavily on industry experience so job prospects are good if you're willing to start in a low position and work you're way up. If you go to UNLV and get the degree I got and expect for some casino to make you a Director of VP with no experience then you're going to be very disappointed.
Is that just bizarre luck? 2.) Bizarre luck.
What does the industry think about states with Indian reservations that prohibit casinos like Texas? 3.) Definitely potential opportunity. I've read about that small tribe in Texas. It'll happen eventually in Texas. The people in Louisiana will not be happy, though.
Is it viewed as a potential opportunity for growth with a small tribe, more competition, or a wedge to open the state to gambling? 4.) No problem!
For every average person out there, would you suggest not playing? I mean, in the sense that, it's just not a viable option? Viable for what? Making consistent money? Then definitely not. If you are entertained by thrill of gambling and have the discretionary funds to do it, then by all means.
Aw okay! cool. Any idea why people do it? Is it just a thrill? Would being a "whale", make more of a difference? For the people that do it for entertainment, it's the thrill of anticipation.
Was it hard getting a job with such a detailed degree? My undergrad degree is pretty bland, political science, so it wasn't hard at first. I did my grad degree in casino management because I was living in Vegas, wanted to get an MBA, didn't want to take 2 years off from work to get a full-time degree, didn't have the support of my job to get an executive MBA, and didn't like UNLV's MBA program.
EDIT: Thanks for answering my first AMA question! Really good answer too! NP! Keep asking away!
What's your favorite aspect of your job? And do you like to gamble yourself? 1.) It can be exciting. Picking new acts to play in your showroom seems more exciting to me than selling propane. 2.) Yes...
What is the best way for tourist to get the best bang for buck in your casino for entertainment, food, gambling etc to have a good time and not go broke? I'm currently working at a Vegas strip property.
If you can answer in terms of Vegas, that would be great also. Unless you have something more specific in mind, the first place I'd direct you to is the Las Vegas Advisor Top 10 Deals List.
With legal online poker gaining momentum which might mean eventual legal online gambling for other house games online; are the casinos doing what they can to kill this before it starts or your thoughts on this? Las Vegas Sands / Venetian is actively trying to kill it (which I don't really understand) but everyone just sees it as a means to make more money so are ready to pounce when it's legal.
I don't know if you're still answering questions, but what are the qualifications for being, say, a Texas Hold'em Dealer in Vegas, specifically your casino, and are the dealers specific to just one game? I.e. omaha, hold 'em, pai gow, stud... Also, without being too specific, what is the average annual income for said occupation? Are the dealers payed solely by tips/do they get to keep all tips? 1.) Generally there are poker dealers and table games (e.g., blackjack) dealers. Few do both. Among the table games dealers, most know multiple games as the more you know the more hirable you are. In terms of the qualifications it's just that you've gone to some sort of dealer school (there are commercial ones and some casinos do it in-house), experience, and a live audition. 2.) Really depends on the market and the casino. At the high end like Wynn or Venetian they will do close to $100K/year but at an entry-level place it could be more like $25K/year. It's base salary plus pooled tips (aka tokes).
3.) You've never thought of dealing the WSOP? They need as many dealers as they can find.
Do Casino's design their decor for different target groups? Of course. Hard Rock and Cosmo are designed for younger demographics and Wynn and Venetian for older affluent ones.
I find all Casino's to be outright horrible to my senses due to the noise/flashing lights. Encore and the new Barrymore are definitely designed for the Asian gambler. And you'd, obviously, have to assume the casinos in Macau are, too, although I've never been.
Could you describe your typical work day? also I've had some great times a Joker's Wild! Ha! I honed my dice skills at JW!
Typical work day is get to work and look at the previous day's financial results and react accordingly. I.e., ask the analysts to pull numbers, talk to the head of a certain department about their opinion on something, etc.
Emails emails emails.
Then it's usually a lot of meetings about upcoming things whether it be planning an event, approving new advertising, doing the strategic planning for the property for 2015, meeting with vendors, etc.
Emails emails emails.
By this time the numbers or reports I've asked to be run are ready so I sit down and look at them and act accordingly (e.g., hey, looks like we're spending too much on postage to mail to customers too far away, let's change the way we do this for next time), etc.
Emails emails emails.
Then it's usually time to go home but 2-3 times a week I'll have a dinner or event to go to with a vendor or colleague or someone from the press.
Emails emails emails.
Probably 2-3 Saturdays a month I'll go in and work for a few hours just to catch up on stuff or if there's an event to meet and greet players, make sure everything is going well, etc.
Emails emails emails.
Has the rise of 6:5 blackjack been hurting the game's popularity, or are there enough people who don't "get" the odds change (or don't care) that it all works out in the end? Is the odds change enough to swing the game back in the casino's favor in the long run even if players count cards? And what about continuous shuffling machines: have any of the casinos you've been with used them, and how did the players react? The masses don't care about either especially if you're able to offer low limits. The limit and the number of decks is what attracts people to a bj game. Still never going to allow counting.
Is is harder to get jobs in the background or management functions of the casino? Well certainly there are more what we call "front of house" positions (dealers, porters, servers, bartenders, etc.) than "back of house" positions (accountants, IT, warehouse, etc.) so in terms of pure numbers, yes it's easier to get -any- FOH than -any- BOH position.
I'm an IT grad looking to move back to Vegas and wondered if there were more "non-floor" jobs than actually functional jobs. That having been said, if you're wanting an IT position shouldn't be too hard if you're willing to work anywhere and have a little experience. If you're wanting to just jump into the CIO job at Bellagio, more difficult.
Great! thank you. I've got about 8 years under my belt, but dear CIO for me. This really eased my worry about options. thanks. You should be OK as long as you're not too picky.
Just how rigged are the automatic roulette machines? They aren't. The games have to go through pretty rigorous testing by the state or an agency of the state to be allowed to be sold. Gaming Labs International is one such company.
I would think that SEO campaigns and similar web based marketing would be ineffective techniques for a casino in a place like Las Vegas. Is this the case? I know I'm quite late but I would love to know if you have time. We definitely do SEO/SEM campaigns but primarily for hotel related keywords for people looking for hotel rooms. I worked at a place a little outside of the main city in the south one time and we'd buy broader search terms for people looking for "entertainment in main city" in case they didn't know there was a casino nearby.
Thanks for the response. I was just curious about engaging people in person in public? Do you operate campaigns on the street such as call to action flyers or similar? Are there laws specific to this type of promotion in Las Vegas? Not a typical marketing channel most casinos explore, but it's not entirely unheard of. Sorry I'm not entirely sure of the laws.
Who owns the casino you work at? Is it one guy or a publicly traded company? I'd rather not say as I don't want to be outted but I have worked for large publicly traded companies, privately held companies (e.g., owned by hedge funds), and publicly traded companies where one individual owns the majority of the shares. I've never worked at a privately owned casino owned by one individual, though.
How do I get over 65 year olds excited about my product? Without knowing what said product is, the best thing I can say is to figure out how to make it relevant to them.
What does a marketing exec. at a casino make a year? Depends on the size of the property. 75 at a small riverboat casino to 250 at a large place like Bellagio.
To succeed in marketing, what is the first step to landing a successful job? and what should be the over arching goal in mind to maintain a competitive advantage over fellow competition as well as new shifts in market trends? 1.) be tenacious. take any job you can get. be a sponge and learn everything you can.
2a.) don't be afraid to fail, but be smart (and profitable) about it.
2b.) don't rest on your laurels. stay in touch with your customers.
Go on ... What does a casino do in that regard? From a gambling standpoint, people in that age range like penny slots so we offer a lot of penny slots. We put on shows that would appeal to them. We would make the decor more classic vs hip. Etc.
I've always wanted to work in the gaming industry. I have a strong sales background and a B.S. degree... which department would you recommend to get my feet wet? Probably player development which is the department that deals with VIP guests or maybe special events/promotions.
What's the best movie you've seen this year? You did say we could talk about life in general... Absolutely! 12 Years a Slave.
Edit: Also, Dallas Buyer's Club.
Dang, haven't seen it yet...will have to wait for it on DVD or streaming. Edit: Haven't seen that one either. I'm starting look like a Philistine. It's pretty heavy but sometimes that's good.
Do you prefer to market for families or adults? Casinos are adult fun, but I've noticed a shift in the past decade. Definitely adults.
Your AMA was one of the best, you answered almost every question, so if you're still answering here's one: If a young person comes in and wins more than 100k and then just leaves, would you suspect him/her of anything? It really depends more on the manner in which you win and how you behave. We're required by law to fill out a Currency Transaction Report for transactions over $10,000. So if you got to that point you would have already given us your ID, etc. We'd obviously make sure that surveillance is watching you to make sure you're not cheating but if you're on a random hot streak and betting $10K/hand then it wouldn't be a huge deal at most strip properties.
How about a free load just this once? lol. But hypothetically what would 10 grand get you :( At my place, (which is not an uber classy place like Wynn or Venetian), you'd get pretty much whatever you'd want. Suite, dinners, limo from the airport, show tickets, etc. We'd generally reinvest in you 30% of your loss so just figure out what $3,000 in comps would get you.
What advice can you give to new grads who want to get into marketing, but can get work due to lack of experience? As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe you really just need to be tenacious and take anything to get your foot in the door. It's a very crowded field, especially on the what I call "pretty picture" side of marketing. I wish I had a more specific answer to give you.
What does being a marketing executive involve? I usually say I'm in charge of driving profitable revenue. The departments that report up to me are charge of advertising, promotions, entertainment, public relations, direct mail/database marketing, and VIP marketing.
I'm coming to Vegas in December from Australia, can you PM me your email address? Just PM me. Happy to see if I can help
Do casinos hire interns? I'm currently a student at a public university. Absolutely. I think most of the major companies have management training/internship programs. Go to their careers websites. Caesars Entertainment, MGM International, Pinnacle Entertainment, Penn National Gaming, etc.
Would you recommend a job in marketing? what skill sets would be helpful for marketing? i'm interested in it but not entirely sure what it's about. I think the best combination in today's world is to be more right brained with a creative bent as more and more the question asked of marketing folks is "quantify how your idea makes me money?" and less and less "what's the most most creative idea you have?"
It's a crowded field especially on the left brained side (e.g., advertising and public relations) because people think it's "cool". So if that's you're interest, I'd say being tenacious and creative is what is going to get you far in that world because it's tough to get your foot in the door and you have to have thick skin and then when you do get your foot in the door you are going to have a very short leash to prove yourself.
Any specific company you recommend? If you're at the intern stage, apply liberally.
Do you have the sides backwards, or do I? Um, well I think of left brained as creative and right brain analytical?
How selective is the casino management program at UNLV? The hotel management program in general is not selective but the casino management program is difficult because it's pretty quantitatively-focused so there's a lot of attrition.
What do you do for family entertainment in Vegas? I'm single so that having been said, there's all your typical family stuff to do here: parks, camping, hiking, movies, bowling, etc.
You don't have any family in Vegas? What's something that you go do with your friends, then? I'm not from here and my ex-wife hated living here thus why she's my ex. My friends and I go and see concerts, go to bars, we like guns so go shooting sometimes, and most Sundays cook for each other.
Sounds like a nice life! It's OK. City is kind of soulless and superficial.
One of my favorite aspects of Vegas is that if you want your experience to improve, it's usually a strategic $20 tip away... whether that be a tip to upgrade your room when you check in, to skip the long line at a club, to get a table with a great view at dinner... What potential 'Experience' improvements would you recommend in Vegas? Link to
Vegas or Macau. Which is better? Better for what?
Have you read The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester? I haven't.
So basically I should just buy from the half off kiosks? Yes.
How do you feel about those who are addicted to gambling and those who have lost everything because of it? Bad, obviously.
Late to this ama, are you still taking questions? Sure!
Sure buddy. Do you mean to say that you don't believe me?
I just got started in hospitality marketing, any advice? Doing what, exactly? Just be willing to make not a lot of money for awhile and be willing to relocate frequently if you want to move up the ladder. I guess those are the first things that come to mind.
Have you had any good marketing ideas that you couldn't do due to marketing regulation. Not necessarily due to regulation but a lot of times you're gun-shy to do a promotion because well, what happens if no one shows up?
Bastard. Danka.
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