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This happened in downtown Reno, Nevada in the early 1980's. Downtown Reno is a great place to be an alcoholic because cocktails are virtually free. Anytime any adult plays any type of casino game, you get what's known as a "drink toke". A drink toke is essentially a paper coupon good for a free cocktail at the bar. As bartenders in Reno made the lion's share of their income from gratuities, many bartenders sorely resented having to honor drink tokens from Reno's many vagrants. And probably the seediest casino at the time had to be King's Palace, known by locals as "King's Toilet".
One bartender working at the King's Toilet decided he was going to do something about having to serve free drinks to vagrants. In the early 80's tequila drinks were popular and especially Margaritas. This bartender would brag to the cocktail waitresses about rimming the Margarita glasses under his sweaty nut sack before salting the rim. I guess all was good until this particular bartender got into a spat with a cocktail waitress, causing the the waitress to spill the beans about him putting his dick on the glassware. Somehow the story made it into the Reno Gazette newspaper and so the King's Toilet management became obligated to conduct their own investigation. Sure enough, it was all there on tape. Whenever a vagrant would use a drink token, this bartender would manage to drop his pants, lift his nut sack and rim the empty cocktail glass on his moist nut sack ( he actually did this on any thing they ordered, not just Margaritas). As I recall, the story seem to stay in the news for a couple of weeks. Ironically, I doubt that Reno's vagrant population really cared if they had been drinking dick juice along with their free whiskey. What the shit? Free whiskey is free whiskey.
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[CULT LIVE] 2019 Tour Dates announced!

OK CULT fans, here we go. It looks like the 2019 tour Billy was teasing on his Insta a few months back is starting to come together. So far, it's a 20 date world tour encompassing, the USA, England, and Canada and will be a mix of concert halls, festivals and a few casinos.

It looks like it will be heavy on material from Sonic Temple, given the album turns 30 years old this year. Though I don't imagine they'll be playing the whole al bum on these shows, perhaps they'll treat us to a few gems we don't get to see often. If I had a wish list it would include Edie (non-acoustic version), New York City, Sun King, and maybe something really crazy like Soldier Blue or Soul Asylum.

There will be VIP packages available, but (at least for the ones I checked) there is NOT a "meet the band" part of the premium packages. It looks like you'll get an autographed poster, a lanyard, "exclusive tour merchandise" whatever that means), and a $25 coupon code for the online shop (which I find really weird that it's not at least a $25 voucher that can be used at the venue mercy booth).

Her are the announced dates as of this post:

May 2: Houston, Texas, USA (
May 3: New Orleans, Lousiana, USA
May 4: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
May 9: Dallas, Texas, USA
May 10: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
May 11: Rockingham, North Carolina, USA
May 17: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
May 18: Columbus, Ohio, USA
May 25: Catton, Walton on Trent, England
May 26: Gateshead Quays, (Newcastle), England
May 28: At. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
May 30: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
June 1: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
June 2: Rama (Toronto), Canada
June 3: Winnipeg, Alberta, Canada
June 7: Enoch, (Cree Indian Reserve), Alberta, Canada
June 9: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
June 10: Seattle, Washington, USA
June 12: San Francisco, California, USA
June 14: Reno, Nevada, USA

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[Table] IAmA: I can make it rain $100's! I work in a casino's Main Bank - Ask me EVERYTHING!

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Date: 2014-03-29
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If you were going to rob a bank and could only arm yourself with standard items found at the grocery store, which items would you choose and how would you use them? Awesome question!
First, something I could stuff under my clothes - papertowels, toilet paper... anything to make me appear bigger than I am (so on camera, they see a HUGE person trying to rob the bank). Second, hairspray with maybe a blue color? As soon as I was done, wash that crap out (disguise my natural hair color). Scissors - cut my hair after I'm done too. Lots of makeup that can be washed off.
Gloves for fingerprints, glasses (even if things look like a fish bowl, you can accidentally drop them so they are looking for someone with that kind of prescription)... Anything to throw them off.
Maybe a knife for a weapon.
And peaches (again, I'm allergic, they wouldn't look for me if they were left behind).
Incidentally, I have worked for a real bank before :D.
Do you wear gloves when you handle all of my money? Not for fingerprints, but for cleanliness. Nope. Gloves make you lose traction when handling cash. Think of trying to shuffle through several sheets of notebook or computer paper with gloves on. You need the tactile feel to know you have only one bill. A lot of us use [Link to](sortkwik) to help when counting money (so we don't look like old people licking our fingers).
We do heavily stock up on hand sanitizer in the department. Trust me, you are correct about filthy money. And, (maybe) surprisingly, coin is worse. *apparently, formatting doesn't like me today...
Do you practice money-laundry or some other form of cleaning? I hate laundry. I avoid it when possible. :)
Answered this when half asleep. As far as cleaning, not the cash or coin. But if blood or body fluid ends up on cash or coin, we seal it in a bag and send it with the night deposit to the outside bank.
If blood or body fluid gets on a chip, an EMT takes gloves, takes all the chips that might be contaminated, and cleans them for us. I'm not sure why an EMT other than they are licensed to handle body fluids, but that is what happens to them.
Do you ever get the urge to grab a stack of money and walk out the door? Obviously you'll get fired/go to prison, but does the thought cross your mind a lot? We joke about it, but no. We prepare a deposit on grave shift that goes to the external bank (think Bank of America or Commerce or whatever). You can fit between 15 and 17 bundles in a clear deposit bag (depending on brand of deposit bag). We often joke about which grave banker gets the bag with the most money, and which one gets the smaller bag.
But no, I don't need to spend time in jail, and honestly, unless it is enough to get me to a small island with non extradition laws, it isn't worth it.
I've seen casinos that literally have places where you can mortgage your house so I would imagine you have seen some infinitely depressing scenes during your days as a cashier. What was the saddest thing you saw? Well, you can't do that at my casino. The state I am in literally is the most regulated for casinos. We often say it is backwards in how they do things.
The saddest? Probably hearing guests say they can't pay rent or they 'need to win their money back'. We have programs where they can opt out (be banned), and we are supposed to pass on names if we think someone may need help (we can't say they do, we are not trained to make that call). I passed on the information once to a supervisor. It was obvious he didn't care, and I am 99% sure he never passed the information on.
That and seeing guests trying to use their federal or state benefit cards to get money. We have to turn them away, and then they get mad at us. Um... if you want to try to use your unemployment to gamble, you have a problem.
Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle? Oh... wow... I love them all. I mostly disliked Pikachu. Between those three... this, I guess.
But, to tell you a secret, these two are my favorites!
Can you work while on the influence alcohol? (Ran out of questions) Also, did you have any employees who tried stealing chips/bills? Myself, I cannot work under the influence. We are not supposed to have any alcohol within 12 hours before our shift starts. Now, I've had a wine cooler three or four hours before, but its a wine cooler, not Jack Daniels. I had a co-worker who was alcoholic and showed up hung over everyday, but as an alcoholic he could function that way. We also had one cashier that we knew she had to be on something, but after the initial drug test upon hiring, she never had another (they claim to do random tests, or if you have an accident/work injury, which I did back in January - they drug tested me then). She quit eventually. Another male, you could smell it on him. He was quickly transferred to the hotel, where he was subsequently fired.
I saw that comment right after posting this, real sorry. Anyways it seems you have a great job and a great sense of humor, Its nice to see some few people who put great content or replies to people :) Thanks! Kinda been doubting AMA as it hasn't been a huge hit (and wouldn't expect it to top the vaccine or war vet one), but I still am having fun with it :)
Have you ever used bake goods as part of a plan to take-over a money-making operation or nation-state? No. However, on my last day, if my current manager is still there as manager, I plan to make her ex-lax brownies.
Pro-tip: visine in her coffee will work faster than the ex-lax. Use the ex-lax brownies as the gift that keeps on giving. While we're on the subject and this is an AM(a)A, Could you tell us about this supervisor and any stories which may entertain a crowd? Just a quick overview I suppose... she came from a different department and knows virtually nothing about ours. I personally have chewed her out three times - once when I was a supervisor and she was in a different department, and twice since she became my 'superior'.
Entertaining: She is a blond, both in hair color and implied attitude/knowledge/everything. She is famous for standing around, twirling her hair, and saying "I don't know."
Why we hate her (2 quick points) - She knows nothing about our department. Swing shift (I am grave) bank was 'missing' over a million dollars (paperwork issue, money wasn't actually gone). Instead of helping, she was overheard saying, "Well, I have to go to my husband's softball game," and she just left. Your department looks like it is missing over a million dollars, they can't find it, and you are just going to leave. Great management. - She asks for our input and ignores it. She is a 'yes' woman. There are many, MANY stories, but those are just two quick reasons...
It sounds like she sucked a lot of dick to get where she is. You are not the only one to think this. :D.
With a manager THAT BAD, is it safe to say that the "Pow-Wow" safe must be a myth? "Sorry. Hey, I was just hired and trained to count money. I didn't know it was loaded..." As far as I know, myth. Lol.
Wow. Thievery is such a murderous business. Couldn't I just show you my big gun and insist you gimme what I want? Ha - that works better at a cashier window ;)
Mos interesting coin or currency pull? I suppose you got the person trying to spend the $1000 note he got from his grandpa's collection... Hmm... in the bank, I catch a lot of counterfeit that the cashiers' miss. I have a legit bill I got that is smaller than normal size. Researched and found there was some chemical you could soak bills in and it shrinks everything. I had to verify it was real before I could buy it from the bank.
I had a businessman (a regular guest) who runs a nail salon give me a huge stack of twenties once - one was counterfeit. Had to call a gaming officer (actual highway patrolman) to question him. He says (I believe him) he got it at work and didn't realize it was fake. It was an 'okay' fake (easy for me to spot since I'm used to it). We've also had someone try to make fake tickets for the slot machines. No fake coins that I am aware of - though guests will bring huge bags of coin for us to convert to paper money, and we run it in a machine. Sometimes we find those flat spacers (for bolts and nuts) in there. So we lose maybe a whole dollar a month to that.
Otherwise, most interesting would actually be IDs. Its fun to catch the fake IDs. :D.
those flat spacers. Thank you. Had a moment and couldn't think of the word! I work overnights... apparently I go dumb when it's daylight out. Maybe I'm allergic to the sun. (Thanks again!)
Washers. Sorry, missed the second part there. We don't use tokens (casino coins) anymore. We have gotten blank 'slugs' in our jetsorts (think coinstar - machine that separates and counts coins). Not too often.
I'm curious though, I saw a documentary who essentially made coin blanks of the same general composition as some casino coins, ever get any of those? Most often, we get bus tokens, Chuck E Cheese tokens, Angel coins, stuff like that. And if you ever bring a lot of coin to be converted to bills, please remove paper clips, safety pins, nuts, buttons, etc. They jam our machines sometimes. If the machine jams, I can guarentee we won't get an accurate number, and you will be shorted. Period.
So, we love the service we get at Casinos -- even at the Cal Neva in Reno we got top notch service -- do Casinos tend to pay better than the same job elsewhere? Or, do the tips add up? Casino pay depends on job. Slots in my casino makes just a little over minimum wage, but they make a nice profit in tips. Dealers make less, but they kill in tips. As for cashiers - I once worked two jobs, one at my casino and one at a bank part time. A starting cashier makes more in their base salary than a bank teller, as well as a higher base pay than dealers or slots. But as far as employees who actively deal with guests on the gaming floor, we make the least. No one tips (hardly) the cashier, because usually they are coming up when they are losing and need to withdraw more money. So we don't get to see the happy guests too often.
Also -- what's the rule about tipping with chips/slot tickets? We gave our waitress a slip worth 5 or 7 dollars once, but now I feel bad, like maybe we DIDN'T give her a tip. Tipping with chips or tickets is 100% acceptable. At our casino, the waitress (or whatever employee) brings those to a special hidden window that is only for casino employees. At that window, we make change for bartenders, give slots their money so they can pay jackpots, and we will cash the ticket or chips for whoever received them. So yes, she did get/should have gotten the tip!
What's the biggest amount of money you have seen at once? Hmm... back when I first became a banker... over six million? I worked in the bank last on Thursday night. We had (does the math) almost 2.5 million when I walked in and counted.
Physically? or just numbers on a sheet? Physically. On our spreadsheets? We are usually accountable for between 12 and 15 million - but the money is in ticket machines, cashier drawers (tills), slot wallets (what slots use to pay jackpots), all outlets in the casino and hotel, and all chips (even though they are not cash, they have cash value).
Ever tried rolling in it? XD, jk, thx for answering. OMG! It is so filthy. After working just an hour, I have to wash my hands before using the restroom. And after of course, cause not washing after is just disgusting! Lol.
Do you have facial recognition on the doors? Some casinos might have facial recognition, but that is the first I have heard it.
Would i be correct to assume that money stored is to go to the bank? I assume large winning amounts would be paid via cheque? Yes, money is stored in the main bank and then eventually sent on to an outside bank as a deposit. However we do pay large jackpot out in cash if that is what the guest wishes. The largest jackpot I've ever seen from a slot machine was over $200,000. That guest did take a check for most of it. The largest I've seen that was I myself paid out as all cash was around $170,000ish. So really its whatever the guest prefers. If I guest honestly wanted $500,000 in cash we would pay them five hundred thousand cash, although honestly, that's really stupid. A check can always be cancelled before is paid out and rewritten if it is lost or stolen; if the cash is gone (lost or stolen) and no one catches the perpetrator the cash is gone.
Whats the craziest, wierdest and scariest things you have seen while on/off the job at a casino? Craziest - when one woman poured hot coffee on another woman because they were fighting over a slot machine.
Weirdest - The cross-dressing hookers, by far. They don't even try to look like beautiful women.
Scariest - There was a fight between two guests in the poker room (not the scary part). I was the poker cashier. One was a large fellow and one a scrawny fellow. The large one took a swing at the small one, hit a different guest... they ran around the table, and the small one ripped a hand sanitizer contraption off the wall and threw it at the larger guest.
The scary part? The first security officer to report to the fight was, and I love her, an older frail woman officer (she really should only be doing ID checks, never fights). She actually put her hand on the bigger guys arm to try to stop him. He shrugged her off and made her stumble. I was honestly scared for her life. A few seconds later three other officers and the security supervisor came literally running through the casino and into the poker room.
She was alright, but I feared for her life!
That, or when I caught a woman through the cashier window because she appeared to pass out. I think she had a seizure. I had to catch her hands to keep her from hitting her head on the counter. I had to call for a supervisor to call for an EMT and please get a chair because I was literally holding her up.
Holy crap! Sounds like an interesting buisness to be in. I am underaged, but when I turn over the limit I will be on the lookout for these kinds of instances at casinos. No worries. Don't take more than you can lose, leave credit cards and checkbooks at home, bring your ID, and have fun! :)
Have you ever had a colleague try to "sneak a couple" away? We have had theft before. Before my time, one banker stole a 'strap' of hundreds. A strap is 100 bills, so that is $10,000. They eventually figured it out, fired her, and several supervisors because of it (even though they had nothing to do with it).
We had a supervisor who if at the end of the day you were 'over' (meaning you had more money than you should have), would tell you to go home while she looked through your paperwork. The next day, you would hear that she found it and you were fine. She actually took however much you were over, called a friend, and gave it to a friend who didn't work for us. She got fired.
We had a cashier who, a guest's check was declined, but they had signed it (not filled it out because at the time, the system we used would print it for you), so he took it home and wrote it to himself for $500. The guest called a week later asking if we had an employee named (insert name here). He was arrested at work shortly thereafter.
Are people really that stupid where you live? If so, do you have more stoopid people stories? My favorite one: This happened when I was a supervisor, and involves one of our high playing guests (top tier).
We have two cages at my casino. One (main cage) is open all the time. The other closes at a certain time (as business slows) and reopens in the morning. At this time, the satellite cage closed at midnight.
Its about 11:58pm, so I walk out to close off the stanchions that make the lines/ques for the guests. My lone cashier is waiting on a guest and has one more in line. At 12:01 I start closing the area while he helps the last guest.
At 12:03 (because he was still helping the guest) the high end guest tries to hurry up and get in line. I explain that the cage is closed. I could smell the alcohol on this guys breath. He throws a fit about the guest who is being helped. I explain they were in line before midnight, but we are closed.
As I am arguing, my cashier finishes up, closes their window and begins to remove their money to the back count out area. The guest continues to be mad, and eventually threatens to write a letter about me (and a slot supervisor who stopped to help) to our general manager, who he knew by name (he really did, he said their name... big deal).
A week later, I am helping out in the other cage. A cashier calls for an override (we waive credit card fees for high end players, but a supervisor has to type in a password). I go up front, and lo and behold, it is the guest from last week.
After I waive his fee, he says he wants to talk to me about an issue from the week before.
He then tells me about this bitch who wouldn't let him in line at the other cage a week earlier even though it was 11:50pm when he came up, and how he didn't know how that bitch had a job.
What do you like the most about your job? My co-workers. The job gets monotonous, honestly, and I dislike upper management. If it wasn't for my bills and my co-workers, I would have quit eons ago. As it is, I'm in and out of school as I can afford it. I'm a non-smoker, and I'd like to eventually be at a job where I am not on overnights.
What is the best way to count large quantities of bills without the use of a counting machine? Well, we 'strap' the money when you have 100 bills. This has a good picture of straps (attempted to format, if it fails, sorry!) So that makes it easy. The picture is color coded correctly too - blue for $1's, red for $5's, etc. Bothers me when movies have the colors off.
Then, 10 straps makes a 'bundle', which we rubber band together and wrap in clear plastic that seals. Here is a bundle not wrapped in plastic - after a fashion, you just memorize how much is in a strap or bundle and can count by the color of the strap alone.
As far as hand counting, everyone has a different method. Some count the bills placing them down on the counter in front of them one at a time (where the guest can't see/reach), some fold the money in half and count the corners, and some just count from one hand to the other (which I do, and I am the fastest on my shift to pay out, according to slots).
How long would a hypothermic drill completely go through the steel of the vault? How much muscle would I have to gain to be able to punch a hole in the vault? Not talking about my place ;)
An instructional video
Not all casinos have what you would call a vault in the sense you are thinking. So make sure the one you rob does before you go through the trouble of bringing the equipment.
Have you ever seen counter fit chips? Counterfeit chips... closest we got was someone took a $1 chip (white colored) and attempted to sharpie marker color it black ($100 chip). Pretty easy to spot. Plus, if you hold $100, $500, $1000, $5000, or $1000 chips under a blacklight, they have a hidden image. And, if you take any chip, hold it so the side is angled on paper, you can color like a crayon if it is a legit chip (we draw pictures with chips when we are bored :D )
Have you seen that history channel special. It's about these guys who made their own chips and made a load of cash. They had the blacklight tag and everything. I've seen a short clip that either is what you are talking about, or close. Some casinos have, some don't (according to a supervisor of mine who was just laid off, who worked in a different state so I cannot verify, obviously my casino doesn't have), a scale on their counters (built in) that weighs the chips as you break them down, or even if you just spill them on the counter. It gives a total by weight. Each denomination weighs slightly different. And the higher denominations are a larger size chip too.
Have you ever been robbed? No, thankfully. We do have panic buttons at every window and the main bank. They've been accidentally hit before. Surveillance must check the cage/bank where it was hit and see nothing wrong because we always immediately get a call from them. Gaming officers (highway patrolmen who are always on property) also show up just to check.
Profit wise, is it good to get into the casino business? Do you know what the profit percent margin is? I would imagine a good average would be 12-13% for profit margin, though it varies widely based on market (location). All I know is each cage proudly displays a sign that says the previous month's aggregate payout... usually around 90%.
As far as business, it has dropped quite a bit in the 8+ years I've been there. It used to be super super busy on weekends, and still okay busy during the week. About five years ago business started to drop bad. It hasn't really recovered, not where I am. I think the current economy and its sluggish recovery (... no comment) haven't helped... we seem to be at our new level of business I would guess. Split that with competition from other casinos...
If you find a great locale, you could probably do quite well. Just... not where we are... too much competition for too small a market.
Great ama btw. Greetings from Mexico where casinos are weird man. Casinos are weird everywhere, bro. They attract all the odd, different people. Especially guests late at night ;)
Are there any security features built into the chips? Maybe some sort of magnetic code or something? How often are the designs changed? Every time I have cashed in, I noticed they don't really inspect the chips for authenticity. Seems like that would be a major point of weakness. The higher denomination chips have an image or word that is in the center of the chip that only shows up under black light. Also, not sure if it is a security feature or not, but if you hold the chip at the edge and drag it on paper, it colors like a crayon. We have made some elaborate crayon/chip drawings at work that way. :D.
What does your average day in your job look like? It really depends where I am scheduled. ~ Main Bank: Count in (verify all the assets we are accountable for are there). Prepare sheets in excel that track the flow of paperwork and money. Do cashier transfers (cashiers send back all the paperwork showing why they paid out X amount of money - checks, credit card slips, chips, coupons, etc), which means verify/auditing their paperwork, taking in loose cash not in a paper strap, loose coin, etc, and sending fresh money back out to replenish what was used.
~Ticket machines - Count into the bank. Go out on the floor and put fresh money in the machines (where you put your ticket in to get cash out). Print reports so we can make sure the machine didn't over or underpay guests. Do simple maintenance as needed.
~ Cashier (hardly happens) - Count into a cart, then wait on guests, cash checks, do credit card advances, give cash back for chips, tickets, coupons, etc.
~JPH Cashier - Count into a 'special' cart and the 'chip bank' (where all chips are stored). Basically a cashier but only for employees - make change for bartenders, the restaurants, give money to slots to pay out jackpots, fill 'chip fills' for tables (when they need more chips). Generally staffed with a banker.
~Poker Cashier - Only chips and cash in the poker room. Transactions need to be quick so they can get back into the game. They prefer cashiers who are fast with chips. Generally staffed with a banker.
Which game pays out the most often? Honestly, Texas Hold 'em. It requires skill, and we have some very good players who make a killing.
As far as slots go, it is honestly random. We cannot fix the machines to win or lose more. Sure, they can be rigged, but we do not have that power or authority on property. In fact, whenever a tech has to check the main computer component for any machine, the gaming officer (highwaypatrol man) has to okay the procedure and usually stands by and watches.
Now, do not quote me, but one of my friends in slots said he has noticed, the best way to win (not huge, but win), is to play penny machines and always bet 'max bet' (which realistically can turn a penny machine with a minimum of $0.09/bet to closer to $5/bet). Not sure if he did enough observations to make that, or if he just thinks that... but that is what he told me... so, I guess, good luck! :D.
That makes sense. I didn't realize that casinos had poker. The dealer plays poker all night or just deals cards. The dealer just deals. The way poker room makes money is the take a rake, which is a small cut of the pot. It isn't like black jack where you are playing against the house. In the poker room, it is strictly guest against guest for the best hand or best bluff. :)
of all, your job seems really cool, and second what kind of requirements or training must you go through to perform your job? On the job training. You have to know how to use the equipment (cash and coin counters, ticket machines), how to count chips (they train you) and do simple math in your head.
They are supposed to teach us how to spot fake ID, but they don't (they just give us a book with a picture of all states). They are also supposed to teach us how to catch counterfeit bills, but they don't do that either.
You also learn how to use the computer programs they use for cashing checks and doing credit card advances. We are taught about certain laws that affect things like identity theft and such.
But it is all on the job training.
Working for a Credit Union, we have a marker that when used upon a Legit bill leaves a gold colored streak, but upon a fake, or any other form of paper, it is black. Do you guys have anything like this? We do. We have a ton of them floating around the cages. 2 tips: as the pen/marker get older, it will cease to work correctly, and on bills that are from the 1950s or earlier they generally do not work at all. I mean, they will mark the bill, but it will mark as a counterfeit even when it is real. It has something to do with the type of paper used for todays currency verses the older currency.
Oceans 11 and all the others like it: is it possible? Would you hate me if I told you I never have seen the movie? I know, I know, sacrilege. I don't have NetFlix (yet - waiting to dump my cable contract in May).
I've been told Oceans 13 is more likely, but again, no idea what I'm talking about here.
Watch them now. but after I'm done thinking of questions. You'll have to let me know when you are done then. ;)
Paper or Plastic? Titanium.
We ran out of titanium bags however you could have tungsten or zirconium bags. What about Gallium? I hear its pretty when it melts. :D.
In this heat it will probably melt before you make it to your car, you sure about you still want it? Well, you are the BagBoi, any suggestions to a mere banker like me?
How do you eat Reece's Peanut Butter Cups? With pleasure.
I just put your food in the bag man I'm no bag expert. How about putting it in this bag.
Do you know who the Pelayo's brothers were? No... please tell or link? (I'm on mobile atm).
Whats the "list"? Context? I have no idea what you are asking.
It's a nice film based in a real story: Sweet, thanks. Since I am not doing much this eve, I am definitely going to look that up!
A casinos Blacklist what do you do to get on it? Gotcha. We have banned people for fighting, ruining property, starting fights with security, theft (if they refuse to make retribution - in the case of say stealing a ticket from another guest). It depends on the situation. Some people who fight are just asked to leave. Some are banned. It all comes down to how you act to our security and the gaming officer, really.
How would I rob a casino exactly like yours, but which (obviously) is not yours. Extra points for guard rotation and vault pass codes. Triple points for being able to leave the annoying and greedy associates at home. First check if the casino has codes or hand scanners for restricted access. If hand scanners, you would need to cut power. This would work only temporarily, so time it right.
Next, know where the cameras are and the blind spots (they exist).
Third, not only know the times the officers switch, but know which officer is assigned where at what time. Some officers run slower than others.
Not a bad idea to disguise yourself either. Have a way to getaway (next to a river? Have a speed boat waiting).
Know where the bank is. Is it on an external wall? Dynamite the bitch.
Doing it yourself? I don't know. The head of security on my shift has several plans to rob the place. They all involve using other officers. They all also involve killing off the other officers in some way shape or form so he is the only survivor. :D.
No question, just wanted to say that I love the attitude you have with your job. As somebody who doesn't particularly like most of his coworkers, you seem like somebody who'd be good to work with. Thank you - this made me smile!
in the interest of full disclosure, ex-lax can cause dehydration which could lead to death. Any advice given on poisoning someone should be refused by your conscience. If not, you need serious help, friend. Chill out everyone. After talking with a friend, they suggested simple weed in the brownies, then drop a hint that she needs to be drug tested.
Not a lot... hardly noticeable if at all. But enough to be picked up on a test. Anyone know how much that is? ;)
Um... You might think that sounds cute. But you're still asking for help drugging a woman without her consent. It wouldn't be a good case for you if something did happen to the woman and they suspect you because you've already clearly shown motive. Yes, it is just venting. If I really wanted her in trouble, well she has been known to hit the bars often... I would just stalk, wait until she left, and call the cops. She would have to explain why she was driving after drinking.
I understand you are just being flat logical. But it still came across in a... douche-ish manner? Without knowing me, you couldn't know that I would never hurt a fly. I will give you that. But to receive better reception, sounding a little less demeaning would go far.
Apologies if it wasn't meant as such, but that is how it came across to me.
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