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TNA 2016: deLETEoBSOLETe (TEW Promoter Diary Entry 4)

Entry 3
Friday, Week 2, January 2016: Ugh, didn't sleep very well last night. I feel like absolute shit today. Better suck it up, though, we have tapings tonight and work to do this morning, plus I'm on a plane to the damn venue.
Jack Doane, Jimmy Korderas and Rene Dupree are on the one week wait list. Should have my zebra problem all figured out after this.
Truth Martini, Prince Puma, Jim Cornette, Raven and Rob Van Dam are on the roster. I stuck Martini with Hyper Force X in the hopes that they'll build each other up until I can move them both to better things. I'm having Prince Puma stay under the mask (though it's a different mask here in TNA because mo' masks, mo' money, bay-bay!) and I'm thinking about doing a long term storyline where he discovers his heritage as the descendent of Aztec royalty. I'd probably need a few more luchadores to work with him if I were to do that... anyway, right now he's on my upper midcard. Raven's going on my midcard for a little while, but I'm only using him on the roster until, like, Lockdown. After that, he's going to do better things backstage. Rob Van Dam obviously is going in my main event. It might be the tail end of his run, but I'm gonna use him for all he's worth. Jim Cornette's going on commentary for a bit. I want him to come back as a manager, but I need to figure out who to put him with. Anyway, I have Josh Mathews, Eric Santamaria and Jeremy Borash on Xplosion, and the trio of Jim Cornette, Mike Tenay and The Pope on Impact and Pay Per Views.
While I'm still driving to the venue, I can feel my phone go off a few times. Checked my phone once I get there, expecting the worst, and it's some of my friends I had backstage telling me that Robbie E is cool as fuck? Like, Robbie would have had no idea who these guys were, but he still approached them, seeing that they were someones guests, and bullshitted with them for a good hour. Really made their day. I'll remember that, Robbie.
Running the Soaring Eagle Casino in Detroit, Michigan. I remember coming here shortly after I turned 21, getting shit drunk and losing $1200. Keep in mind, this is before I was fuck-ton rich, so that was a lot of money back then. Still, amazing time. Feeling really happy and nostalgic now that I'm here- a full 180 from this morning on the plane. Okay, enough nostalgic musings, we have shows to book, goddammit!
Okay, we're starting off Xplosion with a match between the Osirian Portal and Hyper Force X. I thought that these are two shiny new tag teams, I know they can work a good match against each other, should put on a good match. They put on a pretty okay match, but the crowd just did not give a single fuck about them. Seems like I'm really gonna have to step up my game in finding ways to get these guys over... (E-)
Playing another hype video for Zack Sabre Jr, going to announce his opponent on Impact. At least the fans liked it more than the opening match. (D-)
Filler Four Way match between Trevor Murdock, Crazzy Steve, Mahabali Sheera and Aidan O'Shea next, with Crazzy Steve going over. Figured I'd give him a win here since something... unfortunate is going to happen to him on Impact. Murdock's taking the fall- still pissed about last week. This match was absolutely the drizzling shits, and a huge chunk of it had to do with Sheera. He's not even making it to spring cleaning, he's going to GLW first thing in the fucking morning. I knew this match wasn't going to be Guerrero-Malenko, but I still expected better than this. (E)
Taking a few minutes after that to plug the tournament semifinals matches that'll be happening over on Impact. I did this mostly to get Eric Santamaria's face out there, and he was pretty underwhelming. It's only his second night on the job, though, so I can forgive that. What I can't forgive is the fact that Josh Mathews looked like a lost fuckin' puppy out there. He's outta here! (D)
Kimber Lee and Heidi Lovelace up next. I want to keep Kimber Lee looking strong through the match, but Heidi'll get a big underdog upset win. I have no clue what the fuck happened out there, but Heidi and Kimber really shit the bed out there. I know both these girls have the skills to pay the bills, but I fear that I'll have to stick em' in GLW for a while. Pity. (F+)
After that, Dixie Carter comes to the stage and announces that the main event (Manik VS Grado) will be a #1 Contenders match for the X Division Title, winner faces Tigre Uno at Genesis. I forgot that Dixie was on the roster, and I figured I'd give her one last thing to do before my Spring cleaning. I don't think I've heard a crowd boo that loud for that long for anyone other than Roman Reigns. I'm hoping this main event doesn't totally suck, or this episode is fucked... (E)
Main event, Manik and Grado. I mean, obviously Manik's going over, but I'm giving Grado one last shot to stay on the main roster, even as just a job guy. I'm even setting things up in favor of Grado looking good here. This was easily match of the night, but that wasn't a very hard feat to accomplish. Grado was fun out there, and Manik really let him look pretty good. I'm proud of Grado. (D-)
This episode was way worse than last week's Xplosion, and I didn't know that was possible. The crowd shits all over the rookies I try to bring in, which kills the potential to use Xplosion to introduce new talent. This puts me in a complicated situation (E+)
Starting the show in probably the least impactful way ever- Mandrews comes out and issues an open challenge, he says something about wanting to prove himself, yadda yadda. I am aware going into this that the fans are going to hate it (and they did), but there's a reason. (E-)
None other than Raven comes out to accept the challenge, and he has this big, elaborate five minute entrance because theatrics and Raven go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! Fans got into it. It wasn't like the second coming of Christ or anything, but they liked it. (C)
This little segment ends with Raven squashing Mandrews in three minutes. Just something to make Raven's old ass look like a million bucks. That match didn't really get over at all, but it turns out that Raven and Mandrews have great chemistry in the ring together.... the fuck? (E+)
Mike Bennett taking on Robbie E next. Alright, solid back and fourth match, around the 10 minute mark, Maria trips Robbie's foot, small package, Bennett wins. Maria and Bennett begin to celebrate, but Billy Corgan comes out, tells the ref to restart the match and bans Maria to the back. Bennett tries to argue, but Robbie comes in like a damn cheetah and pounces, gets the win. This gives Maria and Bennett a reason not to like Corgan, gives Robbie a bit of a rub (Like I said, I'll remember the nice shit you did for my friends, mate), should be good business, but wasn't that great of business. The fans really didn't pop too huge for it... bummer. I thought this would be one of the better matches of the night. (D)
Mike Tenay, Jim Cornette and The Pope announce that Zack Sabre Jr's first match in TNA will happen at Genesis, and it'll be against.... DJ Z. Yeah, I know, maybe a little underwhelming, but I think it'll be a solid enough match. Plus, with DJ Z going to GLW after Genesis, I can have Sabre squash the fuck out of him and not have to worry. The announcement got a small pop. I can live with that. (D+)
Backstage segment with the Hardyz next. Jeff wants to make sure that he and Matt are cool after last week, Matt assures Jeff that he has no hard feelings toward em'. If you're reading this, you might already recognize that that's bullshit. The slow burn continues. (C+)
Semifinals match between Hardy and Galloway. I want it to be a solid back and fourth, but with a fucky finish. Couple minutes before the finish, ref bump. Hardy ducks a clothesline and the ref gets nailed or something. Anyway, bing bang pow, Hardy nails Galloway with the Twist of Fate, goes up for the Swanton, but Paul Burchill comes in through the crowd and fucks Hardy's day up. Burchill powders, an “oblivious” Galloway makes the pin, ref magically comes to life, 1-2-3. I hate overusing dirty finishes, but I feel like I have to to tell the story I want to. So far, match of the night, by the way. (C+)
Face vs Face double debut, Gran Metallik and Prince Puma work a 15 minute time limit draw. Both guys should look great, sets up a rematch for Genesis. Upset that Metallik got pissy when I mentioned that they'd get the same amount of offense in... really hoping this guy doesn't turn out to be a huge prima donna. Metallik and Puma went out and had a real barn burner, but the fans didn't really give a shit. Kind of upsetting. (D)
Big hand shake after the match. They're faces, don't need people thinking that one of em's going heel at Genesis. Speakings of... if the fans are this dead for what was honestly a great match, how will they react at Genesis? (D)
We cut backstage, Corgan's in his office doing what the fuck ever. Mike Bennett storms in and starts yelling at Corgan for costing him his win. Corgan gives Bennett shit for being a cheating lil' bastard, but then announces the North American Title Battle Royal at Genesis, and he announces four names for the bout: Grado, Ken Doane, Robbie E and... Mike Bennett. Bennett is still unhappy with Corgan, but he leaves. Further tension leading to the debut of the Playboy's Club, plus I get to announce the battle royal. I can live with that. (D)
Willie Urbina interviews Kurt Angle backstage, and Angle puts himself over big time. I'm not even sure he tried to talk about the match... I'll have to talk to him about that. Also might want to consider getting a different backstage interviewer, because Urbina wasn't the greatest.... Josh Mathews, I might have use for you, yet. (D+)
Main event, Angle faces Bobby Roode in the semifinals of the tournament. Big, exciting face vs face match, Angle ends up going over clean. Good match, nothing to add. (C+)
After the match, EC3 and Tyrus come out from the crowd and beat the ever beloved shit out of Bobby Roode. Because Revenge. Because Playboy's do whatever they want... or something, still working on potential catch phrases for this. Tyrus didn't look the best in this. I might want to get a little more muscle in on this group if I want it to look super good. (C+)
Another alright show, this time in front of a sold out crowd of 3,000 of my home town folk. Genesis is in a couple of days, and I'm nervous about that, but I think we'll do alright. (C)
Saturday, Week 2, January 2016: Woke up to find Gran Metallik and Prince Puma bitching about how tired they are from the match they had last night. I don't know why the hell they messaged me- they KNOW they have a match at Genesis. Also, Mike Bennett has signed with ROH on a PPA deal. This better not get in the way of him working my shows... I know Dalton Castle chose to work ROH last night instead of my show. If this becomes a similar deal, I'll have no choice but to sign Bennett to an exclusive deal, which could fuck with my ROH deal in the Honor Code, and I can't have that! Fuck, the alliance is partially named after them... hind sight being 20/20, not sure why I named it that. We all know that TNA is the focal point of this alliance, dammit!
Also, got a message from Tory Hart saying that she's gotten all she can out of GLW. Girl, please, GLW hasn't even run it's first show yet! Sit down! You are okay at best right now!
Jim Cornette was making a giant stink about being just a color commentator today. Kind of annoyed at that. Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to see an angry Cornette promo in person, but maybe not being cut on me... however, he does raise a good point. He would be very valuable to this company as a heel authority figure... hmm... Dixie's on her way out, and I could still have Cornette on commentary... I think I might have to switch a few things up. Threw him 3 grand to cheer him up a bit.
Colt Cabana and Ayako Hamada are on the one-week wait list. Man, I'm gonna have so many new names to play with by this time next week, I'm so pumped!
Jerry Lynn, Austin Aries, Jake Roberts and Brian Cage are all signed! Now I just need to wait to hear from Haas. Sent Lynn to work with the younger guys in GLW. Austin Aries is going straight to the main event, and I'll probably have him as a key member (maybe even a forming member) of the Playboy's Club! Didn't expect him to get a main event slating, though. Makes my World X Cup a little more difficult to book... anyway! Jake Roberts is being put in as a personality (In reality, he's going to Xplosion for now to be an announcer. Borash is going backstage for interviews.) and Brian Cage is going to be another bodyguard for the Playboy's Club (He'll also be teaming with Tyrus called Playboy Muscle because I need tag teams)
Just found out that a huge chunk of the reason Cornette was so pissed with me was because I hired Shawn Michaels as the head trainer of the Impact Dojo. Really, Jim? C'mon, you two will literally NEVER see each other! He's not even signed with the damn company, he's a trainer that works exclusively at the dojo! Fucks sake!
Genesis is tomorrow. I'm nervous as hell, but super excited! This is my first real Pay Per View, and I think it'll be alright. Not great, maybe not even good, but alright. This is the real launching point of me as a booker and as an owner and fuck, I'm hyped for it!
Author Notes: Okay, I know that there's been a bit of a time gap between this update and the last one. Long story short, I just built a computer and I'm in the process of setting that up, and transferring all of the shit on this computer over to the new one. That's been eating up most of my free time. Until I get all of that sorted away, updates might be a little more sparing.
On a note that might seem like a giant “what the fuck” moment, I'm also running a 9000-Verse diary over on the Grey Dog Software forums. It hasn't really gotten any traction, so maybe you guys can check it out here?
Anyway, I'll try and have the fifth update up by next week. After that, I can start to toy around with my ideas more; should be a good time!
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