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Blackjack Dealer Tips - How To Win And Play For Huge Payouts There are several different Blackjack Dealer Tips that can be used when playing at the casino or in online casinos. You should always take your time and learn how to play the game properly.

Blackjack Dealer Tips - How To Win And Play For Huge Payouts There are several different Blackjack Dealer Tips that can be used when playing at the casino or in online casinos. You should always take your time and learn how to play the game properly. submitted by MakhiCooke to FB688Pro [link] [comments]

Learn How To Play Blackjack For Free At Online Casino Searching for the top blackjack tips on the internet can be quite difficult. This is because, black jack is arguably one of the most popular games in the world, and there are many people who love to play it.

Learn How To Play Blackjack For Free At Online Casino Searching for the top blackjack tips on the internet can be quite difficult. This is because, black jack is arguably one of the most popular games in the world, and there are many people who love to play it. submitted by MakhiCooke to FB688Pro [link] [comments]

Stories from 12 years of Casino Industry

I was asked to make a post about some stories within the Casino grounds so I thought I'd share. I have many so I'll do my best to pick the better ones.
Some back information: I've been a Casino Dealer for 11 years, I've been a supervisor for five years, and I've been a Surveillance Operator for one year. I've worked at three properties, none of which are connected or owned by the same company. I've worked on : Government/Private/Native American owned casinos.
  1. From Hero to Zero.
At my first Casino, I was one of the first group of people who were trained to deal Roulette . After 4 weeks of working 6PM-3AM then doing roulette training from 3AM-8AM (Not paid) , I actually really enjoyed the game and after about six months I became extremely quick at the number game and the pace of the action was steady with very low margin of errors. Young man walks in, cashes in for $500. He buys in for $2 chips and just loads the board. After a few spins and pretty decent hits, he then changes his chips from $2 to 5$ then to $10 and racks his winnings up to $10,000. It was then, five spins in a row, he loaded the board with some pretty gross bets, and every spin I would hit the ONE number with either NO CHIPS on it, or maybe 1 chip , He lost all $10,000 in a matter of minutes. He leaves , and I go on break. After my break I was going back to the same table and wouldn't you know it, the same young man walks in and cashes in another $500. He tells me he just sold his car outside and this is all that he had left. So we do the same deal, buys in for $2 chips, then slowly starts betting $5 chips, $10, $25...and he makes $10,000 AGAIN. Within the next 25 minutes it was straight agony. Every spin, same thing, he would bet $2500 in chips, and win only $250, $400, and after about a half hour he lost it all . Never saw the guy again.
2) Man down
At this property, we are 24 hours for table games. It's currently 5AM , and I'm dealing some $25 Blackjack to this guy. He's probably early thirties , heavy guy. He's sober as can be, but right away I can tell he's been losing. We know how much you've bought in for, how much your down, or up, and I could see he was down $2000+. After about twenty minutes of pure losing, his temper starts to flare.At this point I now have two other guests at my table. Drinking coffee, not saying a word, just losing their money. After losing hand, after hand, this guy looks me straight in the eye, seized up, starts shaking, he can't move. He tries to punch towards me and smashes his stack of chips all over the place and falls backwards to the floor. I call for security, we cannot touch him due to liability . I can't move from my table because, well, liability / casino cash property, all I can do is try to talk to him. As I'm doing so, these other two woman who are sitting at my table just look at me and one says "OK, dealer, cmon lets go " as she taps the table telling me to start dealing and forget about the guy having a stroke on the floor. As security takes him to the ambulance out front, I had to stay behind for a couple minutes and give a statement. I go on break. I come back, and 45 minutes later, he comes right back in with a oxygen tank and keeps gambling for the remainder of the morning.
3) You get a dildo, and YOU get a dildo!
On a late summer Saturday night, we had a large event for these massive muscle guys/strongman competition type thing. After their show, I'm at the roulette table , and five of these boys come over to play. They were absolutely hilarious. They were feeling pretty good, cashed in somewhat large amounts and I could tell this was going to be a fun time. After about a hour of dealing to these guys, it's almost midnight, everybody is pretty hammered , I spin the ball, and all five of these guys take out these god damn (what I can only tell was) two feet purple dildos from inside their pants, and wiping them around in the air. The ladies were just loving it, one of the dildos landed in the roulette wheel and we had to shut the table down to re-calibrate the wheel to make sure nothing had been changed. I just remember that night was so much damn fun, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I would never forget it.
4) Full Moon
On this day, I was actually training dealers / supervising them on small games like Three Card poker. We opened the table at 10AM, and this older man came and sat down . He played all day. The jackpot was $21,000 and that was pretty high for this table. He played, and played and played. He's one of the players where you know he's wearing a diaper because he's been drinking coffee/pop all day and hasn't moved in eight hours. As the day went on, this man never moved from his chair. Getting closer to midnight, he was aggravated and said "I need to go have a smoke, I'm getting killed in here". He left, and the very next hand, the lady beside him was dealt the jackpot . He didn't say much, but you could just tell he just hated life at that very moment because had he not gotten up, it would of been his hand. The man calmly took his cane , his hat, jacket, coffee, and left. The next morning I found out when he did leave he drove his car straight through his bank and was arrested.
5) Slick Robber
I actually give props to people who can actually pull this off. This story may confuse you so I'll try and explain things as best as possible. A lot of casinos have machines as soon as you walk through the front doors. A man walks up to one of these machines and sticks in HIS $100 bill. He doesn't gamble it, instead he hits the cash out button and gets a $100 TITO ticket where he then takes the ticket to the ATM machine to get his $100. Now remember, his Original $100 is in the slot machine. He then takes the $100 from the ATM and goes back to the same machine, and repeats this process over a hundred times. Essentially he's taking money from the ATM, and loading up the Slot Machine . Now he knows he can't do it too much because if the slot machine gets full of money, the machine will shut down and the slow attendant will have to take all the cash out. So he deposits over $10,000 , then has a small crowbar, he cracks the machine open and makes a run out the front door. To my knowledge he was never caught . But damn, that was pretty smart .
6) Mental Health is a thing.
10PM man walks in to play some high limit BlackJack. This guy knows the game and played well. Dressed nice, drank juice/tea , a little bit of a attitude, cashed in over $10,000. When this man was half way down his buy in, he said something a long the lines of "If I don't win here tonight, I'm going to go set myself on fire." I wasn't sure if he was serious because when people are down, they tend to say a lot of nonsense. I actually left early that night, and from a third party was told he did exactly that in the parking lot. The next day it was clear something terrible had gone wrong in the parking lot .
7) Nothing good happens after midnight
After a busy Saturday night, I was dealing a mix of games, and during this story I was in the middle of Blackjack. I had one young kid (probably 19) sitting in the middle, one older male probably in his later 40's sitting beside him on his right, and I had a really nice couple in their 20's sitting together at the other side. This young kid wasn't playing just sort of watching, and ever time the old man won he would give this young guy some of his winnings. The older man, was a wine drinker, and he had black between all of his teeth, I'll never forget. He's a little drunk but nothing terrible. As the night goes on, the older man goes and uses the washroom, at which point the couple asked the young guy "Oh was that your dad?" and the young guy says "Hah, no I wish!". The couple and I just looked at each other. This old guy, was in complete control over this kid. Absolutely disgusting. The night ends, and I find out the couple called a few of their friends, and they all waited outside by this old mans truck and beat the living hell out of him. 40 years old, sleeping with a 19 year old, completely brain washed . Very weird.
8) That one co-worker where you just wish they would quit.
One of our co-workers, nice guy but had a very big ego and we as employees just sorta left him alone. One day he had enough of the atmosphere and quit. Now usually when you quit, you cannot come back until you paperwork is finalized. How ever, HR was in that day, and he was given the paperwork the very next day. He came in, cashed in $1000, and made $50,000 in about a hour at the Baccarat table. My manager, was extremely annoyed, because now this guy is just mocking the casino and having the time of his life (Thanks for the big tip by the way :) ) and so he decides to call it quits. He wants to ban himself and he wants $50,000 in cash. The casino says Nope, we are going to give you a cheque. Now here's the thing, most business people will take the cheque, how ever you CANT CASH the cheque until the following monday because it's on that day where the funds are available. The casino on the other hand will cash their own check in anytime , because they want you to play. So this guy pretty much said go to hell I want my cash, and he called the police. Police show up, and management promptly gave him the cash.I though it was absolutely hilarious .

9) No good deed goes un punished
I was dealing Three Card Poker, and the jackpot was around $17,000. This old man (a regular) was sitting there all day grinding it out. Super nice guy, always a pleasure to deal to. Well, after hours of playing, he stands up and says "Hey john!, can you come here for a minute?" so his buddy John comes over. He says to John "I need to go take a piss real quick, can you play my card until I get back?" John agrees . John takes the chips and I stop him and explain he can't play his friends chips, he needs to cash in and play his own. And he does. Welp, second hand out and bam, doesn't he win it. The old man comes back and is so happy, he can't believe it. John, took his $17,000, didn't say a word to his "buddy" and walked away. I never felt so much hatred in all my life. Didn't give him a dollar, not a thank you, nothing. The old man sits back down again, the progressive resets to $2500, and he sat there grinding away again.
10) The Top Knot
I had this player , young guy, who was born into a fortune. One of his relatives passed away and left him a pretty big sizable amount of money, so he played poker every single day for the rest of his days. I will add, he IS a good player. I did not enjoy his company just because of the "Know-it-All" attitude, but he was good. We'll call him John. John is 5'10, and well build, with muscle. John also decided today was the day to show off his Top Knot. (google top knot if you're not sure what I mean) So he sits down, and he's absolutely KILLING the table. Every hand, after hand, after hand. And because he's in such a good mood, he's playing any two cards, calling any $500 bet, and he's just dominating. This one guy at the table decided he had enough. He got up, without saying a word and left. A moment later, he comes back in, walks behind John, and takes a pair of scissors , and cuts off his Top Knot. I for one couldn't believe it, dying laughing inside, and it just turned into one big brawl. That was a good day.
11) That one bad seed
One of my best friends who I haven't seen in YEARS ended up being part of the crew. Was kind of nice to catch up. We never really got along as we grew up because he has a very high picture of himself . He wanted that 10/10 woman. A mansion, and a new Corvette. So every month or so we would all go up to the other casino to play. I myself would bring no more than $500, but I couldn't understand how this guy (we'll call him Kyle) was spending THOUSANDS of dollars at the tables. So this wen on for a few months. Well, one day, as we're closing the casino, he and I are in the High Limit room and we're getting ready to close the tables. We are told to take the chips out, count them, put them back, sign this piece of paper and that's it. Well as the supervisor was locking the tray, the piece of paper fell to the floor, so she asked Kyle to grab the piece of paper. As he bends over, a great big $500 chip falls right out of his sock. Kyle was fired immediately , but it all made sense. They offered Kyle a deal where if he replaced all the stolen chips they would not make it public. Not sure how that turned out.
12) If I ever decide to write a book, this will be the last chapter: <3
After working at my first Casino for five years, I met a Indian woman who was visiting from another part of the country. During this time I was explaining a game to her, which honestly I don't think she even cared. She explained she was visiting and sight seeing , and that was that.Well, two years later I ended up moving to the other side of the country and transferred casinos, and low and behold she worked there as a Dealer. We got married , and it's been 5 years.
13) The Tip
One of our tables that we've had for a couple years had a progressive jackpot that had reached $100,000. The dealer at the table was sitting pretty lonely. Nobody really played the game because people knew it was extremely difficult to win the jackpot. My memory is a tad foggy, but you somehow needed to flop the royal flush. This young guy sits down and says to the dealer, we'll call him John. "John, if you pay me that jackpot, I will tip you $10,000" Well John started dealing, and about a half hour into his shift, he F*cking did it. He dealt him the royal. And you know something?This young lad, kept his word, and he made sure there was a audience, and he tipped exactly $10,000. That was a moment right there. That pay cheque was real nice. I think we all got about $500 more than usual. The moment that jackpot was awarded they got rid of the table because the money it was making was not near what the casino wanted. I'm sure there have been bigger tips at other casinos, but that was something special .
14) The Lawsuit
Now this story I'm going to have to beat around the bush a bit due to the nature of what happened. I can't won't answer any questions that you may have on this topic other than what I have to say because it had a lot of publicity . The waitresses at this casino had to wear very thin sexy clothes. Not borderline legal, but it was noticed. One day they called all the waitresses to come in and explained they were changing their outfit to something even more sexier. Now these new dresses were very very borderline legal . The staff said No way. We're not wearing that.So , friday night comes, and the staff work their whole shift, then at the end of their shift were called into a meeting and were all fired. Welp, one of those ladies father was a pretty big time lawyer. Brough the casino to court and won. They won big. Good for them. We had no waitresses for a couple days haha.
Thanks for reading along, I have many more I can add as the day goes on, those were just some off the top of my head. Feel free to ask any questions of the Casino industry. I don't really have many stories about the surveillance department because that's the one area where I can't really say a whole lot due to its privacy and contracts I was and still am under.
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I work at a crooked casino. You don't gamble with money here.

Hi, everybody. My name is Sid, and I’m an addict.
It took me a long time to accept that. But when you take a job in a casino just so that you can be there all the time and try to gain an edge, you’re an addict. It’s obvious even to me. More so to my family and friends, who I barely see anymore.
It’s not pills or coke, booze or heroin that I’m hooked on. I’m addicted to gambling.
The casino that made me so obsessed is not an ordinary one, though. It’s far from ordinary.
You don’t play for money at Fantasy Casino. You play for your dreams.
I hear you laughing.
But have you ever had a really, really great dream? One that got so good you snapped awake the second it started to get really excellent?
Well, imagine that times a thousand. Times a million.
A dream so real and so perfect that all of your fantasies become reality. Time stretches out. You feel like you are there forever. A lifetime passes before your return.
Infinite wealth, the ability to fly like superman, you’re surrounded by sex and beautiful people all day as you relax in a palace built to your mind’s most exacting specifications of perfection.
But then you wake up, and in an instant it is gone.
The power, the wealth, the endless sex and supernatural powers.
Everything is suddenly NORMAL again.
And so you go back to the casino.
I went back to the casino.
But the problem with gambling is that you don’t always win. And when you lose, suddenly the winnings are gone as well, vanished without a trace. All I knew was that I had to have that feeling again.
So I went inside the giant building and then followed the secret signs which led to a door that led to a staircase going downwards.
I went down the stairs and knocked on the door marked “Private” and waited for an answer.
The voice on the other side of the black door waited for my response.
“Seramth Gin.” I said the unnatural words carefully and deliberately, still not knowing their meaning.
A friend had told me the password, a fellow gambler who I would later find dead in his apartment. His corpse white, bloated, and maggot-infested.
His eyes were black and filled with blood which streamed from his eye sockets like tears. He had bit his tongue clean off and his fingernails were found lodged in various surfaces throughout his apartment. Like he had been trying to claw his way out of a steel box that only he could see.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. That was later. At this point I was still hopeful for another wonderful dream. Still thankful for his advice to seek out the place.
The door opened and I walked inside. It was the same as it had been the day before, only less busy at this time – still early afternoon.
I approached the table I had been sitting at the night before.
Poker – Texas Hold ‘em: Ten dream limit – the sign read.
The rules were simple. You got a stack of chips. If you doubled them, you received a dream. If you lost them, you lost a dream.
I wasn’t concerned about losing dreams yet, I still didn’t understand exactly what that meant.
When I lost my first stack of chips, I quickly bought in again. And again. And again.
Pretty soon I realized I had lost eight dreams with no winnings whatsoever. I was in a slump. A losing streak.
I decided to go home and count my losses. Literally, since I had no idea what that even meant.
As I got up to leave the table, the dealer looked at me. His eyes were remorseless and cold.
“See the cashier on your way out,” he said, handing me eight black chips.
I gulped and walked over to the glass window where the cashier sat waiting. Handing him the eight chips, he raised his eyebrows and clicked his tongue.
“That’s a shame. Hold out your hand please.”
Two men in black suits came up behind me suddenly and stood on either side of me, intimidating in their stature and demeanour.
I did as he asked and held out my hand with the palm facing up.
The cashier pulled out a strange-looking device from beneath the counter. It had a vial of vermillion-coloured liquid at the top that was attached to the rest of it which resembled a gun with a hypodermic needle at the end.
I screamed and tried to pull away, but the two men grabbed me and held my arm through the window. Thrashing and elbowing them, I tried to get away but it was useless.
The cashier injected the stuff into my veins quickly and it felt cold and slimy going through my system. I could feel it suddenly in my heart, turning it cold and then up into my mind and my lungs and all extremities causing me to shake and violently seize. I writhed on the floor, blood pouring from my ears and my eyes.
Finally the feeling settled down into a numbness that prickled the insides of my blood vessels. It wasn’t until later, once I realized what the casino really was, that I found out what they had done.
I went home with the certainty that they had injected me with something. If winning had resulted in the greatest dream I had ever had – essentially an almost never-ending fantasy – what would happen after a loss?
Nightmares. That was what it would be. I was sure of it.
I settled into bed that night and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep quickly after such an emotionally exhausting afternoon.
As soon as my eyes closed, they opened again and it was morning.
It felt as if I had not slept at all. My mind was fuzzy and it was difficult to focus. My eyes wanted to close again but my alarm was telling me that it was time to get up for work, so I hit the “dismiss” button and hopped in the shower.
I threw on my clothes and went out the door. At work I noticed a few people looking at me strangely, but I didn’t realize until someone pointed it out to me that my shirt was on inside-out. At this point I was still working in an office doing commodities trading and such lapses were frowned upon.
If you couldn’t focus enough to put your shirt on properly in the morning, how could you focus enough to get the work done in such a demanding environment? Millions of dollars changing hands with each transaction meant that such trivial things were put under a magnifying glass and coupled with other subsequent mistakes each following day after that, I found myself in the boss’s office by the end of the week being handed my walking papers.
Desperate for rest after days of not feeling any benefit from sleep, I went back to the casino.
They knew just by looking at me how to dig their claws in further. After a couple hours I had managed to win myself a dream.
They handed me the complimentary cocktail as they had the time before. I hadn’t realized the significance of it and still didn’t, despite the unusual vermillion colour of the drink. I swallowed it in one gulp and went out the door practically dancing and clicking my heels, ready to go home and feel rested again.
My dream that night was wonderful. Everything I had hoped for in many ways.
But not as good as the first time. I wanted that feeling back again.
Knowing that it was a dream the whole time and realizing that it was going to end seemed to shorten the fantasy, made it seem hollow and manufactured.
If I could win again maybe it would be like that first time, I thought.
The casino drew me in again and again. I found myself a zombie most days, exhausted, at my wit’s end. Ready to call it quits for good and say goodbye.
But then I would win again and it would all seem to be alright for a while.
My debt kept growing and growing with nearly every trip. The hypodermic needle would be plunged into my skin and every time they had to hold me down. Every time I would feel a little more empty. A little more hollow.
Waking up every day began to feel the same. Nothing had definition or purpose.
“You’re here all the time,” one of the goons whispered to me as they shot the needle into my vein the time after that. “Haven’t you figured it out yet? You should just get a job here and then at least you’ll be in on the secret.”
I applied the next day and got an interview with the boss. I would find out later that if you got someone to apply there you got a one dream bonus.
In his office, the well-dressed man was sitting behind a massive polished ebony desk. The room was adorned with paintings, sculptures, and other high-priced artwork. He had photos everywhere of himself shaking hands with world leaders, new and old, for hundreds of years.
His face never changed. Never aged.
“So, you want to work with us? Tired of dreamless nights without end? You want to have some relief, is that it?”
“Yes. Please. Anything. I’ve been coming here for so long and it’s an endless cycle. I want back what I’ve lost but I keep finding myself more and more in debt with each visit.”
“Ah, so do you understand it now, then? What the ‘injections’ are?”
It finally dawned on me, sitting there. Not injections at all. They weren’t putting something in us. They were taking something out. The vermillion-coloured liquid in the vials – our dreams.
“If I take a job with you, will the same rules apply? Will they still take my sleep, my rest, every time I lose?”
“Yes. We can’t have the employees living by different rules than everyone else. But we will give you an alternative injection, so that you feel well-rested when you come in for your shift.”
“I’ll do it. I need to rest. I need to get some meaningful sleep. My life has been miserable ever since coming here.”
“Well, I can’t promise that this will help,” he said, getting up from his desk with a hypodermic gun in his hand. The vial of fluid sitting atop this one was jet-black and looked evil and poisonous. He rolled up his sleeves as he primed it and I watched a few beads of it drip oil-like out of the tip of the needle.
“What the hell is that!? I don’t want that stuff in me!”
“But you need to sleep, my dear worker. I can’t have you passing out at the blackjack table like a narcoleptic! You agreed to this, after all. You wanted to rest, and the only way for that to happen is for you to have SOME sort of dream. Not everyone is as lucky as you, you know. To have that wonderful vermillion fluid in your veins. Some people come to us begging to take it from them. Some of our employees for example, the ones who do the recruitment for us, are full of this black stuff.”
“What?” I had gotten up from the chair and was backing away from him towards the door. But I found it was locked as he approached.
“First you have to tell me the password, Sid.”
“Seramth Gin.” I said the words that I had said every time to gain access to the casino, only this time I pictured the letters and rearranged them in my mind.
He smiled as he injected me with the vial of black hate, and it went into my veins feeling hot and unpleasant. I began to sweat and the beads of it turned cold on my skin as I shivered.
I’ll sleep tonight. I might even wake up feeling rested. But as long as I live and work at that casino, I’ll be afraid to dream again. Because now my unconscious hours are occupied by the most terrifying experiences imaginable. Nightmares beyond imagining in their awfulness. That is my fate.
Unless… Just maybe, I can win one more time.
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How to create a project "blueprint"?

Hello Everyone!
I am currently a Computer Science student with a basic but a pretty solid programming knowledge. However, one of the biggest downfalls of going to school for Computer Science is the lack of knowing how to properly plan and manage a project. Essentially, I am given an assignment to do, and I do it. It requires minimal planning and writing down ideas.
Now I am at a point where I want to tackle a personal project. I already know there will be actual programming knowledge that I don't currently know that I need to research, but that really isn't much of a concern. What is concerning is that I have no idea how you are suppose to lay out your ideas and a blueprint so to speak since it all seems so overwhelming. Is there a standard way this is done across the industry? If there is, how do I go about learning that method? If there is no standard way, do you have any suggestions of how I should plan out my project?
I will list my project idea below if it helps, including what I want it to be starting out and what I want it to evolve into as I learn more complex programming.

Project Idea

Essentially, I want to create an AIO casino program that will consist of the following games to start with.
I am picking card games because I love the game logic behind them and the thoughtfulness that needs to go into making the games work.
For starters I want the following basic features.
Features I want in the future.
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Today I quit gambling. Any tips on withdrawal and duration?

Hello. I lost about 100k in the last 10 years gambling online.
On the one hand, I'm ashamed, disappointed, and regretful.
But on the other, I'm free from being enslaved by this behavior that isn't accepted societally, and can be argued by most to be a complete waste of time.
Right now my word doesn't mean anything; the amount of time it will take to repair my life at least one year, but the future is really bright without any intention or thought or planning to gamble ever again, not even in a real casino. From my point of view, since the purpose of gambling is supposed to be for 'fun,' and the reality of the behavior is you will lose everything you own, including your soul otherwise, there's no point. The thought of putting money you already have down on the outcome of a card flip is retarded to me, there's nothing fun or entertaining about it. I can get that same sensation playing an online multiplayer video game without being involved in a sketchy behavior that most people frown upon,
Last night I tipped a live dealer my entire balance, 1,000 because something disconnected in my brain's conduits while I was playing blackjack. The back and forth up and down winning and losing clearly exposed itself as a waste of time, and all I could think about was the time and money I wasted gambling. I would have a lot of money in my bank account right now, and probably be close to retiring from a career in 5-10 years if I never got involved with this behavior. Well, a lot more than money would be different in my life right now, best not to focus too much on the past and on the future and present now.
The behavior ruins lives, it gets people addicted, and quite frankly even if you were a billionaire and could sit there 24/7 playing, why would you bother? The time element is the biggest thing for me, I can earn that money back in a few years working. All that time and energy I spent 'trying to beat the game' could have been saved and used on something else. Even playing video games would have been a better use of time, because at least at the end win or lose I'm not filled with worry, self loathing, and all the emotions that lead to premature death and health problems.
I plan on studying, reading, watching movies, television, eating healthy, exercising, and playing video games to help my brain heal. It's not the loss of money, but the loss of time and accepting and admitting to myself that yes, I wasted ten years of my life. Yes, I wasted it gambling over the internet, like an autistic. It almost feels like I can't live with myself holding these memories, but instead I should use these disappointing and horrible memories as a foundation to do good things for myself and future.
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New addiction to online slots/blackjack/roulette? With Adderall?

Anybody having a problem with blowing all your money in the casino..but a main part of the reason is because you're "tweaking"?
I've had a problem taking Adderall for about a year now, and I found out the online casino by accident. But, I was the type where If I'm focused on the stock market, or my drums, video games, whatever it may be, I'll be FOCUSED.. well on this casino I can't get my mind out of this dark hole, where nothing matters but trying to get a big win on the casino again, or get that stack back.
Jesus, I was up $1400, from a $100 deposit, and blew it all today. I'm sick, and scared because I want to stop but I even dream about blackjack and I even have a hard time falling asleep, as I'm playing "blackjack" in my head while trying to sleep.
My Adderall addiction is making this TERRIBLE. I feel like this is honestly the reason why I can't "stop" or get my mind out of this dark hole.

Can anybody relate / give tips and/or ideas ???

I'm 27 years old
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Solo q and Plat

I've been playing in plat for weeks now as a solo q and before anyone wants to make the "yeah blame the team and not yourself" line Imma just start out with how I play, I'm not tenz himself I'm not going to lie like the rest of these types of posts say I drop 20 bombs every game and No I don't have radiant levels of mindset and I need cloud 9 to sign me right now. But even with me trying to improve as an omen player my aim and movement play etc. solo q plat seems worse than playing blackjack at a casino that's not even trying to hide that there fucking you over, I either get players that I don't understand how they got to plat in my games and when I try and respectful tell them what they should have done or given them a tip they show off their big ego or just be toxic the whole game blaming the round on the team when they rushed down C long and we were saying play default.then there's tenz himself ready to put his arm up my ass and drop a 30 bomb and not miss a shot and instead of trying to help set up trades my team mates give him 1v1s (which I'm guilty of at times) but its almost so rare to even get a game where people are still toxic but you make it work my games in plat as a solo q player have been those two outcomes no lucky middle spot or not even the middle spot but something we can work up as a whole bunch of randoms. I've just been bouncing around plat a lot and running into this I just wondered to know if any other solo q players went through this or are going through this in plat.
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Spent 80 dollars for my whole family to bowl for 3 hours , arcade and food and that would of been 1 second on a slot machine

So today I took my bf and my son out to bowl . 3 games with shoes was 25 dollars , about 15 dollars for an arcade card that had 200 credits which entertain my toddler for 45 mins . Another 40 dollars on food which included cheese burger and fries combo , a big large pizza , and 12 teriyaki wings . On top of that my toddler played both me and my bf games for 50 bowls ! And out of that 40 dollars I left a tip for 8 dollars for a 32 dollar food bill . So everybody was happy ! 3 hours of family fun to compare it to 1 second of a spin on a slot or 1 hand of blackjack ! Just to show that money can buy you so much when you are not literally wasting it at a casino or any forms of gambling .
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Blackjack Tips for Beginners

A lot of blackjack tips pages don’t account for the skill level of the reader. You’ll find people suggesting that you learn to count cards or that you practice shuffle tracking.
Such advice is fine, for the most part, but it’s not suitable for most blackjack beginners.
This post consists of my seven best blackjack tips for beginners. To become a better blackjack player, keep reading below and start applying the following strategies and tips.

Master Basic Strategy

Honestly, if you ignored all the other tips on this list and just mastered basic strategy, you’d be way ahead of most other blackjack players.
What’s basic strategy? Well, it’s the mathematically optimal play in every blackjack situation.
You have the following information during each blackjack hand:

  1. You know what total you have.
  2. You know one of the dealer’s two cards.
A basic strategy table compares your total with the dealer’s face-up card to give you the mathematically best play.
In some situations, the mathematically correct decision is the one that loses the least amount of money over time. In others, the mathematically correct decision is the one that wins the most money over time.

Never Take Insurance

The only time that taking insurance is mathematically correct is if you’re counting cards. Since this is a list of blackjack tips for the beginner, that doesn’t apply to you.
Insurance is a side bet that the dealer has a 10 in the hole. It pays off at 2:1. The casino calls it “Sa Gaming,” but the truth is, the house has a high edge on the insurance bet.
Let’s assume you’re playing in a single-deck game, and the dealer has an ace showing. You have two cards, too, and neither of them is a 10. This means you have 49 cards that aren’t accounted for in the deck. Of those, 16 of them are worth 10—all the jacks, queens, kings, and 10s.
So, you have 33 ways to lose the insurance bet compared to 16 ways to win. The bet pays off at 2:1, which is the same as 32:16. That’s one extra way that the casino has to win means that the casino has an edge, but how much of an edge?
Let’s say you bet $100 on insurance 49 times. You’d win $200 on 16 of those bets, for total winnings of $3,200. But you’d also lose $100 on 33 of those bets, for total losses of $,3300.
That’s a net loss of $100 on 49 bets, or an average loss of $2.04 per hand. This means the house edge for the insurance bet is at least 2.04%. And that edge goes up if you have a card worth 10 in your hand, because you have more ways to lose.
It’s crazy to make a bet with a house edge of 2% in a game where the house edge is only 0.5%. Insurance is a sucker bet. Just don’t take it.
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Blackjack Chip Exploit (Easy and effective but a bit slow)

OR POKER (Switch games through penthouse management in the interaction menu)
This has been there for the longest time but it's a good way to make some extra cash for those who don't know about it. It works not only for blackjack but other card games, I prefer blackjack because I have had the highest success rate in my tests with other games. Works for PS4... not sure about PC and Xbox.Video
Requirements: $50K to buy chips and a penthouse(Optional but is a good way to spend the Apt money)
  1. Change your spawn location to last location and change an outfit to save the game.
  2. If you don't have chips, buy them through the phone in your penthouse or the cashier in the casino.
  3. Head over to the blackjack table in your penthouse or in the casino if you don't have a penthouse.
  4. Play Blackjack (Basically the player closest to 21 between you and the dealer wins. If you're close to 21 just Hold since you have a high chance of winning and if you're far from 21, Double Down which doubles the stake. I hope you win everytime:) )
  5. If you win, Quit playing blackjack and change an outfit to save the game then go back to playing.
  6. If you lose, Immediately disconnect the internet before it saves to retain the chips. Start an invite only session from story mode... should be faster
Timing closing the application tip: Close the game when the message 'You gave it your best. You lost'
If you're having problems saving you can buy a free elegy and save it in a full garage to keep on replacing the elegy each time. Also looking at your cards kinda increases your chance of winning not sure if it works for everyone.
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Gambling Tips for Online

To gamble is to risk but there are options to help cut back the risk.
Set your limit
First and foremost important is to remember, gambling is for fun! Do not gamble if you cannot afford to lose. Have a specific amount set aside for gambling and stick to it. Don't borrow money to gamble and don't ever go past your set limit.
Take Frequent breaks.
Don't attempt to play at a casino if you are under stress, depressed or troubled in any way. All distractions can cause you to lose your concentration and obviously result in losses you may not incur otherwise. Bright lights and loud noises are created to the casinos benefit. If you are gambling online, ensure that you are not going to be distracted and if you are, stop play until another time.
Slots Tips
Tip #1. Always play the max coin amount on progressive slots. It is best to play max regardless of whether the slot is progressive or not but how painful would it be to hit a jackpot on less than max bet?
Tip #2. Know the payout schedule before sitting down at a slot machine. Just like in poker, knowledge of the odds and payouts is crucial to developing a good strategy.
Tip #3. If you are not having luck at a particular machine, then move on to another one. Don't play it all night, hoping for it to finally pay off.
Tip #4. Always ensure your bet registers in the machine prior to pulling the bar or hitting spin, you will not be given the max coin winnings if the machine doesn't record a max coin bet being placed.
Tip #5. Never leave your machine until you are done playing. There is no worse feeling that someone taking the machine you were playing at because you went for a drink or to use the restroom. Make sure you take care of personal business prior to choosing your slot. There are waitresses for drinks.
Blackjack Tips
Tip #1 The most obvious is to ensure you know the rules of blackjack. It is always a good idea to have a strategy when you play blackjack. All winning systems are based on a basic strategy which consists of statistically speaking, there exists only one best action a player can take for each of the possible hands he can receive versus each possible upcard the dealer may have.
Tip #2 Learn about the house rules of each casino, the better the house rules, the more money you can expect to win in the long run. And yes, house rules do vary between casinos.
Tip #3 Learn the proper way to use your bankroll. There are statistically proven methods to keep control of your balance and the amount of bet you should place based on your total bankroll.
Tip #4Never drink alcohol when you are playing and always leave the game once you start to feel fatigued. You may start to make mistakes that you won't even notice.
Poker Tips
Tip #1 The best tip for poker playing is to read up on the game play, the variants of the game and ensure you know the rules of the game.
Tip #2 When you first start, it is a good idea to sit out and watch the other players prior to starting your game. Watch how they bet and how much they bet.
Tip #3 As you advance as a player, learn how to bluff. You must know the game well and bluff only when you feel secure that the other players will not call your bluff.
Tip #4 It is also a good idea to try to play against less skillfull opponents. Obviously, you will have a better chance at the game if you have more knowledge and experience.
Tip #5 Most important is what many of us have heard before, "Know when to hold 'em and when to fold "em". Mistakes are made quite often in poker when players want to stick it out with hands that have no value. That is a guaranteed loss. And stick with the no alcohol while playing rule.
Video Poker Tips
Tip #1 Just as with poker, you must know the game of video poker. There is a wide variant of video poker games, with each having a different set of winning card combinations. It is a good idea to pay attention to whether or not a machine uses one 52-deck of cards or more than one. The more cards there are, the less likely the player will win.
Tip #2 There is no such thing as a loose or tight video poker machine. They do not operate on reels like a slot machine, each card has an equal chance of showing up on any hand.
Tip #3 Always play the maximum number of credits allowed on progressive video poker, if you hit a royal flush, you will want that jackpot.
Tip #4 Until you are a master player, play at the lowest coin denomination amount possible. This will give you more cash to play on and learn as you go.
Tip #5 It can be very helpful to play a handheld video poker game (like you can get at any store with board games), this will also give you experience and a good knowledge of how the games will play.

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I have been teaching all the new dealers at my casino, from a players perspective what is considered a " Good" Dealer?

I have been dealing about 3 years now, I deal multiple games Craps, Roulette , Blackjack, Pai Gow, 3card, & Ultimate Texas. Not to toot my own horn but I have superior customer service. I always introduce myself ask about the players day, remind them to stay up on normal bets , teach them patiently on whatever game im dealing. I try to give good energy to whoever buys in at my table. The reason I am asking this question is our casino is super laid back and fun. I want to train the break ins in a way thats going to make players feel welcome and more willing to Tip us. Unlike alot of Jaded dealers I understand the Casino does not pay our bills, THE PLAYERS DO! Did you ever have a dealer you liked more than others ? If so why? Is thier certian traits in a dealer you look for when you go and play table games? If so what are those traits? Any information is appreciated. Also if you have any questions about dealers or how the house side of things work! Feel free to ask I don't Bullshit
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My problem gambling story from mid 20's dude

Thought I'd share my story on a throwaway account.
I'm a dude in his mid 20's. I got addicted to gambling at some point and started going there more and more often. During the worst of it, I went 3-4 times a week and stayed for hours on end. My most terrible memory is me playing 6 hands of Blackjack (going black every time) and missing. After blowing $2k, I go to the ATM and withdraw another $2k for another big final hand and put that on black too. It was red again (7th time in a row). The dealer then did an extra spin with no one betting and it landed on black finally. I still remember how shit I felt that night leaving my friends, going home, crying myself to sleep and feeling depressed for the next month.
Overall, I must have lost $15-25k total as my regular sessions I took in $400 - $1200, usually leaving with none. I actually vaguely recall only a few winning sessions (my biggest winning session was $650). My last session live session was 8 months ago (2 blackjack hands at $100 each and lost). My last online session was 6 months ago.
COVID has helped me avoid the casino since and I have decided to never go back again after doing some financial analysis of my spending and realising the casino is how my salary is getting crushed. In reality, I will still gamble but with very sensible risk.
Some things that have helped me:
  1. Avoid friends who like to go to the casino or tell them you will never go again. The easiest way I was dragged back in is when someone convinces me to go.
  2. Have the mentality that you are spending 100% of the amount you enter the casino with. You aren't gambling or making money. You are spending on entertainment at a high price! Seriously this tip helps a lot, whenever I consider gambling somewhere I say wait this is a scam why would I do it. Consider cocaine and hookers instead, probably more fun and cheaper.
  3. Associate the casino with a scam, this helps a lot. Keep repeating how its a scam, all machines are rigged and only an idiot would get scammed like this. While this may not be true in the long run you'll lose all your money so it is a scam.
  4. Find cheaper ways to enjoy the thrill. I still like gambling but gambling $50 on a sports game every 4 months is different than spending $1k on slots 3 times a week. Over the last 8 months, I spend $50 on an online poker casino and bet $20 on the US election. Overall a small amount relative to my salary which I can afford to lose. Win or lose here doesn't matter but its a bit of fun to be had.
Anyway, I rambled on a lot there and still disappointed in myself that I gambled so much money away. Thankfully it didn't ruin my life and if I now am responsible and gamble only a $50 here and there for fun and thrills it won't matter if I lose or win and I can live happy the rest of my life.
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Eskimo Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Eskimo Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Eskimo Casino Gratis Spins and Free Bonus
Join Eskimo Casino and receive 110 free spins and a 100% welcome bonus. This includes 10 gratis spins a no deposit bonus! Sign up now and play for free! This is the best online casino for players in the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg and Andorra!
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<
Eskimo Casino Review
Eskimo Casino features a tropical theme, which couldn’t be further from the ‘cool’ name it bears. Owned and operated by Lux Entertainment Limited, Eskimo Casino is the first and only gambling product owned by the company. Eskimo Casino is a new casino, having only launched in 2018, which means it has an uphill task of competing with long-established casinos with a worthy fan-base. However, this Maltese registered company have designed a casino with the player in mind; from easy navigation to an instant play feature. Whatever you love to place a bet on, you will find it here. The casino is accessible across all devices and again, no apps required to play on mobile or tablet devices. Customers can enjoy the casino in the English language only. Promotions-wise, there is the generous welcome offer and that’s it!
Let’s find out more in this Eskimo Casino review!
Design & Features
The design and layout of Eskimo Casino are very unique, what with an uncluttered welcome page waiting to greet you. The latest promotions will be featured to the top of the page and beneath this, is where you will find the games lobby. There is no menu or links to other sections such as promotions because there are none! The colour scheme is blue, to give a feel of an ice cool environment, but the games will soon warm you up. Head to the lower of the page and you will find a handful of links which include terms and conditions, bonuses, payment and contact.

What makes Eskimo Casino one of the best EU online casinos?

The Eskimo on the front page of this casino site is a cute cartoon girl.
We have no idea why this casino site is themed this way, other than almost all the other possible themes for casino sites are gone!
Whether or not you like this cute and approachable look there’s much more to a good casino site than just the front page illustration.
And we think that Eskimo Casino is one of the best EU online casinos and one that you should consider playing at.
This is why we think that.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Eskimo Casino is licensed, legal and safe

Eskimo Casino is fairly new, with a birthday in 2018, but it’s got a parent company that is slightly older than that in the shape of Lux Entertainment Ltd.
They have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the most demanding authorities in the world.
They have a lot more safety and security measures in place too, including auditing and extra online security from Go Daddy, and great links to gambling safety organizations.

Eskimo Casino has the World’s Best Slots

Great titles from great providers are what most players are looking for first. So, after you’ve checked the licensing (as we insist you do), you’re going to browse their games.
There you’ll find some big-name titles like Book of Lords, Finn’s Golden Tavern, Flower Fortunes, Conan, Deco Diamonds, and Jackpot 6000.
These titles show the breadth of games on offer, taking in character games, classic retro games, and novelty titles.
It’s a great selection.

Eskimo Casino has great Live Casino Games

There are really two top quality live casino providers at the moment. They are NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.
At Eskimo Casino, you’ll find the selection from NetEnt live.
This means superb games delivered live and streaming with excellent dealers and croupiers.
The games include all your favourites, like roulette and blackjack, but also a load of variants on those titles and slightly less common games too.

Eskimo Casino Takes Great Payment Methods

To play any of those games you’ll need to have money in your account. And Eskimo allow you to cash up your account via all the industry’s current favourite payment methods.
You can use your Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as their online wallets. But also e-wallets like the industry’s faves, Neteller and Skrill as well as Paysafecard, Trustly, and more.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Eskimo Casino has 24/7 Help

Help is the last resort for casino players. You don’t want to use it, but it needs to be there. Eskimo go a long way to reassuring you before you call them, and have a good FAQ page and a lot of information around the site.
Help is there though from a customer support team who are available around the clock whenever you fancy playing at Eskimo Casino.
Whether you’re playing video slots, slots, table games or live casino games, you can always find help at Eskimo Casino, one of the coolest sites we’ve ever seen.

Eskimo Casino Games

Amatic, Microgaming and NetEnt are the force behind the games here at Eskimo Casino. That means not as much choice as leading casinos, yet, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.
The layout of the games lobby is simple and places all the games into the following categories:
  • Popular: Here you will find the games that are played more often than others. Titles will change on a regular basis, so keep checking to see if your favourite games are listed.
  • Video slots: This list is an extensive one, offering games from adventure to sports! Avalon, Alaskan Fishing, Aloha! Cluster Pays, Ariana, Blood Suckers II, Brides Maids, Break Da Bank Again, and Burning Desire are just a few to mention.
  • Slots: In this section of the lobby you will find classic slots, those that feature bars and bells and nostalgic gameplay. Players can choose to play the classic slots with nothing but base game wins, or more modern creations with multipliers and may be even bonuses thrown in for good measure. Cash Splash, Fire & Ice, Hot Scatter, Hot Star, Jackpot 6000 and All Ways Joker are among the 30-odd titles featured.
  • Live casino: Place your bets in an atmosphere that resembles a real-life casino, when you sit at the virtual tables at Eskimo Casino. Common Draw Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Live Mobile Roulette High Roller, Live Roulette, VIP Live Blackjack, and VIP Live Roulette are the tables being beamed directly from NetEnt studios.
  • Table games: There are almost 40 different table games to choose from in this category of the games lobby. Red Dog Progressive, Punto Banco, French Roulette, Pontoon Pro – High Limit, and Caribbean Stud Poker are just a few of the more popular games being played.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Eskimo Casino welcome bonus and other promos

New customers at Eskimo Casino are welcomed with 10 free spins with no deposit required when they sign up and add a payment method. Don’t worry, nothing will be taken from your bank account unless you wish to take advantage of the welcome offer.
Once you’ve played through your freebies, you can claim a 100% casino bonus up to €100. So if you were to deposit €100, you would have a total of €200 to play with. Not only that, but an additional 100 free spins will be credited to your account and you can use them on the following slots:
  • Finn and the Swirly Spin;
  • Wild Wild West;
  • Shangri-La;
  • Aloha! Cluster Pays;
  • Joker Pro.
All bonuses (so that’s just the welcome offer and the free spins), will be subjected to a 35x wagering requirement. This means that if you were to take advantage of the full welcome offer, not only would you would need to play through any winnings accrued from the free spins, a total of 35x – but a €200 welcome bonus means an eye-watering €7000 turn over requirement before you can request a withdrawal.

Treated like a VIP?

Unfortunately, you will find no loyalty scheme no VIP program on offer at Eskimo Casino. We hope to see these added at a later date.

Banking Options

Deposit options
Funding your casino account can be done through a handful of deposit methods; Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PaysafeCard and Bank Transfer. The cashier lists useful information and pre-set value buttons, to make the depositing process an easy one. Follow the on-screen instructions and within a few minutes, you will have funds in your account.
  • Currencies accepted are: Euros.
Withdrawals at Eskimo Casino
There’s limited information on the withdrawal process, but Eskimo Casino claim to be able to sort withdrawals within a 24 hour period. Typically, all major credit and debit cards can take up to 3 working days to process. So, if Eskimo Casino can do this in under one day – then that’s fast!
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Safe and trusted

‘We pride ourselves at Eskimo Casino on being able to provide our customers with only the coolest, highest-quality games and our table games, including blackjack and roulette, are just the tip of the iceberg! We also offer players the opportunity to enjoy slots, video slots, live casino games and jackpot games – so there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell we won’t have something to suit your gaming needs! Here at Eskimo Casino, we won’t make your blood run cold. Our RNG (Random Number Generator) games are all fully-licensed and certified and therefore our customers can rest assured that the outcomes of these games are purely random and cannot be influenced in any way.
What’s more, Eskimo Casino offers live dealer games for those customers who come to us seeking the ‘real casino’ vibe. You don’t even have to worry about getting cold feet on your way to the casino! These live dealer games are broadcast to you from state-of-the-art live casino studios so you can feel as if you’re stepping right into the glitz and glamour of a real casino without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!’
Eskimo Casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), this means that the casino operates in full compliance with the rules and regulations set by the MGA.

What’s the verdict of Eskimo Casino?

Can we start with Eskimo Casino’s claim to be the ‘friendliest bonus system online’; ‘Every online casino has its own bonus system but why would you settle for something lukewarm when you could join Eskimo Casino and enjoy the coolest and friendliest bonus system of them all. Here at Eskimo Casino, your bonuses are kept available in a separate wallet. As an Eskimo Casino customer, you will always play your own cash first and if and when your cash funds are lost, you will then be able to continue playing with your bonus funds.
The advantage of this is that Eskimo Casino customers and players are never bonded to our bonus terms whilst playing with their own cash funds. If one of our customers wins big with their own cash funds, they are always then able to cancel their bonus funds and continue playing in our live online casino, or withdraw their profits.’
Now, anyone who has ever played at an online casino knows that cash is spent before bonuses, so I’m not sure how this is even considered as friendly!
There is a decent selection of games to choose from and some life-changing cash up for grabs, but the lack of bonuses and loyalty scheme are noticeable. You can tell that the company who owns Eskimo Casino don’t have much experience in the online gambling industry because they are doing nothing to keep players coming back for more. It’s all very well and good offering a generous welcome bonus, but once claimed, what do customers have to look forward to? That being said, the 5x wagering terms are hefty and I’m not sure how anyone could cash out from that.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<
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Achievement Tip Masterpost

Complete a Life Complete a full life
All you have to do for this one is die. You probably have it by now, but if you're super attached to your first Bitizen, you can always save your Bitlife and play somebody else wastefully or hold out until they pass.
Octogenarian See your 80th birthday Nonagenarian 90th birthday Centenarian 100th birthday Super-centarian 110th birthday Mega-centarian 120th birthday
Get on a healthy diet and garden and meditate twice a year. I like Nutrisystem. It's expensive, but I have advice for managing that below...
Strong Genes Achieve a 500-year generation Long Lineage 1000-year generation Living Legacy 5000-year generation
Never don't have kids. I like leaving everything to the youngest child and playing as them, but that won't make your kids happy with you or your heir. Your call. Either way, it helps to have a couple Bitlifes going in case you get tired of living carefully. Sometimes you're gonna want to be more reckless, you know?
Millionaire Become a millionaire My Second Million Achieve a net worth of $2m
Now that we have Royalty and Sports, this is a lot easier. Traditionally, if you're hot (95%+), drop out of high school and get your GED ($1k, you can do that in a couple years of dog walking/freelance gigs) and wait for a singer or actor career. If not, work hard in school and go to the gym often. Check your parents' stats and if they're generous make sure you pass your drivers test (maybe even ask if you can get a nicer one! immediately sell your car, they lose value fast) and take a martial art. It's much cheaper if they pay for it ($1K per tier in some countries) and gets you in good shape. If you're athletic, grind at a sport from middle school onwards. If you're not, try some athletic-adjacent clubs and go to the gym and for walks often. Pets count as additional walks which you can take from age 8+. When you're in good shape you can get a soccer scholarship (which can become a/)or a professional sports contract. More sports tips below, same with other careers. Basically try to get famous, not through politics. Or be hot and marry rich/have rich parents who die/be royal.
Multimillionaire Achieve a net worth of $10m Rich Net worth of $20m Super Rich Net worth of $50m Stinking Rich Net worth of $100m
Get a couple million first, then invest it in real estate. Or do ads if you're famous and it won't ruin your career. Helps to be big on social media for influence on that stuff. Fix up 1M+ houses and flip them when they've hit a value of 2 or 3 million. If you've got great karma or you're a religious figure of some kind, exorcise some mansions. You can do it all that way, or keep grinding careers.
Bitionaire Achieve a net worth of $1b
It's hard to get here from 0. Helps to leave everything to your youngest kid before you die after living a long, fruitful life. You can let your kid "take over" your assets at any time without tax now, that's the best way to do it. Then as soon as they're 18 make them famous/invest in real estate and repeat.
Actor Become an actor
Be hot. You can drop out at 16 and get your GED for $1k (ask your parents for money or do freelance gigs for a couple of years). If you're not, go to the gym and for walks often. Pets count as additional walks which you can take from age 8+. Grind at a sport in school if you can to keep your health well and get plastic surgery at 18. Generally if your appearance stats are low it's either a nose job or liposuction that will fix it. Always go to the best plastic surgeon. Marry rich if you have to or work for a couple years if you have to, but start the career as soon as you can. Always work 5 more hours a week than required and compliment your supervisor if their coolness is high. Sleep with people in Hollywood (bosses coworkers etc). Your spouse/parent will generally be mad if you're in rude magazines, so hold off on dating unless they're cool or make them deal with it.
Airplane Pilot Become an airline captain
Grind in school and keep your mental health well. No drugs but drink if you feel like it, just make sure you can go to AA or whatever. Always work 5 more hours a week than required and compliment your supervisor if their coolness is high. If you're rich and you've inherited an airplane or you can afford lessons, take them. Go to University for a science thing that isn't biology lol. Start your Pilot Apprentice job.
At Inner Peace Work 75 years as a monk
Follow my longevity tips above and don't party or drink or do drugs. Always be honest. Meditate. Don't date.
Candywriter Work for Bitlife
Be born in Tampa, United States. Go to university for Information Systems. You'll get the achievement right away when you're hired.
CEO Become a CEO
Go to school for Finance. Get a job. Work hard every year.
Dentist Become a dentist
Go to university for biology, then dental school. Work hard every year.
Doctor Become a doctor
Go to university for biology, then medical school. Work hard every year.
Fire Chief Become a fire chief
Stay in good shape. Work hard every year.
Jack Of All Trades Have 10 careers in one life
Work at retail and food service jobs for less than a year, then go to university to get even more opportunities. Keep going for different paths.
Judge Become a judge Lawyer Become a lawyer
Go to school for english. Go to law school. Work hard every year.
Last Resort Seduce your boss to save your job
Be hot. Work fewer hours than required at your job. Make sure your supervisor is attracted to your gender and low professionalism. When your boss tries to fire you, seduce them.
People Person
Start with your less popular coworkers and work your way up. Pay attention to their stats so you know what they want. Get hard-to-get people with Bitlife Bitizenships ($5).
Armed & Dangerous Kill someone with a learned martial art move
Get to the top level of a martial art, (especially in prison) pick someone old to attack. Start a fight with them.
Midieval Attack Get attacked with a midieval weapon
Kinda chance. Just keep picking fights. You can get into a lot of fights if you're rude at nightclubs or to people on the street. Sometimes if you attack your loved ones or enemies with a weapon they'll kill you with a sword or something.
No Grasshopper Earn the top belt in a martial art
Each martial art has 10 tiers. They can cost $1k+ if you're an adult so if you've got generous parents take advantage.
Sensei San Earn the top belt in every martial art
Have health above 50% when you take a martial arts lesson. Follow above tips. Parents will probably only pay for one set of lessons, so pay for the other arts yourself as an adult. At $10k per martial art, it will probably cost you $40k-$50k.
Addicted Sustain 3 addictions at once
Play Blackjack or go to the horse races often with mid-tier mental health. Get addicted to pills or some other hard non-psychedelic drugs. Start drinking last b/c it'll kill your health. Try not to let your Bitizen get depressed or you might die, lol. All addiction is dangerous so it may take a few tries.
Bubonic Plague Contract the bubonic plague
Have low health and luck out. I got it in the UK.
Foam at the Mouth Contract rabies
Try to take home every wild animal you see. One might bite you. If you succeed, take it to the vet. If it doesn't have rabies, release it. If it does, don't treat it! Take it home and bathe it until it bites you.
Sickly Contract 10 diseases in one life
Best if you're not vaccinated, but just have mid-tier health and be really social. All afflictions count.
Successful Rehab Have rehab cured at a rehab center
Go to fancy rehab if you can afford it. Do it from your military deployment to go AWOL.
Witchcraft Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor
Eye of newt and cow tongue are iffy. Always start with health at 100. They've fixed cancer and sickle cell for me.
BitBoi Watch Bijuu Mike on YouTube BTS ARMY Go to a BTS concert
Keep asking friends to watch YouTube/go to concerts every year until you get those options.
Movie Junkie Go to 5 movies in one life Moviegoer Go to a movie
Go to the movies every year. It's good for your relationship if you go with somebody.
Brightest Star Achieve maximum fame
Actor, model, writer, athlete career path. Keep doing every bonus thing (talk shows, books, pose nude, commercials) and verify on social media.
Centerfold Pose for Wank magazine
Agree to pose nude every time until you get it. I think this one has women mostly but I can't remember.
Endorser Get paid $2m for a commercial
Easy if you're a high paid actor or model doing an international commercial.
K-Pop Become a famous Korean singer
See my wealth advice. Follow it with the "background singer" career and start in Korea.
DNA Donor Make 25 sperm donations in one life
This one is hard b/c you can only do it once a year and only until a certain age. So start at 18 and don't stop. I think you have to be American. Maybe UK and Canada too? Not legal everywhere. Try not to miss a year.
Fabulously Fertile Have 10 children in one life Fertile Myrtle Mother 25 children in one life
Meditate every year. Start at 18. You have to be cis. Eat healthy and exercise. Get boyfriends and have unprotected sex with them so you don't get STDs. You can be a mother up until like 51 if you're healthy and lucky. Keep having sex until you get pregnant.
Smart Seed Get artificially inseminated with lawyer sperm
Start at 18. You have to be cis. Be fertile (tips above). Keep pulling up the option to get artificially inseminated until a lawyer comes up. Don't listen to your partner if they don't want you to do it LOL.
Super Sperm Have 100 children in one life
Be a cis dude. Meditate. Be handsome. Have a million girlfriends. Use the dating app to keep dating young women. Don't abandon any kids but leave girlfriends as soon as they're pregnant. Hire every surrogate that will take you if it's legal. Sue them for the max ($200k) if they bail (not miscarry).
Three's Company Have triplets
Sometimes this happens if you're a dude with luck or while you're doing Super Sperm. Sometimes if you're a woman it's luck too or when you do IVF with your partner's sperm or other artificial insemination.
Career Military Serve your full career in the military
Tips for staying alive below. Retire as soon as you can.
General Achieve the rank of general in the military
Be a good Army person. Grind at work like 5x a year. Keep in shape. Be nice to your seargeant.
Admiral Reach the rank of admiral in the military
Be a good Navy person. Grind at work like 5x a year. Keep in shape. Be nice to your seargeant.
Absent Without Leave Go AWOL in the military
Be deployed with an addiction and check into rehab. Whoops.
Excavator Clear 10 minefields
Be deployed, and use a minesweeper solver to not die if you suck at minesweeper.
Adopt Don't Shop Rescue every pet in the shelter
You gotta have a few houses. Then you're good. You gotta do it all in one year so have like a lot of houses. Like 5 at least. Tips for getting rich above.
Horsing Around Own 50 horses in one life
You gotta have a bunch of ranches. Buy a few horses a year. Tips for getting rich above.
Just Keep Swimming Buy a goldfish and release it.
You can do this one as a kid too if your parent gets you a goldfish.
Natural Selection Rescue every pet in the shelter
This one took forever. Just keep buying dangerous exotic pets and rescuing every dangerous animal you see. It's luck.
No Probllama Buy a Llama
Buy a ranch in Afghanistan. Go pet shopping.
Aftermath Escape prison in a riot Instigator Prison riot
Get good at Snake. Keep rioting. Works best in low security. Takes a couple tries, kind of luck.
Behind Bars Spend 50 years in prison True Lifer 75 years in prison
Do a murder in a country without the death penalty (Canada). Murder with full health at 18. Get a prison job. Meditate and work out every year. Keep your head down. Try half-heartedly to escape every once in a while so you don't accidentally get parole or something. But if you get out you can always go back. Rob a bank or something. But keep your health and behaviour up in case you get sick and need to go to the infirmary.
Gangsta Join a prison gang
Go to a medium or higher security prison.
Inmating Get a lover pregnant on a conjugal visit
Be a cis man with high fertility. Have a good relationship (80%+) with an 18 year old cis woman. Make sure she isn't on birth control. Do a small crime, get a prison job, and meditate. Request a conjugal visit.
Justice Get freed from prison by appeal
Be rich. Wait a couple years after you're sentenced for something non-violent.
Mercy Me Get granted clemency
Be a nun or a monk for 50+ years. Don't retire. Do a murder. Get a prison job. Meditate, work out, go to the library, and write letters to home. You won't know until the year you're scheduled to die, so hold on.
Midnight Express Get sentenced to Turkish prison
Be born in Turkey. Do a crime.
Theseus Escape a supermax prison
There are a ton of Bitlife prison guides. Do a murder and escape from death row.
Executioner Execute 5 people
Be king. Or queen. Top dog, either way. It helps to have enemies or friends to make enemies.
Markle Marry into the royal family
Be a commoner in a country with royals. Be cute. Go on lots of dates. It'll pop up and be part of their name. They could be a viscount or whatever, no member of the royal family is too far removed.
Monarch Become a monarch
Start as prince or princess and inherit the throne.
Napoleon Get exiled to a distant land
Keep executing people. And do a bunch of disservice.
Reign Over Us Reign as monarch for 100 years
In a country where Prince/Princess is top monarch or where your king/queen parents are low health/dying, keep your health up until you're a super-centarian (see above).
Canton Get inducted into the football hall of fame
Be a great football player. Be famous. Play as long as you can. Keep being famous after football as long as you can. I stopped being famous at 40 and got inducted at 60.
Christiano Win the Ballon d'Or
Be a European soccer player. Keep winning championships (see below).
Full Ride Win an athletic scholarship
Start playing sports in middle school. Become captain of at least one team with a pro league.
Giggsy Win 13 career championships
You can train each stat up twice in a turn if you trade teams, but you'll lose respect, so pick your moments. Grind your whole life. Keep going to the gym. Trade teams when you guys start losing. Stay on top.
Hooker Yell at a leopard
Try out for professional rugby with high athletic stats. Choose Hooker as your position.
Lance Win a championship while doping
It's safest to dope the year after a drug test. Try it for your second or third championship.
Real Estate
House Hunter Make $2m from flipping a house
Buy a $2m house. Leave it to your kid. Sell it. See above.
Mansion Party Throw a party in a mansion Real Estate Mogul Purchase real estate worth $10m combined Trailer Party Party in a trailer
Pretty straight forward. If you're broke start with the trailer party. Then buy mansions. Advice for getting rich above.
Brothers Forever Get hired by a frat brother
Be a jock. See sports advice above. When you're in two sports at university, compliment the jocks' leader. Be good looking (plastic surgery if needed, see above) and google the answer to the question if you need it. Google high-level frats and pick one. Then when you get hired after school one of them might hire you!
Earning that A Seduce your teacher
Be really attractive and compliment your teachers who are attracted to people of your gender. Take the opportunity to sleep with them if it arises.
Naughty Child Get expelled from school
Be rude as hell to the principal/headmastedean
Swimming Star
Start swimming as young as you can and stay in shape. "Work harder" every year.
Social Media
Social Media Join social media Social Media Sharer Post Social Media Oversharer Post 5 times Social Media Star Get a million followers Check! Get verified
Join all social media platforms at 13. Be pretty and keep posting. Follow above advice to get famous in any public career to get more followers. Start with Instagram for verification around 100k. By the time you're a lead actosupermodel/etc you'll have 1m followers.
Antiqued Keep a car running for 200 years.
Buy a brand new car. Do maintenance twice a year. Pass it on to your kid (18+) and repeat.
Car collector Assemble a car collection worth $1m Lambo Buy a Lamborghini
Buy a lambo and a bunch of other fancy cars. Who cares. See advice above for money.
Not The Yellow One Buy a submarine
You need $5b for this to show up reliably.
Titanic Trouble Run into trouble on a yacht
Have a shitty yacht or shitty luck. Go for a bunch of rides.
Animal Rescue Rescue an animal
Helps to have 100% smarts. Read childrens books so you don't have to tap too many pages. It'll only take two or three.
Deaf Leapord Yell at a leopard
Buy a leopard from the exotic animals dealer and yell at it when it misbehaves.
Gorilla and the Fist Get decapitated by a gorilla
I had to buy so many gorillas from the exotic animals dealer to get one crazy enough to decapitate me. Just keep bathing it and letting it attack you every year until it kills you.
Unicorn Find a unicorn
Go for like 10 walks a year. Have good karma.
Hungry Hippo !!! NEEDED !!!
Apparently Egypt is good for this.
Lion Tamer !!! NEEDED !!!
Apparently Kenya is good for this.
Balcony Buccaneer Steal 100 packages in one life
It's a lot easier to avoid punishment by wielding your title if you're a monarch. This one took me ages as a civiliian.
Burglar Burgle 25 homes in one life
Play Snake well
Cold Killer Kill 10 people in one life Serial Killer Kill 25 people
Start with random homeless people. If you're a royal exert your title to avoid punishment. Keep buying your way out of prison as long as you can. Then start killing other prisoners, start with the oldest and work your way down to the strongest ones. Work out and meditate every year. Pay guards for protection if you can but you probably won't be fucked with if you keep strong and murderous.
Dillinger Rob 5 banks in one life
If you're royal you'll get away with it. Make sure you have a getaway car either way. Clown mask/closest equivalent and handgun/closest equivalent work best.
Scare to Death Scare someone to death
Do a murder but pick scare to death. Works best if they're old.
Bugatti Bandit !!! NEEDED !!!
Going Anywhere !!! NEEDED !!!
Black Widow Widow 5 husbands in one life
Start using the dating app when you're 18 and go for old guys. Best if they don't have kids and if they're rich. Propose after you fuck when your relationship is at 100%. I like to be on birth control for this.
Golden Anniversary Be in a marriage for 50 years Diamond Anniversary Marriage for 75 years
Keep seeing movies together and fucking and complimenting each other. Cute as hell. Just marry young and try to both stay alive.
Fake It Propose successfully with a fake ring
Works best if you're rich and they love you and they're dumb.
Family Planner Convince a lover to go off birth control
Be a cis man. Be in a strong relationship with a cis woman. Ask her to go off birth control. Easiest if you're married to her.
Maiden Named Marry a man who takes your last name
Marry a man and don't change your last name. Kind of a luck thing. Make sure your relationship is strong.
Multigamist Get married 10 times in one life
Pre-nups and widowing make this easier but do you. Love them and leave them. If you're a young guy it's really easy to get older women to agree to marry you.
Stud Have 100 lovers in a single life
Hook up like crazy. Date all you can and fuck all of them. Use protection so you can stay alive.
Wedding Planner Agree to an arranged marriage
I did this in India as a woman with wealthy, religious parents.
Bejeweled !!! NEEDED !!!
All Along Have a parent who comes out of the closet
Could be luck. Or you can cheat it with a Bitizenship by making both parents gay and unreligious.
Begone Exorcise your own ghost
Be an exorcist. Buy a haunted house. Do what you do best.
Booty Call Have a successful Brazillian butt lift
Be healthy and have good karma. Use the best doctor. Cross your fingers. They still only work 1/3 of the time.
Cliff Diver Go cliff diving Hero Save someone's life Player Perks Accept a casino's hospitality offer Snake Snack Eat a snake ZAP! Get struck by lightning
Random event
Dignified Donor Donate a 1m+ heirloom to charity
Get your heirloom every day. Appraise it. Donate the first $1m+ one you get.
Flamin' Hot Survive 60 years on a Hot Cheetos diet
Get liposuction every couple of years and work out and walk a lot. Have no other conditions. Do your best. Get pets for more walks. Garden. Try to survive. Start at 18.
Flee the Country Emigrate to escape justice
Escape prison and emigrate
Frankenstein Survive 5 botched plastic surgeries
Keep going to the bad doctor. Go for risky procedures like butt lifts. Space them out to get your health back up.
Goat Grabber Join a goat grabbing team
Be athletic and join a goat grabbing team at school in Afghanistan
Human Dictionary Read the dictionary
So much tapping. But eventually it will show up in your books. Be strong.
Hyperthymesia Score 20 sequences on the memory test
The worst part of Bitlife. I did this one by writing 1,2,3 or 4 on a piece of paper according to which # square lit up with my right hand and doing the puzzle on my phone with my left hand. Still took like 5 tries and was really frustrating. Take breaks and come back with a clear head.
Jackpot Win the lottery jackpot
Keep your karma high and buy 10 tickets 5 times a year. You'll get it eventually.
Lowroller Get refused entry to a casino
Bet more money than you have on Blackjack. Once you're out of prison, try to come back. They'll turn you away.
Nightmare Wake up from a nightmare
As a pilot, buy a terrible plane. When it crashes, accept your doom. You might wake up.
Paranightmare Contract PTSD after a paranormal experience
Try to have bad mental and good physical health (a hard balance. Try gardening, dieting, and fighting with friends or loved ones) and then try to exorcise stubborn ghosts.
Perfection Achieve perfect stats
Pretty easy. Work out, get plastic surgery (lipo or nose job to start) and go for walks, read children's books (3 should get you to 100%) and go to the movies or on vacation.
Rich Justice Win a $1m+ lawsuit
Get fired from a really high paying job like CEO and win your lawsuit.
Run Bitizen! Win a bet on Bitizen There's Always Canada Emigrate to Canada Winnipeg, Eh? Visit Winnipeg
Wait until it pops up as an option
Say Goodbye To Hollywood Get deported from the United States
Move to the U.S. without permission. Get caught doing a minor crime.
Skeezy Get called "skeezy"
Be an asshole at nightclubs and in the streets. Fight with your friends and coworkers, insult them and start rumours.
Sweepstakes Win the sweepstakes
Set it up on a day where you'll be by your phone. Sign up every time you can.
Try & Stop Me Violate a restraining order
Stalk your ex. Do it again after they file a restraining order.
Ultimate Betrayal Your spouse leaves you following a gender reassignment
Have a terrible relationship with your heterosexual spouse. Get gender reassignment surgery.
Unethical Bribe a college official
Be rich and have dumb kids.
Roswell !!! NEEDED !!!
Sacrilege !!! NEEDED !!!

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Start Playing

Tips on How You Can Start Playing in a Syndicate Casino
There are many websites and blogs in the world where they write about casinos. But there are those that have been tested for years. So read here .
You can start playing syndicate casino online as long as you are familiar with the basic rules and policies. Before starting to play in any online casino you have to be aware of the risks associated with gambling. This is because there are a lot of risks that can affect your betting activity in online casinos. Gambling is considered to be one of the risky activities, particularly if you don't have enough knowledge and information on how the game works. If you are a beginner in this type of business, you must first learn how to play it before you start playing syndicate casino games.

It is a good idea to start playing this game under simulated conditions so that you will have an idea of how the game really works. You should try to find out as much as you can about the game. This is because a lot of different people can have different approaches and ways in betting. There are some who prefer to bet using only a set of principles while there are others who will use their intuition in placing their bets. You should take note of what your style of betting is and start playing under those conditions.

Syndicate Casino

There are certain rules that should be followed in this type of betting activity. First, you have to start playing at least three to five cards before you place any of your bets. You have to know your limit or your bankroll so that you won't risk losing money. Before you start betting you have to estimate how much you are willing to risk and keep in mind that losing more than this is also not a good idea.

There are different types of bets that you can place in this type of casino game. Some of the most popular include European betting, block betting, pay-line betting, and pay per hand. When you are starting to play this game, it is a good idea to learn more about these types of betting strategies so that you will know which among them suits your needs. If you are familiar with the basic rules of the game, then you can already play your favorite casino games including blackjack and roulette. However, if you don't know much about the strategies that you can use, then it would help to read some articles and watch online videos about these topics.

One of the best ways on how you can start playing in syndicate casino is by going to one of its members. You may join this type of group or syndicate through a recommended site that you can find online. Just make sure that the information that you are getting is real and reliable. Check out the security features of the website and the list of members so that you can be sure that you will not be scammed.

Before you go to the actual site where you can start playing, you have to prepare your own strategies first. There are a lot of ways on how you can prepare yourself and start playing. You can prepare a checklist of the cards that you need to deal with. You have to choose your betting strategy before you go to the site. If you have a good choice of strategy, then you can start playing in no time. In addition, make sure that you have all the things that you need to play a syndicate casino.
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For employees and players who play enough to be called regulars at their casinos, describe the regular you would consider the worst one to play with. Not because of playing badly, the worst personality.

Include interesting anecdotes about them and general things about them that make them the worst.
Mine is strange in that I only dealt to her once, but my roommate was a dealer for 3 years before I became one, and I heard more than enough stories from him about her before I met her. As I said I only dealt to her once but that's all it took to confirm everything be told me over 3 years. So I'll tell two of his stories.
This woman was about 80 years old. Wheelchair bound but needed to be in the normal chairs to be able to see. She would piss her pants every session but not go cleanup until she was done playing. She never tipped a soul a dollar, and was the player who would win 10 flat bets in a row then finally stack one chip on her bet and I would get a blackjack with a ten up, and say "fucking of course, I raise my bet and you get a fucking blackjack and what a surprise I couldn't even buy goddamn insurance" like she had lost the last 10 instead.
There was one time he got 3 BJs in a row against her, and she didn't say a word she just stared at him for about 10 seconds before betting again. about 8 seconds later he was informed why she didn't chew his head off. She instead tried to shit his nose off. This woman shit her pants in that chair. And played the rest of his shift without ever leaving the table. His replacement showed up and he clapped off and she colored up and left. About 4 more hours. Absolute savagery at its most disgusting... Yet you almost have to respect the will and determination to let him know just how much you hate him for those 3 BJs. Shit your pants and then play like a shoe, then hotel room clean up and change underwear at least. But to literally sit there until the very second he will not be suffering anymore and then leave is just, it's a special kind of years of experience in getting revenge on those you hate.
The other was what finally ended up having the manager swing the permabanhammer on her. One day she colored up a couple black chips and needed help back into her wheelchair. The other player stands up to help her. She "accidentally?" Dropped one of the black chips on the floor as she was turning to step down. The player just happened to step on it when he got up, and she proceeded to accuse this player to the pit boss of attempting to steal it from her by claiming "this fucking nigger tried putting his foot on my fucking money and was going to steal it!" Yes he was a 20 something black man and she an 80 year old white lady. Racism = take it somewhere else forever at my casino.
Sorry for the long read I didn't intend that when I started typing this post and all of the memories of my old roommates stories and rage came flooding back.
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Playing blackjack for the first time.

Heading the casino this Saturday. Normally only play slots and go once every other month or once a month so I got a good idea what I’m doing there but I’ve never played in person blackjack.
Been watching some videos and playing a little online and I feel I’m ready for it. Gonna only bring $100 for BJ and going at 10am so hoping to find a $5 table.
Any tips for a first time players session?
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Math and data to maximize scratchoff wins.

Math and data to maximize scratchoff wins.
(Edited repost: the original post required a couple of small changes.)
I've been crunching a lot of numbers, sending a lot of FOIA requests, and searching for advantages.
I want to share a little bit of what I've learned so far.


These are a couple of the rules I've determined will help you win more often.
  • Play tickets that have sold many tickets and have many unclaimed grand prizes.
  • Prefer playing a few higher priced tickets over many lower priced tickets.
That's all there is to it. I'll explain the reason behind the rules in the rest of this post.

Play tickets that have been sold for a long time and have a large number of unclaimed grand prizes.

To understand this rule, you need to know a little bit of math. It's not much. It can be explained in simple terms. But it's powerful enough to beat blackjack in the casino. What you're about to read is the foundation behind card-counting. But here, we use it to beat scratch offs.
There is an important difference between scratch offs and draw games like Powerball.
In draw games, every draw is "independent". What I mean by that is the results of a previous draw have no effect on the results of the following draws.
If the draw for a pick 3 game is "3", "1", "9", then the odds that the following draw is also "3", "1", "9" are the exact same.
This is counter-intuitive to a lot of people. If you flip a coin 3 times and it comes up heads all 3 times, then it's natural to think that it's more likely to come up tails on the next flip. But it's not! It is still equally likely to be either heads or tails on the 4th flip.
The counter-intuitiveness of this is known as the "Gambler's Fallacy" and can be read about many places online,, so I won't go into any more detail. Just know that it's a mathematical fact. The previous results of a draw game have no effect on future draws.

How are scratch offs different?

But with scratch offs, previous results do affect the future. It's obvious when you look at an extreme example. Consider what happens if there is a single grand prize in 1 million unscratched tickets. Your odds of getting the grand prize is 1 in a million. But now imagine you just watched the person in line in front of you buy a ticket, scratch it, and reveal the grand prize. Now there are no more grand prizes. Your odds are exactly 0!
In that extreme example, it's clear that past results affect future odds.
This is completely different from a draw game. In a draw game, if someone hits the Powerball jackpot with 09, 36, 49, 56, 62, 08, then that doesn't mean you should or shouldn't play those exact same numbers next week. They are just as likely to appear again as any other set of numbers.
But scratch offs aren't randomized with each purchase. Scratch offs are randomized once, when the tickets are printed. Then, as the tickets are bought and scratched, the remaining tickets become less random.
This is just like counting cards at blackjack. The deck is shuffled once at the beginning of the game. Then, as cards are dealt, the deck becomes less random. Once it becomes less random in favor of the player (more big cards remaining than little cards), then the player has an advantage and can increase their bet.

How do you know which tickets have have many unclaimed grand prizes and few remaining overall tickets?

Most states publish this information on their lottery homepages.
Here is an example from the Florida Lottery for the $3 Multiplier Crossword
That table has a column showing the total number of tickets printed at each prize tier and another table showing the number of tickets claimed at each prize tier.
The lowest-value ticket is usually the most common. It often has hundreds of thousands of tickets printed. There is something in math known as "the law of large numbers" that makes the lowest price ticket a good indicator of what percentage of tickets have been sold. Even though the state doesn't publish how many tickets in total have been sold, and even though they don't say anything at all about the non-winning tickets that have been sold, we can use the lowest-priced ticket as a good estimator.
In the image above, you can see that 3,170,852 tickets were printed that were $3 winners. Of those, only 603,652 remain.
With some simple math, we can convert that to a percentage.
603,652 / 3,170,852 = 0.19
So about 19% of the tickets remain. 81% of the tickets have been sold.
How about the grand prizes? Are there a large number of grand prizes remaining in relation to how many tickets have been sold? To know that, we need to convert the number of grand prizes remaining to a percentage also, that we we can compare percentages to percentages, apples to apples.
There are 4 grand prizes remaining out of 20 total grand prizes printed.
4 / 20 = 0.20
So 20% of the grand prizes remain. That's almost exactly where we expect to be. That means there is not a lot of grand prizes remaining in relation to the total number of tickets remaining.
If there were 5 grand prizes remaining, then the percentage remaining would be 5 / 20 = 0.25, or 25%. Then there would be 5% more grand prizes than expected. If that were the case, this might be a good game to play!
Knowing this, you can check back daily or weekly and see how the numbers change. Every day, more tickets will be sold.
Let's say a few weeks pass and couple hundred thousand $3 winners are claimed. Now there's 400,000 $3 prizes remaining.
400,000 / 3,170,852 = 0.126
If no grand prizes have been claimed in that time, then now there's only about 12.6% tickets remaining but still 20% grand prizes remaining. Grand prizes are almost 8% more likely than average!
Check your state lottery website and you can perform these calculations for whatever games you like to play.

Prefer playing a few higher priced tickets over many lower priced tickets.

I wrote software to automatically analyze every scratch off game from many different states.
As part of that analysis, I calculate the total amount of prizes that will be paid out. Since the states publish on their websites the total number of tickets at each prize tier and the value of each prize. I simply multiply the number of tickets at each tier by that tier's value and then sum the results for each tier of a game.
Another number I calculate is the cost to buy every ticket. That's a lot easier. It's simply the total number of tickets printed times the price of each ticket. If a game prints 14 million tickets and each ticket costs $10, then the cost to buy every ticket is 14 million times $10, or $140 million.
Those two numbers are all we need to calculate the "expected value" of a game.
If a game has $100 million in prizes and it would cost $140 million to buy every ticket, that means the state will make $40 million in profit. That profit comes out of our pockets.
But we can minimize our losses by playing games where the state has the least profit.
Here's a simple example. Which game would you rather play?
Game A: $100 million in prizes where it would cost $140 million to buy every ticket. Game B: $120 million in prizes where it would cost $140 million to buy every ticket.
Obviously, game B is better. The state takes less profit. That means more money in our pockets.
This is one way to rank the quality of a game. The more money that is returned to players and the less money that the state keeps as profit, the better the game.
By analyzing data from every game for multiple states, I have determined the average quality for different priced tickets.
This graph below tells the whole story.
It is clear that on average, higher priced tickets are better.
Spending $100 on $20 tickets will result in an average win of $71.95 while spending $100 on $2 tickets will result in an average win of $65.65. By buying $20 tickets rather than $2 tickets, you will win an average of $6.30 more!

Why do states pay out more for higher priced tickets?

This advantage comes from economics.
It costs roughly the same amount for the state to print a $1 ticket as a $20 ticket.
Here's a table that shows the prices that GTECH, a ticket printer, proposed to the Texas Lottery.
Usually, lower priced tickets are smaller. A $1 ticket might be 2.4 inches x 4 inches while a $20 ticket has more gameplay options and might be 10 inches x 4 inches. Those dimensions correspond to the "A" and "E" columns in the table above.
The values you see in each row are the cost per 1,000 tickets.
Let's compare.
The cost of 1 million $1 tickets of 2.4 inches x 4 inches in packs of 250 would cost $33.78 per 1,000 tickets, or about $0.034 per ticket.
The cost of 1 million $20 tickets of 10 inches x 4 inches in packs of 50 would cost $59.50 per 1,000 tickets, or about $0.06 per ticket.
That's 3.4 cents per $1 ticket and 6 cents per $20 ticket.

Why are higher priced tickets better?

The state needs to make a profit on the lottery. That's the whole point of the lottery: to make money to pay for services like education and roads.
Money that goes towards ticket printing is wasted. It's money that is taken from the players and is not kept by the state.
The less money that goes towards ticket printing, the more money is available to pay out in prizes (and to go towards public goods).
While the $20 ticket may cost more to print than the $1 ticket (6 cents vs 3.4 cents), the percentage of the ticket price that goes towards printing costs is lower.
6 cents is only 0.3% of $20. That's zero-point-three percent. Less than half of a percent of the ticket price goes towards the printing costs.
3.4 cents out of $1 is 3.4%, or over 3% of the ticket price going towards printing costs.
If you were to buy $100 worth of $1 tickets, the state would have paid $3.4 to ticket printers, leaving only $96.60 in funds to split between paying players through the prize pool and funding things like public roads and education. But if you were to buy $100 worth of $20 tickets, then the state would have paid only $0.18 to ticket printers! That leaves $99.82 to split between the prizes and state funding.
Note: The above is a simplified calculation that doesn't take the full cost of each ticket from printing to disposal. There's obviously costs associated with shipping and other services. But I wouldn't expect the percentages to change much. The economics of high-price vs low-price tickets is still the same.

Good luck!

I want to close by wishing you good luck. But now you know there's more to it than just luck. Use these tips and tricks to your advantage and make your own luck.
A final word of caution: even if you follow all of this advice, it's still practically impossible to consistently make profit from scratch offs. The best that almost anyone can do is to increase their "expected value".
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Blackjack players: Advice on getting my discipline back?

I only gamble 5-6 days out of the entire year. Usually take 4 trips to Las Vegas a year with my fiancee, one with friends, and bet on the super bowl every year. That's about it.
In those few days I do, I love betting big over a 3-4 day trip and getting the most out of it. I've always had a lot of fun and never walked away thinking "oh shit, I fucked up" but definitely had some losers!
For my first 5 years gambling at casinos, I played disciplined, smart blackjack. I know all of the book odds and rarely stray away from playing them.
At that time I was making an entry level technology sales salary and living in SF, CA. Things have changed significantly since then for the better from a financial perspective.
Now that I have disposable income and can play around with big bets, I feel like I'm sloppier and less disciplined playing those book odds and managing the money better.
Granted, back when I was making less money, the stakes were super high (at least it felt like it) and I was locked in on disciplined money management.
If I lose the money now, it is what it is. But I feel like I'm now losing WAY more hands and walking away with nothing because I'm doing dumb things like doubling down more, betting to get back to even after a cooler, etc. to try and make it more exciting.
Without having to place bigger bets to make it more exciting, what tips do you have on money management, doubling down, and knowing when to walk away? What are your principles?
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Playing Spanish 21 Online

One thing to consider when playing Spanish 21 online is that since the 10's are removed the Dealer (and yourself) will get blackjack less. Because the Dealer has less of a chance to hit Blackjack we recommend not buying insurance if the dealer has an Ace up. There is only a 25% chance the dealer will have blackjack and insurance only pays 2-1. For true odds insurance should pay 3-1 so this is a sucker bet - avoid it! Plus you always win if you have blackjack so there is no reason to even try to get even odds. If you draw to 21 with 5 cards or more you will receive odds on your bet. Draw 5 cards to 21 and receive 3-2 odds, a 6 card 21 pays 2-1 and 7 cards or more pays 3-1. 토토사이트웹 Draw to 21 with your cards being 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 and receive 3-2 odds if the cards are of mixed suit. If they are the same suit receive 2-1 odds and spades pay 3-1! As you can see Spanish 21 is similar to regular blackjack but there are a lot of hands that can pay you odds increasing your winnings. If properly played, the house edge is lower in Spanish 21 as long as the dealer must stand on all 17's. For this reason many USA online casinos do not offer Spanish 21 but BetOnline and Wild are some of the best online casinos available and they all offer online Spanish 21 as well as many other great features. Play Spanish 21 online at any of our recommended Spanish 21 online casinos and always expect a great online experience. Be sure to claim your bonus and also see our Strategy section for tips and hints for playing profitable Blackjack either online or at traditional casinos. Also see other variations of Blackjack like Super 21 and Pontoon and the best USA online casinos to play them.
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Eight Tips to Become a Winning Blackjack Player: Part One ... Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid  Gambling Tips - YouTube This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever - YouTube How to Play Blackjack by a Las Vegas Dealer - YouTube Blackjack Tips & Demonstration - YouTube How to Play Blackjack - YouTube How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert's Guide ... Tips for Playing Casino Blackjack - YouTube

The number 21 has never been as exciting as it is when playing online Blackjack! Dive into the wonderful world of blackjack at Wishmaker Casino, but first, read our handy guide to get started. Learn everything you need, to enjoy Blackjack. Blackjack is a popular casino game that you play against the dealer. The game is fun but not as simple as some of the other games you get at casinos, like slots for instance. It requires skill and at least some level of strategy.There are, however, simple as well as advanced tips that you can use to bring down the house edge further and improve your chances of scoring a win. STRATEGY TIP #1. PLAY ONLY GAMES WITH LIBERAL PLAYING RULES. Scout the blackjack tables to find the most liberal playing rules. Play only on tables where a blackjack pays 3-2 (and avoid all games where the payoff is 6 to 5 blackjack, or worse, even money).Other liberal blackjack rules are the dealer stands on soft 17, players can double down on any two cards, and doubling after pair splitting ... Playing the game of blackjack is one of the easiest games to play and it does not require a lot of skill. This is why it is one of the favorites among millions of players around the world, including online casino Singapore players who love gambling. Here are some helpful tricks and tips for starters. At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, we’ve put together a few tips to help you to up your odds of winning at your next blackjack game. Check Out the Dealer’s Up Card Before you take any action, you should check the dealer’s up card to see whether the card is bad, 2-6, or if it is good, 7-Ace. How to Play Blackjack - Learn basic blackjack rules in this simple step-by-step guide to playing. Discover how to bet and improve your odds of winning! Bei Blackjack sind die Vorteile des Casinos immer höher. Finden Sie heraus, welche Strategien und Taktiken Ihre Gewinnchancen wesentlich erhöhen können. CASINOS VERGLEICHEN. ALLE LÖSCHEN VERGLEICHEN NEWCASINOS.DE - CASINO-VERGLEICHSTOOL. ALLE LÖSCHEN. VERGLEICHEN. 0. 155,226€ Casino Bonus. 18,119. Freispiele. Neue Casinos. Neue Online Casinos 2020; Neue Online Casinos im Dezember 2020 ... Hey, Daniel. I'm sorry for posting here but I want to say thank you, This article helped me to win in blackjack more often. I was a newbie and I decided to use the tips from this article. I was trying to find a site on Google where I can play blackjack for free because coronavirus doesn't allow anyone to visit casinos and other places like that. Unlike casino games such as slots, the choices you make in blackjack can have a big impact on the game. It's therefore essential to keep a few of these tips in mind while playing. To get you ...

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Eight Tips to Become a Winning Blackjack Player: Part One ...

DarkStar talks about something that happened at a blackjack table recently. There are several lessons for advantage players in this story. Top among them is ... This is part one of a two-part video in which blackjack expert Henry Tamburin discusses eight tips to become a winning blackjack player. Topics covered inclu... Meghan learns how to play Black Jack! Some great tips for beginners! Now you can join in the fun! Learn how to play blackjack directly from a Las Vegas dealer. Our host will teach you blackjack rules, hand signals and everything else you need to hit the f... Full Playlist: these Gambling Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://ap... Tips for Playing Casino Blackjack. Part of the series: How to Win at Blackjack. Learn the basics of blackjack, including tips for playing the game in a casin... Want to beat blackjack? It all starts with learning how to play. In this video, professional Blackjack players Colin Jones and "Loudon Ofton" break down the ... Top blackjack tips and a game demonstration from our dealer, Debbie, at Caesars Atlantic City.Book your next trip to Caesars Atlantic City today! http://czr....