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Ciricling Raven, CDA Casino, Worley Idaho. Downhill Par 3 Hole 3.

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I'm not sure what is more interesting, the coasters themselves or that I found them in a casino gift shop in Worley, Idaho.

I'm not sure what is more interesting, the coasters themselves or that I found them in a casino gift shop in Worley, Idaho. submitted by Killroyjones to Tetris [link] [comments]

Regular Season Week 13: Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Pre Game

Regular Season Week 13: Pregame Report

[Weekly Contest!!!]()

306 Attempts 1204 Yards Rushing 266 Attempts 966 Yards
2885 Yards 34 +20 Yard Receptions Receiving 2988 Yards 35 +20 Yard Receptions
741 Total 31 Sacks Tackles 797 Total 31 Sacks
-5 Turnover Ratio +5
73 Penalties 606 Yards Penalties 82 Penalties 710 Yards
25.1 Avg. PPG 20.4
  • Game Information
TEAM Record Against the Spread
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite: Seattle by 7
OveUnder: 44
CenturyLink Stadium - Seattle, WA - 8:30pm, December 4, 2016
WEATHER FORECAST: Stadium Type: Open Air Temperature: 38°F Forecast: Rain showers early with some sunshine later in the day. High 43F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
NFL Broadcast Map
Broadcast Station: NBC - Where to Watch: Any streaming device that has the NBC app and NBCSports.com, so don't ask about /NFLStreams for this game!
Announcers: Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth
NFL Red Zone - Provider Participation Required
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Broadcast Information
Need A Ticket?
NFL Ticket Exchange
Head Official John Parry
Team Record Home Away Division Games Back
Carolina 4-7 3-3 1-4 1-3 3
Atlanta 7-4 3-2 4-2 3-1 0
Tampa Bay 6-5 2-4 4-1 2-1 1
New Orleans 5-6 3-3 2-3 1-2 2
  • Tampa Bay is facing San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium @ 3:25p cst. NFL Gamecenter
  • Atlanta is facing Kansas City at Georgia Done @ 12:00p cst. NFL Gamecenter
  • New Orleans is facing Detroit at Mercedes-Benz Superdome @ 12:00p cst. NFL Gamecenter
Wikipedia and www.footballdb.com for resources
For those that do not want to click the link here is all you need to know:
  • All-time series 4-7
  • Largest victory 26-3 (10/08/00)
  • Current streak 2W
  • Since Cam Newton was drafted the Panthers are 2-4
  • The Panthers and Seahawks have faced off 6 times in the past 5 years, twice in the playoffs.
  • The Panthers and Seahawks have faced each other in the playoffs 3 times, the Seahawks leading 2-1. In each game the winner scored 31+ points.
  • The Panthers and Seahawks have made their appearance in 3 of the past 3 Super Bowls.
  • Players to Watch: Panthers

Trai Turner

The Panthers are tied for second in the NFL for the most amount of players it has used in combination in its offensive line in 2016 with 11. This week will keep that streak going as Carolina gears up to play against one of the NFC’s best pass rushing fronts with their Pro Bowl guard moving to the outside and playing RT in the absence of Daryl Williams, who went down last week with Gino Gradkowski.
Asking a guard to play tackle isn’t as simple as it sounds and Turner does not have the luxury of learning against weaker competition. Michael Bennett, the Seahawks best defensive line player, is set to return to play against Carolina after missing the last month recovering from surgery. The Panthers apparently used up all of their luck last season and now the most crucial aspect remaining for 2016 is to see the team stay healthy. It will be up to Trai and the tattered remnants of Carolina’s offensive line to stop Bennett and Avril from teeing off on Cam all afternoon.

James Bradberry

As this season shifts gears from one where fans hope for a wild playoff push to one where the team tries to establish its pieces for the future, fans attention will now narrow to individual performances. No player on the team has been asked to do more with less than the Panther’s second round draft pick. Each and every week, while trying to establish himself in the NFL after a collegiate career at a smaller AA school, Bradberry has been asked to cover some of the best WR’s in the league without the support of a consistent pass rush or anything resembling cohesion in the Panther’s defensive backfield.
Outside of the few games Bradberry missed with turf toe this year, the rookie has exceeding the very high expectations thrown at him. Although his stats don’t show it, Bradberry has been a weapon locking down opponents best receivers for most of the year. The future for Bradberry and the Panthers secondary seems bright, and this week will provide another game for fans to get a glimpse of Bradberry’s capabilities as he goes toe to toe with Seattle’s very dangerous and vastly underrated WR, Doug Baldwin.

Greg Olsen

The Panthers most reliable offensive weapon and cornerstone of the franchise must be kicking himself after missing a fingertip catch late in last week’s game in Oakland. With that one grab, Goalsen could have converted a key possession for the Panthers, putting them in position to win a game they had no business winning.
But Greg did not reign in the laser from Cam, which is easily forgivable for fans since Greg has saved the offenses’ bacon more times than any of us can count. To be honest, Greg making that catch would be counter to the Panthers fortunes this season, so the miss really aligns more with the themes the franchise has experienced in the trainwreck we call 2016.
But where do we go from here? Olsen represents, along with another longtime captain in Thomas Davis, the Panthers refusal to quit when the chips are down. In two different contests this season, against the Raiders and the Falcons, Greg Olsen has proven to be unbreakable, and made gigantic contributions to efforts which almost erased huge first half deficits. If the Panthers have any hope of pulling a gigantic upset off in Seattle, they will need another dose of magic from their All-World TE, who blew the city of Seattle up a little over a year ago with one of the best comeback performances in team history. Can Greg make more Seattle fans cry in their rain-diluted craft beers? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

Kony Ealy

Kony is fortunate in one very key instance this season. He is lucky this is not a contract year. After almost single-handedly navigating the Panthers defense to a win last January in the Super Bowl, one in which he registered three sacks and a key interception, Kony has frankly been a massive disappointment in 2016.
After a half-season of the coaching staff trying to force Kony to play opposite Charles Johnson, they finally realized he was much more dominant playing on CJ’s side of the line, thus rotating these two edge rushers with Mario Addison and Wes Horton assuming Kony’s old spot. What began as a turn in the right direction, has also cooled off over the last several weeks.
As Carolina begins a final quarter of its season that will feel more like an extended job application, it is paramount that Kony regain some of the form he began to show last season if he wants to remain in the plans for Carolina in 2017 and beyond. This week’s matchup provides an excellent opportunity for Ealy to shine against a maligned Seattle offensive line. But as Carolina fans understand all too well, creating pressure against Seattle and Russell Wilson is only half the battle and Ealy will be responsible for setting the edge and containing the Seahawks highly mobile QB from doing what he does best, creating opportunities on the run. Time is running out, Kony.

Cam Newton

Cam has found himself on these lists a lot this season. As is to be expected from the league’s former MVP. This week, however, Cam finds himself in the spotlight for different reasons. Fans want to know what their signal caller is made of. Cam has had lots of problems in his career dealing with adversity. Cam is simply unstoppable once he and his offense gets on a roll, but Cam can display an entirely different personality at times when the team struggles.
Last week was inspiring for the fanbase as Cam focused in and almost brought his team back from more than a three touchdown deficit on the road to win. He did so with about half the team's starting roster on IR. Even though the team came up short for reasons having more to do with game management and coaching, Cam never quit and showed that he has the ability to shed bad fortune and will his team to score. This season has not been kind to Cam, whether it be scheduling, injuries, the unapologetic head-hunting, or the popular trend of throwing Cam under the bus in the media, Cam’s 2016 can’t be more of a polar opposite to his unstoppable 2015 effort.
This week the cards aren’t only stacked against Cam, the card table and the casino have also been thrown on the pile. Cam will be facing one of the league’s fiercest defenses with only one member of his offensive line playing in their natural position. The defense that will compliment his efforts will also be playing without many of its best pieces, with Kuechly, Addison, Coleman and Leonard Johnson all out. How will Cam respond? Even with the postseason hopes all but buried, will Cam still find some way to overcome giant odds to snatch an upset victory this Sunday? More is at stake here than just a meaningless win in December. Carolina needs to know that its franchises’ most successful player is built from championship material. And sometimes seeing how players fare when the entire world seems to be against them is the perfect environment to test that material out.
  • What To Watch

Panthers Offensive Line vs Seahawks Defensive Line

So, it'd be a lie to say things aren't looking dire. Our patch work line will be put to the test with an already dangerous Seattle defensive front 7 getting their star pass rusher back from injury in Michael Bennett. While the Panthers and Seahawks usually play a low-scoring, tight affair, the Panthers are going to need the offensive line to step up to open any kind of running potential from Stewart and Cam. The team seems to be able to put up points at will if there is decent production from their rushing attack, but that is at threat with a crippled offensive line that now gets to face on of the best defense in the league.

Bradberry/Worley vs Doug Baldwin

This is probably the most comfortable matchup coming into the 13th week game against the Seahawks. So far, the young duo have held up well against some of the better receivers in the league, just a week ago holding the Raider's dual threat of Cooper and Crabtree to 48 yards alone. The Seahawks really only sport a single threat at receiver, the other coming from the tight end position, so expect to see Worley and Bradberry trade off on keeping Baldwin in check.

Jimmy Graham vs Panthers Defense

While the rookie corners will be tasked with simply holding their side of the field, Graham will make life very difficult against a Panthers defense missing it's star linebacker and top safety. While the linebackers will have their hands full attempting to keep the very shifty Russell Wilson in check, they'll most likely take a beating from a surging Jimmy Graham.

Panthers Defensive Line vs Seahawks Offensive Line

It's like a mirror image, except a little better for the Seahawks. While Seattle is also attempting to play from behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league, the Panthers do not have the luxury of their best pass rusher returning, as Mario Addison is expected to be out another week for a knee injury. But this doesnt mean that the line couldn't feast. While KK and Ealy have been mostly non-factors in the season, this is the favorable matchup for them to make some sort of noise, even if they go back to being quiet for the remainder of the season.
  • Injury Report: CAROLINA PANTHERS
Name Pos. Injury Status
Luke Kuechly LB Concussion Out
Kurt Coleman S Concussion Out
Mario Addison DE Knee Out
Daryl Williams OT - Out
  • Injury Report: SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Name Pos. Injury Status
C.J. Procise RB Shoulder Out
Paul Richardson WR Hamstring Out

Week 13 Picks

  • CBS

CBS Picks Link

Pete Prisco Jason LaConfora Will Brinson Jared Dubin Ryan Wilson John Breech Dave Richard Jamey Eisenberg
Record 74-95 80-89 87-82 83-85 80-89 82-87 91-78* 84-85
CAR x x x
SEA x x x x x
*indicates lead dog
  • FOX

FOX Picks Link

Chris Chase Dieter Kurtenbach Andrew Lynch Peter Schrager Brett Smiley What If Sports
Record 95-81 108-68 115-61* 105-71 108-68 106-70
SEA x x x x x x
*indicates lead dog
  • ESPN

ESPN Picks Link

Matt Bowen Adam Caplan Mike Golic Dan Graziano Merril Hoge Ron Jaworski KC Joyner Kevin Seifert Seth Wickersham
Record 110-67 105-73 110-67 107-71 105-72 105-72 111-66* 108-69 108-69
SEA x x x x x x x x x
*indicates lead dog
CAR 3 0 0 3
SEA 5 6 9 20
  • NFL Pick Watch
All expert 2016 NFL Picks compared. A free ad-click funded service comparing every analyst at ESPN, Bleacher Report, CBS, FOX, Yahoo!, ProFootballFocus, USA Today, Accuscore, NFL Network, NFL.com, SI.com and more – sorted by season win percentage.
Click here for breakdown of all expert picks.
  • Top Ten Expert Picks
Rank Expert Network Season Record % Pick
1 Andrew Lynch FOX Sports 115-61 % SEA
2 Chris Simms Bleacher Report 101-75 % SEA
2 Dana Larson Dallas Morning News 108-68 % SEA
2 David Steele Sports Nation News 114-62 % SEA
2 Elliot Harrison NFL Network 117-59 % SEA
2 Jeff Ratcliffe Pro Football Focus 113-63 % SEA
2 Joel Thorman SB Nation 113-63 % SEA
2 Kate Hairopoulos Dallas Morning News 115-61 % SEA
2 Mike Middlehurst-Schwartz USA Today 116-60 % SEA
2 NFL.com Fan Picks NFL Network 115-61 % SEA
  • Computer Driven Statistical Probabilities
Amos Bing [ESPN FPI]() Project 538 Microsoft Cortana
CAR 43% 31% % 29% 31%
SEA 57% 69% % 71% 69%

Conference Play

Team Overall Record Division Division Record Conf Record PF PA Streak
Cowboys 11-1 NFC East 3-1 7-1 333 228 W11
Seahawks 7-3-1 NFC West 1-1-1 3-3-1 224 187 L1
Lions 7-4 NFC North 2-2 5-2 247 238 W3
Falcons 7-4 NFC South 3-1 5-3 358 302 W1
Giants 8-3 NFC East 2-1 5-3 231 213 W6
Redskins 6-4-1 NFC East 2-2 4-3 280 264 L1
Buccaneers 6-5 NFC South 2-1 5-3 249 264 W3
Vikings 6-6 NFC North 1-3 4-6 233 209 L2
Saints 5-6 NFC South 1-2 4-3 334 307 W1
Packers 5-6 NFC North 2-1 4-4 274 289 W1
Eagles 5-6 NFC East 0-3 3-6 254 213 L2
Cardinals 4-6-1 NFC West 2-1-1 3-4-1 245 228 L1
Panthers 4-7 NFC South 1-3 4-4 276 281 L1
Rams 4-7 NFC West 2-1 3-5 170 236 L2
Bears 2-9 NFC North 2-1 2-5 178 264 L3
49ers 1-10 NFC West 1-3 1-7 228 343 L10
  • (x) Clinched Division
  • (z) Clinched Bye
  • (y) Clinched Playoff Berth
  • News and posts that are either important or were popular on the sub

Reminder to not go into the Saints or Seahawks subreddit after the game on Sunday.

Thanks to the team!
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Coeur D'Alene Casino Anniversary Powwow 2010 Darryl Worley Interview & Concert - Thunder Valley Casino ... Welcome home...to Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort Hotel - YouTube Worley Idaho - YouTube

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Coeur D'Alene Casino Anniversary Powwow 2010

Grand Entry shown. Recorded March 2010 at Coeur D'Alene Casino at Worley, Idaho on the Coeur D'Alene Indian Reservation. See PowwowTime's photos at http://ww... Darryl Worley Performs live at Thunder Valley Resort. AV Manager, Sam Smith, gets the latest scoop on Worley's background, charity work and performing for ou... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Come see everything new that's just for you. Worley Idaho