The Craps Table: Information On The Craps Table, Precision

CASINO TABLE SIZES. CRAPS TABLE . Regulation size 4' x 12' with a various color felts. It can accommodate 16 players & requires three dealers. (smaller size is 5' x 8' and requires 2 dealers)  ROULETTE TABLE . Regulation size 4' x 8'. We have a smaller table with 16 inch wheel for smaller rooms. It can accommodate up to 15 players. Requires one dealer. We also inventory a double roulette Craps Table Plans : Private Lessons : Casino Dice Survey : Dice Discussions : Craps Book Table Sizes. Roadrunner. After close measurement of tables I have determined that most tables are either 12 feet or 14 feet in length. This dimension is the length measured from outside chip rail to outside chip rail. The length from rubber to rubber is about 10 inches less. 11'2" or 13'2". I have With a real Casino Craps Table, you can practice your precision dice shooting any time or just throw a party for your friends. The table is easily put together. Price: Only $4,495 plus shipping* * (shipping cost based on destination) * (price is for basic black table) * (price is for 12" table in black) To order, call toll free at 866-SET-DICE (738-3423) with any questions and for shipping American Table Games 8′ and 9′ Craps Tables can be manufactured in a standard 1 piece tub or a breakdown 4 piece tub at no extra charge. That allows the table to be transported anywhere for casino parties, tight hallways, basements or upstairs. Craps Accessories Custom and Standard Craps Tables Dice Control Practice Craps Tables Craps table layouts, custom design craps table layouts, any size, stock and custom designs, in stock shipping same day, single dealer, 6', 8', 10' 12' and 14' layout sizes Craps Table For Sale, Handmade in our Factory to your specifications. Call 480-983-3315 for more information on our large variety of craps tables. On Sale now with custom options available. American Table Games has for nearly two decades manufactured a line up of various craps table for any gaming fun occasion. In that time we have spoken to Can you tell me the various lengths of a casino craps table? Craps tables come in various lengths, the most common of which are 12-foot and 14-foot tables, which are known as "aircraft carriers." But there are also craps tables that are only 10-feet long and some craps tables that are 16-feet long as well these are known as, "Man, that table is bigger than my garage!" What kind of material are

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