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A List Of Must Have Bootlegs For All Floydians

Hey guys,
Since this is one of the first places I think many new and veteran Floyd fans come to get news and information, I think it would be very beneficial for everyone to have a high quality bootleg list for those unfamiliar with it. There are some threads similar to this on YEESHKUL and other places, but frankly I just find them very confusing and are probably off putting to others as well, so I figured i'd just make my own that hopefully people can understand.
This post is kinda inspired by my dad, because my dad has been a Floyd fan for a long time, and it wasn't until I started bootlegging that he actually heard some of these essential pieces. So let's get the word out to these kinds of people!
For those who may not even know what a bootleg is, it's usually a live concert set that was unreleased on album by the artist. Most bootlegs come from audience members who used tape recorders, and a lot of them are not very good quality. However, there are a few that came from radio broadcasts, soundboards, and just some really good recordings that are definitely worth a listen to.
Most people recommend YEESHKUL! for downloading these performances, as it's probably the most active and accessible database. However you can find them on other websites as well by just googling the concert or album name.
So, here is the list of essentials:
Quality Key: Excellent > Good > Decent > Okay
Title of Performance Quality Year Albums Featured Description
BBC Archives 1967–1969 Excellent 1967-1969 PATGOD, Syd Barret Singles Television performance. The Pink Floyd appeared on BBC One's "Look of the Week", hosted by Hans Keller. The performance consisted of a truncated version of "Pow R. Toc H." as well as "Astronomy Domine". Similar to Meddled, A very high quality recording.
Amsterdam '69 (The Man And The Journey Tour) Excellent 1969 More, Ummagumma Recorded live at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, on September 19th, 1969.
Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa Excellent, according to users 1969 Variety Pink Floyd performing with Frank Zappa. What more can I say?
BBC Archives 1970 (Mooed Music) Excellent 1970 Atom Heart Mother More early BBC sessions of Pink Floyd. Like the rest, they are very high quality performances and worth looking into. It's also very interesting to see how much the band changed from this year to the next.
Montreux Casino/More Blues/Smokin' Blues Excellent, according to users 1970-71 AHM, Variety Looking at the Discogs page, it says in some versions there is a performance of echoes on here from 1971 which seems like it'd be interesting, as well as a bonus performance of "Comfortably Numb" Fantastic sound and great encores according to some users.
Meddled, BBC radio broadcast archive Excellent 1970 Atom Heart Mother, Meddle Probably one of the highest quality bootlegs we have, including awesome performances of Fat Old Sun, One of These Days, Echoes, and the previously unreleased Embryo. It's got the quality of a studio recording. I highly recommend this one to every Pink Floyd fan.
Live At Pompeii Excellent 1972 Saucerful, Meddle I'm not sure this one is actually a bootleg anymore since it was released on that DVD, but regardless, another great quality performance from that pre-dark side era.
In Rainbow Light Good-Decent (varies from song to song) 1972 Dark Side of The Moon*, Meddle, Saucerful very early version of The Dark Side of the Moon. This includes some tracks like "The Travel Sequence (which was later replaced with On The Run), The Mortality Sequence (The Great Gig In The Sky), and a whole second setlist of pre-dark side stuff.
LA on April 26th, 1975 Good 1975 Dark Side of The Moon*, Wish You Were Here, Animals, Meddle Just a solid performance of DSoTM from the 1975 tour. It's got some great surprises, like Any Colour You Like is just amazing. Not to mention some early WYWH/Animals stuff as well.
Animal Instincts/ Oakland Coliseum / In the Flesh / Plays the Animals / Mr. Pig, Oakland Good (Some Mic pops and thuds throughout, other than that it's very good) 1977 Animals, Wish You Were Here, Dark Side, Saucerful This is a spectacular recording from the 1977 tour, and by far one of the most popular. It features Animals and Wish You Were Here in their entirety, along with the last ever performance of Careful With That Axe, Eugene.. A great performance, I'd recommend for anyone who is a fan of this era of Pink Floyd.
In The Grassland Away, Live at Madison Square Gardens Excellent - Good 1977 Animals, Wish You Were Here, Dark Side Exact same setlist as Oakland, minus careful with that axe. A great performance so I hear...
Nassau Coliseum Good 1980 The Wall* For The Wall, I'd honestly just recommend getting the "Is There Anybody Out There?" CD, but if you can't do that, this live performance is pretty solid as well.
Roger Waters, Live in Radio City Good-Excellent 1985 Pros And Cons*, Variety This is another Radio broadcast, done by RW on his solo tour of PACOHH. It's got songs from Pink Floyd as well, and the whole performance is super energetic and awesome.
Delicate Sound of Miami Good - Excellent 1987 A Momentary Lapse of Reason*, Variety Features a full, unedited concert of AMLOR. Essentially like DSOT except without the re-recording and just a raw performance.
For Whom The Bell Tolls Excellent - Good (I'm not positive, I haven't listened to it :P) 1994 The Division Bell, Dark Side, variety From the same tour as seen in PULSE, however this particular recording doesn't feature all of DSOTM. However it does feature Take It Back, Lost For Words, and One Of These Days, all not featured on PULSE.
Live8 Reunion Concert Excellent 2005 Dark Side, WYWH, The Wall This one is definitely better SEEN, but it's also the final performance Pink Floyd ever did with all 4 original members in one place. Very emotional concert.
Roger Waters, Lunatics on The Grass, radio broadcast Excellent 2007 Variety, DSoTM* Essentially, I would call this "Roger Waters' Pulse". It's got the full DSoTM which is awesome, it doesn't feature David on guitar which might be a turn off for some, but overall a very good performance.
David Gilmour, Live in Wroclaw Excellent 2016 Rattle That Lock, Variety This show literally just happened this week and was broadcast about. We got some very high quality recordings of it. It featured a live orchestra and was just an awesome performance.
*Full Album featured, if not starred, it's only a couple tracks
If you guys have any more performances you can think of to add to this list, please tell me and I will add them on here. Note that I'm mainly looking for the highest quality performance you feel everyone should hear. Also, mods, i'm not sure if it's allowed to link to bootlegs, if I can please let me know so I can make this list even more useful.
EDIT if you guys have something not listed here that you would like to see added, if you could add the Quality Tag, what albums are featured on it, and a brief description as well, that would make it a lot easier for me. Thanks!
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A recruiter abusing feminism and diversity to expand his business: The case of David Smith, Women In Games Jobs (WIGJ) and Interactive Selection/DS Interactive

Let me start with a news article and a press release from this week:
Women in Games is recruiting a number of Corporate as well as individual Ambassadors to support the growth of the Women in Games organisation, to help the organisation increase the reach and scale of its programmes and help it achieve the strategic goal of doubling the number of women in games over 10 years.
The first 4, founding corporate Ambassadors are: - Io-Interactive from Copenhagen, Denmark - Paradox Interactive from Stockholm, Sweden - Techland from Wroclaw and Warsaw, Poland - Wooga from Berlin, Germany
The article contains two quotes from HR reps who were present at the conference where this was announced:
Nikola Nielsen, HR Manager at Io-Interactive commented: “We are delighted to be able to support Women in Games and help promote diversity in our wonderful industry to the next generation of game creators. This is a great initiative and one we are very passionate about.”
Paulina Basta, Head of HR at Techland commented: “Techland is very proud to be a part of this Women in Games initiative. Diversity and inclusion topics are very close to our hearts and we are eager to promote the idea in our company and our part of the world.”
Now this is unusual, HR managers are usually not quoted in articles about gaming companies.
David Smith, Founder of Women in Games, said: “Women in Games is delighted to partner with these 4 Founding Corporate Ambassadors. We look forward to working with these companies to further diversity across Europe in the months and years ahead.”
So what is Women in Games and who is David Smith?
According to David Smith's LinkedIn profile (archive), Women in Games Jobs (there are other initiatives called "Women in Games", this one is called "Women in Games Jobs" (WIGJ)) was founded in 2009 and it
is a "not for profit" community interest company that exists to recruit more women into the games industry by promoting role models and giving encouragement and information to those women seeking to work in games. It also campaigns to make the games industry a more attractive field for women, both for new entrants and to retain women already working in the industry.
Its website doesn't work right now so let's have a look at the cached version. Hm, a lot of articles about the topic since 2009, and what's that in the sidebar? A lot of links to recruitment websites. Let's have a look at the links (the text in parentheses is the link title that shows up if you hover over it with the mouse):
Except and, all the other websites look exactly the same as WIGJ, they use the same Wordpress layout. If you look them up in a Reverse IP search, they are all hosted at the same company (Fasthosts), from neighbouring IPs (,, + the exceptional, which still belongs to Fasthosts, however), probably from one machine.
All these websites including Women in Gaming Jobs contain the same, or very similar copyright notice in the footer:
Copyright DS Interactive Ltd.
What is DS Interactive Ltd.? It's probably a coincidence, but its website stopped working right under my hands. Luckily I archived it as the first step.
About DS Interactive
DS Interactive was founded by David W Smith, Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur in his bedroom in Clapham, London, UK in 1996. DS Interactive is the specialist recruitment and media group within the interactive entertainment and gaming sectors.
The group is the brain child of David W. Smith, Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur who founded the first 3 companies in his bedroom in Clapham, London, UK in 1996.
The current group comprises, 9 limited companies and over 200 domain names, supporting 8 recruitment and media businesses in the computer games, computer hardware, computer software, internet, telecommunications, broadcast media, entertainment, motion picture and films, animation, online media, wireless, gambling and casinos, consumer and retail sectors.
DS Interactive's companies
So Women in Games is a media project of David Smith's recruitment business.
Let me come back to the quote from the initial article:
Women in Games is recruiting a number of Corporate as well as individual Ambassadors to support the growth of the Women in Games organisation, to help the organisation increase the reach and scale of its programmes and help it achieve the strategic goal of doubling the number of women in games over 10 years.
David Smith and his company DS Interactive Ltd. created a non-profit organization that either points out or exaggerates something that may or may not (depending on your worldview) be a problem - too few women in the gaming industry - and at the same time he offers a paid solution with his recruiting companies. Both the non-profit and the recruitment company are very thoroughly linked and he even mentions the WIGJ under "Media" on the website of DS Interactive Ltd.
That's why there are HR managers from Techland and IO Interactive. This is nothing more than a recruitment contract signed under the pretense of feminism.
Oh, and look out. According to his LinkedIn profile, David Smith is not satisfied just with the feminism angle. In May 2016, he founded BAME in Games, "a special interest group that exists to encourage more diverse talent work in the games and the wider entertainment industry. An advisory group lead by a part time Chair and Deputy Chairs, meeting every 3 months, will provide a clear point of contact for companies and organisations seeking to promote ethnic diversity in the games and entertainment sectors."
A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.
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